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Wonder what clients are looking for, thinking about, and doing at Voices.com?
Entrusted with the unique position to monitor industry activity, but also act as a catalyst for future growth, we asked our clients a number of questions that give you a glimpse into their Voices.com experiences and also tell you more about how they are choosing to use our service.
Find out more by reading our Voices.com Client Experience Report at VOX Daily.

Factors That Influence Decision Making

factors that influenced your decision.jpg
Question: When reviewing responses to a job posting, which factors influence your decision? Select all that apply.
Insight: Based on those who responded the primary factor when selecting talent to work with are demos and the combination of demo and quote, however, a combination of proposal, demo and quote also rates very high when making a decision.

Here’s a breakdown:
Quote and Demo: 38%
Demo: 33%
Written Proposal, Quote, and Demo: 12%
Other: 17%
Other encompasses the following: “Is In My Favorites,” “Listing in the Featured Voices on the homepage,” or “Talent website” as influencing factors.
Tip: When submitting auditions ensure that you take care with all aspects of your submission to achieve greater success.

Most Frequent Search Methods

Most frequent voice talent search method
Question: How do you most frequently search for talent?
Insight: The overwhelming majority of searches for voice talent are conducted by posting a job to gather voice samples and price quotes. From looking at the results, these clients prefer to manage their projects using Voices.com as a tool to both collect and evaluate responses.

Tip: 75% of clients who responded to the survey during this period of time posted jobs to find talent. Keep auditioning as it’s a prime opportunity to be heard.

How Long Have These Clients Been Members?

Length of time as a Voices.com member
Question: How long have you been using Voices.com to seek voice talent services?
Insight: “Other” encompasses clients who have been using Voices.com for longer than 2 years.
Although many of the respondents are fairly new to Voices.com, it’s great to see that we also have a large number of long term clients who continue to use Voices.com to seek the services of professional voice talent.
Tip: There are always new people looking to hire voice over professionals, and so long as you’re where they want you to be, they’ll find you.

How Easy is it To Use Voices.com?

Ease of use
Question: How easy is Voices.com to use on a scale of 1 to 5. Where 5 is very intuitive and 1 being very difficult to navigate.
Insight: 77% of respondents find Voices.com simple and easy to use when it comes to finding and hiring talent.

Exclusive Use of Voices.com to Cast Voice Talent

Exclusively used Voices.com for last job
Question: For your last job, did you use Voices.com exclusively to find talent?
Insight: A very large percentage of respondents confirm using Voices.com exclusively to seek talent for their last posting. Many talent believe that clients are often seeking talent elsewhere at the same time, however, this is not always the case as seen in the survey results.
Tip: Audition for all jobs that you are qualified for. 74% of survey respondents only posted their jobs at Voices.com.

How Many Auditions Are Reviewed on Average?

how many auditions do you review
Question: On average, how many auditions do you fully review before making a decision about contacting a talent?
Insight: It is beneficial to be a first responder, however, a much larger percentage of clients are reviewing all submission before making a final hiring decision. Not all jobs get over 100 responses and some clients only receive a handful of submissions which can account for the higher percentage of clients indicating they make a decision from the first 25 submissions.

Tip: Ensure that you have several demos uploaded to your profile that you can submit quickly in the event you do not have time to record a custom demo. If you do not have recording ability throughout the day, this enables you to still submit an audition quickly to secure your audition placement.

Do Clients Get Too Many Responses?

too many responses?
Question: Did you feel you had too many responses to your job posting?
Insight: The results of this question may surprise a number of voice talent. The vast majority of clients feel they receive just the right amount of submissions and very few think they have received too many. Clients who feel they have not received enough responses have typically posted a job seeking a foreign language voiceover (not English, British or North American).

Tip: If you use the Overview of a job to make a decision on submitting an audition because you think too many have responded, you may wish to submit anyway. Clients enjoy having a variety of responses to review and select from.

Using the Favorites List to Shortlist Auditions?

Do you use the Favorites List to shortlist auditions
Question: Do you use the Favorites feature as a way of shortlisting your audition responses? (By adding talent to your job Favorites it makes it easier to find those specific talent again and allows for easier follow up.)

Insight: A large number of respondents are making use of this feature to help shortlist respondents which in turn updates the Top Favorites listing on our homepage.
Tip: In your proposal invite the client to add you to their Favorites if interested in your voice.

Do Clients Know that SurePay is Included?

aware of SurePay escrow service
Question: Were you aware that Voices.com has a built in Escrow service available to you to make payment to talent? This service is initiated by you if you click on Award Job from a talent’s audition. The Escrow fee is also built into the quotes you’re seeing.
Insight: Clients are aware of the Escrow service at the time of posting and are also aware that each quote they see includes the Escrow service fee.

Tip: If a client awards a job to you via Escrow it’s a good idea to continue with the process rather than redirecting the client away from the service. They have agreed to the rate which includes the Escrow fee when they select you. Payment can be made via Visa, MasterCard and through PayPal by account balance, bank transfer, Amex or Discover.

How Did You Pay Your Last Voice Over Pro?

what was your last payment method.jpg
Question: For your last job, what was your payment method for securing the talent?
Insight: More than half of survey respondents made use of the Escrow service for payment of their last job. Another 32% of clients paid talent directly. Only 5% of respondents indicated that they did not hire a talent and the reasons for this include not finding the right voice, found talent elsewhere, or the project is no longer moving forward. The other 9% of respondents have not yet made a hiring decision the following month after their job closed to receive auditions.

