My Voice Over Guy BannerThe writer’s strike may be keeping writers and actors off Hollywood sets, but it can’t keep character actor D.C. Douglas from talking. During the recent drought of theatrical work, Douglas counts on voice over jobs to keep him afloat commercially. His work, including the now famous celebrity GEICO commercials, can be heard at

Landing the GEICO announcer role last year gave Douglas’ voice over career a kick in the proverbial pants. The 2007 campaign was downloaded daily on and stirred up additional work for Douglas throughout the year. The commercials were so popular that GEICO is extending the campaign with a new round of commercials including celebrities like Joan Rivers, Peter Frampton, James Lipton and even Mrs. Butterworth. Douglas says it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I absolutely support the writers in their fight,” says Douglas. “Unfortunately, this kind of fight takes a toll on the industry – there are virtually no auditions and pilot season seems to have been decimated. But I’m in an extremely lucky position being a voice over artist as well as an actor. I still get to use my craft to generate income and support the writers at the same time. I’m doubly lucky that the GEICO campaign has been renewed for 2008. Funny thing is, I’ve got several films that were shot a year ago that won’t be out until this summer or later. So for now I’m anonymous but making a living.”

Not until late 2008 will we see Douglas in “Change Your Life” with Tony Plana (“Ugly Betty”), “Deadwater” with Lance Henriksen (“Aliens”), “Universal Remote” with Charles Q. Murphy (“Night At The Museum”) and the movie of the week, “Final Approach” with Dean Cain (“Out Of Time”). Until then, keep your ears open.



  1. Alright DC!
    He’s a lot of fun to work with (great pipes, very easy to record), and I remember being really excited for him when he landed GEICO. He was perfect for that really dry wit the spot required.

    He’s a great example of an actor branching out his craft, as media diversifies all around us.

  2. Need an job in voice over work. 15 plus years infront of the camera-8 telly awards, 2 emmy nominations, interesting voice, dialects, foreign language. check out my work on American life television network. thank you christopher kent


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