When’s the last time you were hugged?

The world’s most loveable dinosaur is campaigning for 25 million hugs in honour of 25 years of Barney the Dinosaur and sharing, caring, imaging, dancing and learning.

Dean WendtAlthough the show’s initial audience has grown up to raise families of their own, one thing that has remained a constant is the voice of Barney the Dinosaur, Dean Wendt.

Whether it’s for online recordings or recording voice-overs played during live shows, Wendt steps up to the mic and delivers the jovial, familiar voice millions of children heard on a daily basis and continue to enjoy with their own families today.

Wendt got his career start as one of the first disk jockeys for Radio Disney, a job that led to auditions to voice the show’s cuddly, prehistoric protagonist.

“Barney has always been about the people that have believed in him. It has been about the special connection children make with a friend that offers unconditional love,” Wendt relates. “Being able to bring Barney to life with my voice has been one of my most rewarding endeavors ever. To all the Barney fans out there, remember… I love you!”

Some Tee-Rific facts include:

  • Barney is a Tyrannosaurus Rex; Baby Bop is a Triceratops; BJ is a Protoceratops; Riff is a Hadrosaurus.
  • The giant Barney balloon made his first appearance in The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1994 and remained there through 2005.
  • In 1994, Barney took part in President Clinton’s Inaugural Celebration.
  • Barney’s first live concert premiered at Radio City Music Hall in New York in 1994; tickets for all twelve performances sold out within an hour and a half.
  • Barney has given more than 2,600 hugs on Barney & Friends TV series.
  • 768 unique songs have been performed on Barney & Friends TV series.

Doesn’t the world need more hugs?

Follow Barney’s lead and Get a Hug or Share a Hug today.

Choose from Classic hugs or Special Occasion Hugs when you visit ShareBarneyHugs.com. There are a wide variety of hugs including a hug for Birthdays, Congratulations, Friendship, Get Well, Veterans and many more totalling over 30 different hugs all given by Barney the Dinosaur.

Tee-Rific facts source: ShareBarneyHugs.com

FlickrCC/Photo by Joe Shlabotnik



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