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Man Doing Voice Over Work at a Computer
Voice Over
How to Find Voice Over Work Online in 2022

Your definitive guide to finding voice over work online. Learn what to look for in a job posting, how to submit winning auditions, and more.

Voice Over
How to Become an Audiobook Narrator

If you want to become an audiobook narrator, you’re in good company. Voice actors of all experience levels have found this line of work to be incredibly...

An animated image of a hand holding up a smartphone with little icons and lines showing how each is connected
Voice Over
Connecting Remotely for Live Directed Sessions in 2022

Compare the features of various technologies voice actors and clients use to connect remotely, from ISDN to Source-Connect, Skype, and Zoom.

Woman practicing vocal warm ups
Voice Over
7 Vocal Warm Ups That Work Wonders

Looking for vocal warm ups that work wonders for your voice? We walk through 7 key vocal warm ups for singers and voice actors.

man sitting in front of a desk with a mic and pop filter and headphones
Best Headphones for Voice Actors in 2022

Which headphones are right for voice actors? Find everything you need to know to choose the right headphones for you.

blue background, Voice Awards star logo, voice actors in bubbles floating around the words.
The 2021 Voicey Awards are Here!

The annual Voicey Awards are here! Check out who took home awards in more than 13 categories and hear the stories behind the success.

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Voice Over
Setting Your Voice Actor Salary

Voice actor salaries differ on a project or hourly basis. We've created a voice actor rates guide to help you understand what to expect.

A microphone sits in a stabilizer.
Voice Over
Best Voice Over Microphones in 2022

What are the best microphones for voice over in 2022? We put together this guide to help you choose the right microphone for your voice.

Photo for Home Recording Studio Equipment
Voice Over
Budgeting for Home Recording Studio Equipment

Get the best budgeting tips for home recording studio equipment. Build your home studio without breaking the bank in 2022.

Mac display with GarageBand on the screen sitting on an office desk
Home Studio
How to Use GarageBand on a Mac

GarageBand is a great way to produce your finished recording. Here's everything you need to know to get started in GarageBand.

Chef, singing, microphone, whisk
Voice Over
6 Ways to Prepare for a Great Vocal Performance

Professional voice over artists should prepare before performing. Discover six quick steps you can take for greater success.

smart phone and tablet sitting on dark wood desk with voice over script and Voices job on their screens respectively
Voice Over
7 Apps Voice Actors Use to Mark Up Scripts

7 reliable mark up apps that voice actors can use to mark up their digital voice over scripts with performance cues.

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