Aspiring voice actors are now able to receive coaching from Rob Paulsen, one of the most prolific cartoon voice over artists in North America.

Entering what he calls “the third act of his career,” he announced on Talkin Toons that, for the first time, he is offering voice over coaching which is available privately via Skype or phone and live in LA.

The chance to learn from Paulsen has been in the hearts and minds of aspiring voice actors for generations as they’ve listened to him give life to a huge array of iconic characters such as Yahkko, Pinky and Dr. Scratch ‘n’ Sniff from The Animaniacs, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Raphael from the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” Arthur in “The Tick,” title role in “The Mask,” title role in ‘Mighty Max,” Carl Wheezer from “Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius,” Jack Fenton in “Danny Phantom,” Bobble in the “Tinkerbell” – and that’s just to name a few. Having voiced over 2000 animated episodes, Paulsen’s IMDb reads like a novel.

Paulsen also released the news that he will be hosting voice over events across the US and according to his website the first one is slated for June 25-26 in LA.

Visit Paulen’s website Rob Paulsen Live for more details.


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