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Image depicting a silhouette of a person with headphones on and the outline of a microphone.
How Audiobook Narrators Find Their Voice

Audiobook narrators on how they find their voice and create original character voices that will inspire and delight.

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A manuscript and laptop on a table. The manuscript shows red pen markings to show how a narrator makes notes in the margins of a book to help themselves prepare for the narration recording.
How to Make an Audiobook – Narrator Recording...

Audiobook narrators share their strategies for preparing an audiobook before sitting down to record. These in-depth tips will help all narrators better hone...

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Animated mage of spreadsheets, money and calculators - budgeting tools on a table.
Building Your Animation on a Budget

When using animationt, you should think of building your animation on a budget in a way that will allow your message to shine through.

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Updating outdated voice overs. A man jumps from an old computer into a new one.
What to do When Elearning Video Voice Overs are...

Four scenarios you may find yourself in when updating outdated elearning voice overs and how you can seamlessly refresh your content.

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infographic style: the northern hemisphere showing North America with 3 locational markers. Behind the globe is an open book meant to signify 3 different voice actors working from differenlt locations and needing to connect over a shared script.
Providing Voice Over Direction: Rehearsal Process Tips...

Creating a multi-character voice over script? Use these tips to get your hired voice talent in-synk with each other to deliver the best voice over performance.

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Women in a white room being interviewed or casted for a project
Voice Over Casting Strategies for Corporate Training

Learn the best elearning voice casting strategies to help you find the perfect voice to connect with your audience.

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A map of the United States depicts each state and territory in a different shade of blue
American English Dialects: Considerations for Advertising

National ad campaigns are growing in popularity. Learn about American English dialects, and get tips on how to navigate them in your script.

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A group of country pins
Targeting Your Global Ad Campaign: The Difference...

Global ad campaigns must consider translation versus localization. Do you know the difference? This article tells you what you need to know.

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Radio station setup with microphone and pop filter
Editing Sound Effects into Your Podcast

Sometimes, your podcast may need cleaning up, or even, added emphasis. Learn more about editing your podcast and sound effects.

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A set of building schematics with a protractor on top
4 Essential Best-Practices for Building Killer Brands

David Brouitt, Creative Director at Ramp Communications, shares essential, often forgotten, branding practices. Are you doing all 4 of these?

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Scattered on a desk are various objects - in the top, left corner a smartphone rests on a small bounce book. To the right of that is a calculator. Next to that is a clipboard. Below it, a pair of glasses and a mug, full of coffee. Below that 2 pages with various charters are laid out on the desk. A pen is placed on the papers. Just above and to the left is a spiral bound notebook.
How You Can Use Your Profile Statistics to...

Learn which keywords are searched for often, popular job types, and how that can help you improve your profile!

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A stack of four books sits on a light blue table in front of a teal washed stucco wall
5 Things You Need to Know Before Self-Publishing an Audiobook

Don't self-publish your audiobook without reviewing this list first! 5 things that every author and self-publisher should consider first!

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