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Animation in International Advertising Strategies

Learn how transcription & localization aid international animation projects. And discover what brands are winning in the international advertising space.

Person watching television with closed captioning
Understanding Closed Captioning

If you're looking to be inclusive and provide enjoyable content for everyone, you should hire a closed captioning service.

Netflix home screen on laptop
How Netflix Became the World's First International Movie Studio

With a global content strategy, you can reach audiences all around the world. Explore how Netflix leaned into its local-language content.

Young man sitting at café and speaking into phone
Text to Speech Technology

Text to speech technology is transforming the way we communicate. Discover how TTS and voice computing are making the world more accessible.

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Translation, Localization, and the Global Accent

Your global ad campaign ought to weigh the benefits of telling your story via translation, localization, or with a global accent.

A map of the United States depicts each state and territory in a different shade of blue
American English Dialects: Considerations for Advertising

National ad campaigns are growing in popularity. Learn about American English dialects, and get tips on how to navigate them in your script.

Three cartoon people in a row. The man in the center has two speech bubbles around him, one with the flag of Spain, the other with the flag of the United States of America
Choosing a Voice Over for Spanish-English Bilingual Audiences

Nielsen Data suggests that businesses are taking a specific approach to the spokespeople they choose when they’re aiming to appeal to bilingual audiences.

A photo showing stamps from different cities and countries on a piece of paper.
Knowing When to Incorporate Accents into Advertising

The results from these studies about accents in advertising will help you decide when to use accents.

A blonde haired woman writing spanish words on a chalk board, signifying the learning of Spanish.
Voice Over
Training Your Ear for Different Spanish Accents

Hear the differences between Colombian, Argentinian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuban, and Iberian Spanish accents, with audio and video examples.

The Art of Subtitling & Dubbing for International Markets
Subtitling and Dubbing for International Markets

A look at how subtitling & dubbing are used across the world by clients who want to distribute their messages on an international scale.

A gamer with headphones on plays intensely in the dark with the tv screen glowing
Why Now is the Time to Create Accessible Video Games

Are your games missing a huge market opportunity? Smash Clay Audio's Adriane Kuzminski on why now is the time for accessible games.

Image for multilingual voice actor
Will Machine Translation Ever Beat Human Translation?

Even though machines translate more quickly, and less expensively, there are still benefits to human translation such as the understanding of humor.

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