Chuck RileyHave you heard about a new scholarship opportunity for aspiring voice over talent?

The Chuck Riley Memorial Scholarship will be given to a different candidate each year who demonstrates artistic ability, passion for voice overs, and financial need.
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New Scholarship on the VO Horizon

A new voice over scholarship named for Chuck Riley (1940-2007), one of the founding members of, has been recently created and is now accepting applications. The scholarship will help one voiceover student get the start he or she hoped to get in voiceovers but could not otherwise afford.

Applications are being accepted through April 30th, 2010 for students with aspirations of becoming a voiceover professional.
Applicants must be:
๏ Legal U.S. residents
๏ 18 years of age or older
๏ Have an annual household income under $30,000
๏ Have a passion for voiceovers, acting and performance
According to the company, no current, professional voiceover talent will be eligible.

The scholarship winner will receive:
๏ 6 voiceover performance lessons
๏ 6 voiceover business lessons
๏ The entire ‘Guide to Breaking into Voiceovers’ series
๏ A completed, fully produced professional voiceover demo
The winner of the scholarship will also be eligible for additional items such as studio equipment, voiceover marketplace website memberships and other training products donated in cash or goods from other members of the voiceover community.

Members of the voiceover community are encouraged to contribute by e-mailing
Interested applicants should go to for a complete application. Students, veterans and disabled persons are strongly encouraged to apply.
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  1. You know it’s a very tricky situation to offer someone in this industry a helping hand without them becoming competition. However, I highly support these scholarships. I have in the past supported some other broadcast and voice over scholarships through sponsorship. Through the scholarships and lessons I believe that students will be able to discover their own niche within the voice over industry and bring their own unique gift to market.

  2. Dear Cher,
    Thank you for commenting and I am sorry you learned of this via my blog.
    The people who sent me the press release are also the contacts for the scholarship:
    Contact – Adam Goodman (203) 341 0111 (President)
    Gabrielle Nistico (704) 405 2100 (Director of Operations) &
    I hope this helps.
    Best wishes,


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