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Announcing a United Brand Experience for Producers and Talent Agencies

Since 2005, Voices has been the online destination for producers to connect with freelance voice over talent and complete their projects.

This past August, we announced that Voices had acquired – the platform for talent agents to find work for their voice over actors.

Today, we are happy to share that, as of January 4, 2018, producers will be able to source professional freelance and talent agency represented union talent from Voices. And as of February 1, 2018, Voices and will be officially united under one brand, Voices.

This means that, for the first time in the history of the industry, one platform will be able to offer everything a producer may need when completing a voice over project, from professional freelancers to union talent options – and everything in between.

To aid with this transition, effective February 1, 2018, all visitors to will be automatically redirected to Voices for all of their voice over needs.

We have assembled a comprehensive FAQ for talent agencies, as well as an FAQ for producers to help answer any questions you may have regarding project workflow during the transition, and beyond. We are also communicating directly with customers with more details about this transition.

United Brands: A Response to Customer Needs

Since the announcement of the acquisition of, members of Voices’s senior leadership team have been in a continuous dialogue with customers and stakeholders from both businesses. Additionally, we have also personally visited many customers, including clients and talent agencies in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, and have been in communication with key industry groups to understand needs at all levels of the market.

Through this dialogue, your voice was clear. You told us that you wanted:

  • More opportunity for voice actors: Whether talent were SAG-AFTRA, talent agency represented voice actors or professional freelancers, all desired access and exposure to more clients.
  • One single destination for producers to source all their voice over needs: No matter if you were looking to hire professional freelance voice over actors, or those who were SAG-AFTRA, you wanted a ‘one-stop-shop,’ that had the flexibility to provide you with what you needed, on a project-by project basis.

With the above in mind, it became clear that one, unified brand was the best offering to meet your express need for an easy-to-use and flexible platform, where talent and their talent agents/agencies could access the most opportunities, while clients benefited from one destination for all their voice over needs.

We’re incredibly excited to be able to offer a consistent experience, and a single platform where producers, talent agents, and talent (both professional freelance and union), will be able to benefit from the best of both platforms, in one place.

Making the Transition to Voices: What Happens Next

With the two companies fully integrating and coming together on one site (at Voices), we know that you’re curious as to what will happen next.

Please visit for specific information on how the transition will occur.

How Producers Will Benefit from the Platform

Producers will find Voices offers an excellent user experience that allows you to search for, audition, and hire voice actors, all in one place, on a secure, easy-to-use site.


Maximum access to voice over actors: Access both union member actors as well as professional freelance voice over talent actors for any given project.

Flexibility to meet your unique project needs: The choice is in your hands – just select the option (union or professional freelance voice over) that works best for your vision, your project, and/or your client.

Conduct your business, your way: Choose between multiple billing options, as well as self-serve and full service routes, so your options work for your business structure, personal preferences and project complexity.

Largest global talent pool: There are well over 200,000 international voice talent who can deliver exactly what you need, no matter the language, dialect, or regional accent, often in 48 hours or less.

Custom and/or niche needs are no problem: With everything from custom auditions, translations, and musical accompaniment, to remote access to live recording sessions and celebrity and acclaimed actors – producers have everything they could ever need at their fingertips, in one place.

Streamlined communication and project management: There is no need to jump from site-to-site, or have multiple lines of communication open to get the job done. One click, and Voices can deliver on whatever is requested.

How Talent Agencies and Agents Will Benefit

If you are a talent agent or producer and would like more information, you can read more at

If You’d Like More Information

If you have questions about this announcement and your concern was not addressed in the resources listed above, please connect with our Customer Service team by emailing us or calling us at 1-888-359-3472.

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