Business woman holding a blank signWhat do you think of when you hear “”?

We’re curious to find out!
Comment with what you think our new slogan should be and if your slogan is selected, we’ll give you a 1-year Premium membership subscription to as well as Julie Williams’ How To Make Money in Voice-Overs 5-CD set, a combined value of $449.95!
Learn more by reading this post.

What Is a Slogan?

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, the word slogan, derived from the Scottish Gaelic sluagh-ghairm, means:
1 a: a war cry especially of a Scottish clan b: a word or phrase used to express a characteristic position or stand or a goal to be achieved
2: a brief attention-getting phrase used in advertising or promotion
In case you’re wondering, we’re most taken with the second definition, which is a brief attention-getting phrase used in advertising or promotion.

Examples of Some Familiar Slogans

Skype: Take a Deep Breath.
Orange: The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Orange.
Apple: Think different.
Amex: Don’t leave home without it.
Smith Barney: We make money the old-fashioned way – we earn it.
DeBeers: A diamond is forever.
Audi: Vorsprung durch technik.
Heinz: Beanz meanz Heinz.
Carlsberg: Probably the best beer in the world
Here’s a full list memorable TV advertising slogans for inspiration.

How Do You Write a Slogan?

One of the best ways to get started is through brainstorming and writing down every word or feeling that comes to mind when you think of, perhaps what makes us different, what we’re known for, how the site can help, etc.
I’ve found an article on called 10 Tips For Writing Tag Lines that provides additional guidance and ideas if you’re interested.

How Do You Enter the Contest?

Simply leave a comment here on this post with your slogan for You may submit more than one if you desire.
The window of opportunity is limited to 48 hours effective Thursday March 5, 12 p.m. EST through Saturday March 7, 12 p.m. EST. 2009.
The person whose slogan / tag line is chosen as the winning submission will walk away with 2 fabulous prizes, including:
1. A 1-year Premium membership to, valued at $300.00
2. owner / VO Forum facilitator Julie Williams’ “How To Make Money in Voice-Overs” 5 CD set, valued at $149.95
* Bonus – Bragging rights (you know they’re worth something!)

Looking Forward to Hearing Your Ideas!

Best wishes,
© Mitchell


  1., they’re not in your head., where voices come from., you’ve heard the rest, now hear the best., we sound better.
    We at don’t have a slogan. We voice YOUR slogan. because your slogan needs a voice. brings your words alive. brings life to your words. Because the voice makes all the difference.
    Find the voice that sells at

  2.… From Many Voices, The One You Need.… The Power of Voice.… You Write, We Talk.… Speak.… Where The Pros Talk.

  3. Find *your* voice.
    Your search ends here.
    Go nowhere else.
    We have them. You pick them.
    More than you’ll ever need.
    The choice is yours.
    Yeah, we got ’em.
    Find yours.
    We’re the ones in your head.
    Why go anywhere else?
    We’re everywhere.

  4. Sound professional.
    We’ll do all the talking.
    When we talk, people listen.
    It’s that easy.
    Post. Listen. Choose. Yep, it’s that easy.
    Find the one for you.
    List. Listen. Choose.
    People pay attention when *we* talk.
    The choices are all here.
    Where businesses find their voice.

  5. Where the search begins. Where the search ends.
    The search begins and ends here.
    Our career is your business.
    Our career. Your business. It’s that simple.
    Because we sound better than your brother-in-law. 😛
    You’re all we talk about.
    Pros in different area codes. 😛
    The last place you’ll ever look.
    Because life’s too short to leave your own voicemail greeting.

  6. –
    Helping Businesses Connect with the Perfect Talents,
    Helping Talents Create Their Dream Careers!

  7., giving you a voice. utterly amazing. sounds better. if you can’t say it… open wide to possibilities.
    Break the sound barrier and soar with
    That’s all I got… although I like Anthony’s, Mercedes’ and Stephen’s.

  8. Okay, I messed up with one word. I have a little too much time on my hands today.

  9. “ Your Jobs Voice”
    “, giving your job a voice!”
    “, when your own voice sucks!”
    “, we speak your language”

  10. “ – Talk about it!”
    “ – Join the heard!”
    “ – Talk for a living!”
    “ – Speak Up!”
    “ – Talk isn’t cheap!”
    “ – Let’s talk.”
    “ – Be heard!”
    “ – Say Something!”
    “ – Put your money where your mouth is!”
    “ – Now hear this!”
    “ – Have you heard?”
    “ – Utterly Great!”
    “ – Utterly Yours!”
    “ – Oration Nation!”
    “ – Your Oration Station!”
    “ – Your Oration Destination!”
    “ – Dictators Wanted!”
    “ – Articulate Artists”
    “ – Say it with feeling!”
    “ – Putting words in your mouth”
    “ – Listen up!”

