Tom Selleck

Remember Magnum P.I.?

Tom Selleck is back in a voice over role with a $90,000 contract as spokesman for Florida orange juice in new 15- and 30-second spots scheduled to air in January.

The Florida Department of Citrus hopes its new OJ ads will have a “magnum” impact of sales.

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The Florida Citrus Commission, the department’s governing body, approved the new ads Wednesday.

Selleck’s voice-over narration takes center stage as viewers watch a cascade of orange juice going from pitcher to glass.

“Food scientists have spent years with their beakers and flasks and chemistry sets, trying to come up with something as good for you as Florida orange juice,” says Selleck’s deep baritone. “But they’ve never come close. Start your day with almost 25 percent of your daily recommended fruit and vegetable servings in one 8-ounce glass.”

To close the commercial, Selleck suggests, “It’s a miracle in every way. Florida orange juice. Healthy. Pure and simple.”

The second ad shows the same images but touts orange juice as “The original power beverage that, during cold and flu season, gives your immune system many of the vitamins and minerals it needs.”

Beginning Dec. 30, both 30-second spots will run frequently on national broadcast and cable stations the first 11 weeks, she said. Then the department will reduce the frequency of those ads and use similar 15-second spots for the rest of the year.

Selleck got $90,000 for the voice-over work and has made an oral commitment to do the same for next year’s Florida orange juice ads.

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  1. That’s cool. He’s sort of a more mature version of the guy that used to do the on camera version of those commercials (the one who would blend up fish and rutebegas,sp?).

    I’m surprised they got him for 90K. You would think with the recent exposure he had on Las Vegas, his agents would’ve at least gotten 6 figures. 😉

  2. Farcically Bad Orange Juice Commercial…

    I don’t know if you have seen these, but Florida Orange Juice started a new ad campaign featuring commercials with the voice of Tom Selleck. (Magnum PI does like his orange juice.) Anyway, the commercials show a beaker into which……


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