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CEO Blog Series: Introducing The Talent Agency Account

Ever since our founding, both Stephanie and I have been grateful for the overwhelming number of professional freelance voice actors who have chosen to showcase their skills and abilities on Voices. The talent who are members on our platform are top-notch professionals, and the most successful actors have been hired over a thousand times.

Additionally, Voices has also acquired Voicebank.net, a platform that connects producers with talent agencies who represent world-renowned and recognizable, unionized actors. This exciting development now makes it possible for the 200,000 clients on Voices, including advertising agencies, creative directors and video producers, to gain direct access to these talent agencies and the acclaimed actors and celebrities they represent.

As we welcome these members of the industry into the Voices family, we are launching a new account type to suit their unique needs. It’s called the Talent Agency Account, an extension on our current platform where talent agencies will have their own account, be able to manage the voice actors they represent, submit their auditions, negotiate fees, and otherwise provide producers with the value they add to the casting process.

Benefits of the Voices Talent Agency Account

This new account type offers benefits to numerous industry professionals.

For talent agencies, you now have a modern, mobile-friendly platform to showcase, audition and promote your talent, including the acclaimed actors and celebrities that you represent. You can communicate with producers, submit audition files, and more, faster and easier than ever before.

For voice over talent who are represented by these talent agencies, through your agent, you now have more opportunity and access to a diversity of producers who are specifically looking for SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA and EQUITY affiliated actors.

For producers, including casting directors, creative producers at advertising agencies, and many more – you can now choose between freelance voice actors and unionized actors, on a project-by-project basis, depending on the needs of your project at any given time. The choice is yours. The fast and easy process that has kept you coming back to Voices again and again for your non-union needs, is now available to you for the union work you require as well.

Release Schedule for the Voices Talent Agency Account

Select talent agencies who represent SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA and EQUITY talent from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, respectively, have been offered early access to the platform as part of our first release, which is by invitation only.

The general release is scheduled for rollout in early 2018. However, if you don’t have early access, you can call us to schedule a demo. Specifically, producers can also request participation for the Voices Talent Agency Account and interested Talent Agencies can contact Voices’s Erica Kelly, Director of Talent Agencies, at [email protected].

We’d be happy to walk you through.

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