Chuck KaitonIs your contract up for renewal?
Chuck Kaiton just had has renewed his contract, continuing in full stride as the official play-by-play voice of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes.

Yesterday, McClatchey Broadcastings™ WRBZ-AM, Sports Radio 850 The Buzz and WDNC-AM 620 The Bull, announced the renewal of their agreement with the play-by-play voice of the Carolina Hurricanes, Chuck Kaiton. œFor the past six years, I have enjoyed my association with 850 The Buzz and now 620 The Bull as a means of trying to bring added interest to the triangle in the great game of hockey!” commented Chuck Kaiton.

Chuck Kaiton will be heard each weekday on game days at 6:10pm on The Chris Clark Show and weekday mornings, following games, with Adam Gold at 8:45am. Chuck Kaiton will also provide his sports commentary expertise at other various times on both WRBZ and WDNC. Chuck Kaiton has been the franchise™s only play-by-play radio voice since the team joined the NHL in 1979, then known as the Hartford Whalers, also referred to on some sites as the New England Whalers (thanks Ralph).

An announcer with an illustrious past, The Hockey Hall of Fame named Chuck Kaiton as the 2004 winner of the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award, an award given annually to National Hockey League broadcasters who make outstanding contributions to their profession during their careers. Chuck Kaiton became the 26th NHL broadcaster to be recognized in this way since the Hockey Hall of Fame began acknowledging broadcasters in 1984.

In addition to his work with the team, Chuck Kaiton has served as the president of the NHL Broadcasters Association for the past 21 years (1986-2007). A graduate of the University of Michigan, Kaiton began his broadcasting career in 1969 announcing Wolverine sports. In 1975, he went on to cover the University of Wisconsin sports teams and was named Wisconsin™s sportscaster of the year in 1979.
œChuck Kaiton is without a doubt the best voice in the NHL, rich with history and knowledge. We™ve had a long relationship with Chuck and I™m pleased it will continue, commented Brian Maloney, WRBZ/WDNC General Manager.
Here’s the YouTube Video of Chuck Kaiton announcing Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Are you a “franchise” voice too like Chuck Kaiton is?
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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I am looking forward to my second season of TV imaging for the Buffalo Sabres on MSG-TV for 2007/08! Last year (2006) we made it to the conference finals before losing out to Carolina and this year Ottawa broke our stride before they lost out to the Anaheim Ducks in the NHL final.
    My brother-in-law was a big Hartford Whalers fan “back in the day.” Just a note the Whalers were never known as New England in the NHL – just Hartford. That first season the great Gordie Howe got to play with sons Mark and Marty by his side. Their #1 goalie was John Garrett, who is now a pretty good analyst for Rogers Sportsnet.
    Ralph Hass

  2. Hi Ralph,
    Thanks for adding that. When I was researching the site where I found the history, I thought it was odd that they weren’t called the Hartford Whalers, so I’m glad you brought that up.
    It’s certainly the name I would have associated Whalers with too. I’ve edited the article to include both names in case there are people out there who have used the other name.

  3. NHL Hockey announcer? Wow. That would be a dream. I think almost every Canadian boy’s dream, that is if they couldn’t *play* in the NHL.
    For me being out here in Vancouver, the Canucks would be the dream. But I would honestly take any NHL team. (And even before entering the world of voiceover, I’d be practicing at home calling games on the satellite dish…)
    I saw the video article on Ralph Hass, imaging for the Buffalo Sabres and that is pretty cool too. Way to go Ralph. That is awesome.
    Rob Young
    Vancouver, BC

  4. HI Folks
    I go back with Chuck Kaiton since the earliest days of the Whalers when they were in the old WHA. I couldn’t make all the Whalers games, but I was always sure that I’d get the complete details on the Hartford radio station with Chuck. I’ve heard all the great broadcasters, Danny Gallivan, Ward Wilson, Foster Hewitt, et al, but for my money, no one could call a game like Chuck. You get EVERYTHING from him. No missed plays, no trite commentary, he knew all the players in the entire league, and could quote during broadcasts their individual stats and idiosyncrasies, without missing a beat of the P by P. I’m glad the Canes have him as a continuance of their organization. We had funs times in the old Civic center in the Mall, and with the I-91 club after the collapse of it’s roof, but Chuck was right there with it all – and so were we. Whalers had great fans ( just not enough of them) And who could ever forget “Brass Bonanza” we loved it. It was different from bells, sirens, fog horns, etc. I’m just sorry that he doesn’t get on TV, because the best of the P by P folks are in my estimation too wrapped up in mediocrity, and no ability to get the full picture to the folks. Too much extraneous chit chat during the games. They say you don’t need as much detail with the visual… oh yeah? At the speed this game goes now? Who sez?


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