Would You Leave Feedback for Talent Auditions?

likeliness to provide feedback.jpg
Question: If we were to add an audition feedback system how likely is it that you would leave feedback for the majority of talent who submit an audition?
Insight: We’ve had many requests from talent regarding implementing an audition feedback system. As a result we’ve reached out to the clients who would be using such a feature to find out how useful the feature would be. A very large percentage of clients would not make use of such a feature at this time. Those indicating “Not Likely” to use or “Not Sure” are considered here.

Only 21% of respondents indicate a high likelihood of using such a feature.
Voices.com will continue to monitor feedback on this type of feature but if clients are not willing to make use of a feedback system for the majority of respondents it may not be feasible for us to implement.

Any Comments?

The information in this Client Experience Report was compiled by Laurynda Pasma, Voices.com Product Development Manager.
We are doing our best to provide you with regular reports that share how you can make the most of Voices.com and your membership with our service.
If you’d like to share your thoughts about the information presented, we’d love to hear from you!
Best wishes,


  1. I’m one of those people who wasn’t aware of the ‘favorites’ feature. I’ll be sure to include that in my proposals from now on. Thanks a lot for these stats, they’re quite interesting.

  2. Between this and the last round of surveys and graphs last week, we as voice artists have significant information to help us know how to market our services to and schedule our time around Voices.com’s main clientele. Bravo!! Truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into sharing this info with us.

  3. I really appreciate the valuable resources that you provide to both talents and clients. It’s obvious that you not only want your clients happy, you want the talent to succeed…and you provide simple and practical tools for them to do just that. A standing ovation from the southern Oregon Coast for Voices.com!

  4. Pie charts! I LOVE pie charts! Thanks to Laurynda and the whole VOICES.COM crew for these terrific insights into what clients want and expect from voice talent.
    I spotted some ‘chips’ in my armour…and will adjust accordingly!
    Thanks again,

  5. I too applaud your efforts in presenting these statistics.
    I worked for a technical company a few years ago that built incredibly detailed statistical extracts, they also created a few reports at the level of the graphs in this report “to keep the managers off the engineers backs.” My point is, that while interesting, these graphs still do not provide enough granularity to provide “engineering grade statistics” on which to design and enhance our careers. Noticeably absent from this report is the amount of data on which it is based. How many people responded to the survey? 10, 100, 1000, 1,000,000…more responses doesn’t always mean better; there is a statistical point of diminishing returns that statisticians can calculate, but knowing how much data was evaluated is always useful.
    All of that critical stuff said, these data charts are a HUGE step forward in providing professional people with information about their marketplace.

  6. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your comment and also for elaborating on what you’d like to learn more about.
    The number of respondents for this particular survey were 170.
    These quarterly surveys are timely and well received. We also have a report on the industry with extensive market research published each year by our CEO.
    Information on a more granular level is being documented and tracked, however, we will not be sharing that industry data for free. We’re considering producing a more in depth report that could be purchased for a fee.
    Would this interest you?
    Best wishes,

  7. Hello there,
    This is very useful information and insight.
    It would be interesting to do the same exercise aimed at voice talents.
    Great work!
    Many thanks.
    Angelique Papadopoulos
    voice talent

  8. Great job! Very informative! Good work, Laurynda!
    I remember being told once before about the favorites list. Will certainly include that in my quotes. The responses to the question about feedback makes me wonder how valid those responses from clients are as seen on other sites. And having the Surepay fee added to the total makes life a lot easier without me having to do some math!
    Great improvements. Kudos to all who are working to keep voices.com the best !

  9. 179 respondents provides a reasonable number of data points per question. If you start gathering more data, you’ll need to validate the wording of your questions to be certainly the responses indicate what the question writer thinks is being asked. I’ve learned that detail can be a lot more difficult than most people think 🙂
    >>>We’re considering producing a more in depth report that could be purchased for a fee. Would this interest you?
    Content is king! If the content is rich, then I’d certainly be interested if price/value equation is good.
    The report would need to be much more detailed than the information that I personally believe should be provided to your paying members as a part of your service.
    I am happy that voices.com is taking the initiative on this. Well implemented this could be a tremendous service to the industry as a whole.

  10. Hello Steph:
    Just completed review of Vox Daily for 10/19/09; info was very helpful and informative, especially the portion pertaining to the percentage of clients who listen to all submissions. Often times, I have the impression that if a producer hears what he/she wants on audition #10, that’s where they stop. Glad to know we’re getting listened to.
    Thx again and keep ’em coming.
    Best Regards,
    Bill Nevitt

  11. Thanks Stephanie, et al, for the great report. Voices.com certainly provides above and beyond, not only for the client, but for the talent. I’m very happy to be associated with such a fine organization.

  12. Voices.com gang – thanks! Always interesting to read reports like this. Nothing earth-shattering here, but definitely some interesting things to think about. Thanks for all the great service you provide!
    John McLain

  13. great report! thanks for sharing the info with us. it’s good to know that our auditions are being listened to, even if there are a lot of them. but the most valuable piece of information i got was this, “Tip: In your proposal invite the client to add you to their Favorites if interested in your voice.” i’ll definitely start including that in my quote. thank you so much!
    jill (goldivox) goldman


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