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audio’connell (Peter O’Connell) is never one to fall by the wayside.  The creative super brain behind voxmarketising has gone on a mission to save American ears.

You might have heard about the choice that the NBC brass made with regard to replacing the long standing voice over recording voiced by Howard Reig for the Nightly News with announcing by Michael Douglas.

At any rate, while thousands of miffed people are racking their brains on what to do about the voice over, Peter K. O’Connell has come up with a possible solution.

O’Connell, who was rather disappointed with the new voice over for NBC’s Nightly News (but loves Michael Douglas’ work otherwise), is holding a contest, albeit an unofficial one, to find the next voice of NBC’s supper hour news program.

Jeffrey Kafer has given the new NBC announcer auditions some PR on his blog with a link to the fake NBC auditions received thus far.

Jeff writes:

“Voice actor Peter O’Connell is most unhappy with Michael Douglas’s announcing of the NBC Nightly News. So he’s put the call out for other voice talent to “audition” for the part. Nevermind the fact that NBC isn’t looking for a replacement, this is a fun exercise that a good number of us have participated in.”

Here’s a link to listen the NBC announcer auditions thus far submitted. They’re quite impressive!

Why not throw your hat in the ring?

Source:  audio’connell



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