  11. “ – A Voice for Everyone.”
    “ – Be Heard.”
    “ – A Voice is Worth 1000 Pictures”

  12. “ Hey! You think I’m talking for my health? Umm yeah, we get paid to do this.”

  13. “ Voicecasting your way in a very vocal world”
    “ Yeah others may say it….but we say it best.”

  14. “ – It’s just want you want to hear. – It’s want you want to hear. – It’s how you want to hear it. – It’s how you want it heard.”
    “ – How it should be said. – How it should be heard. – The way it’s supposed to sound.”

  15. “ hear the difference. professional voices, are just a click away. 24/7 voices, at your control. The best voices from around the world. cast the voice, catch the ear.
    Just for fun: the mute mans voice box.”

  16. Say It Better
    * Your Voice Is A Click Away
    * A Sound All Your Own
    * Click, Cast, Listen
    * Express Yourself

  17. Speak, hear.
    Hear Here.
    The Vocal Point. There. That’s better.
    3, 2, 1, you’re on:
    Inhale. Exhale.

  18. More choice for the best voice.
    Do you hear what we hear?
    Hear the difference.
    Hear the possibilities….
    Making ears happy around the world.

  19. – “Find YOUR voice here”.
    – “Voices that should be heard”.
    – “We talk for you”.
    – “We speak for you”.
    – “We’ll talk for you”.
    – “We’ll speak for you”.
    – “Let us speak for you”.
    – “Let us talk for you”.
    – “Our voices get you heard”.

  20. – Everyone has one – The World Hears – We tell it like it is – Want one? We got em! – One for many

  21. “Canada’s Premier Voice Choice”
    “Canada’s Voice Choice”
    “Canada’s #1 Voice Choice” “The Ideal Choice for Voice” “The Winning Choice for Voice”

  22. – Let Our Voices Speak for You. – Stop Us If You’ve Heard This Before… – What Does Your Company Sound Like? – Need We Say More? – Hear What Your Company Is Missing. – Talk To Us About Speaking For You.

  23. “ Says it all”
    “ Walk the talk”
    “ When words are not enough”
    “ Just listen”

  24. God give you a mouth, and you give us voice!
    We can’t hear~~
    Nothing can’t be talked!
    Paint your voice here.
    It’s time to give your voice wings!
    Here is a new tape for you !All the time!
    Coming voice at

  25. Be Heard.
    I propose “Be Heard”… it works for the talents in your roster, or prospective talents trying to make it, (who you want to subscribe)
    It also works for your clients who use, who want their message to “be heard”.
    Thank you for the consideration,
    John Grossman

  26. …crystal clear, never sound so good.
    …a clear message starts with the right voice.
    …when what you say, matters.
    …when presentation is everything
    …speaking in one voice

  27. – Listen to Us Now Hear Us Later – Stop…Look…Listen – We have a voice to pick with you – The Grapevine Heard It Through Us – Here’s Voice In Your Ear – All Talk and some action – We’ll Talk you ear off – Where you can

  28. “Let us say it for you” “We speak for you” “Well Said” “Because it needs to be said” “Putting a Voice to Your Story” “A Voice for Every Need” “Because You Need A Voice”

  29. You’re hearing those voices again…
    A little voice told you it’s
    Hearing a voice in your head? Find it at
    We’ve got your voice… right here buddy…
    Voice me…
    From golden chords to silken tones…… someone has to say it.
    Say what you mean, mean what you say…

  30. – Sounds like success – Ear candy – Voices with character Characters with voice – Hear candy

  31. Bring your words to life! The voice of your future. for a not-so-local vocal voice it here, let the world hear! say it here for the world to hear! voice it here for the world to hear! the sound of your future put the ‘tah-daaaah!’ in your “blah-blah-blah”.
    (ok now I’m getting really silly.)

  32. – The Easy Edge – Your Easy Edge – The Simple Solution – Your Simple Solution – Casting with the Net – Ear the Voices

  33. Slogan ideas.
    1. Listen now.
    2. Let’s hear it.
    3. Just listen.
    4. Sound ideas.
    5. Sounds perfect.

  34. “Giving Your Thoughts A Voice”
    “Dream Big”
    “Putting Words To Your Thoughts”
    “The Voices Of Reason”
    “Silence Isn’t Golden”
    “You’ve Never Sounded So Good”
    “Your Inner Voice”
    “Words Come Alive”
    “Say It With Purpose”
    “Yeah, What They Said”
    “It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It”
    “Well Said”

  35. …, Let us voice your dream
    …, One dream, one vision, many voices
    …, Your vision plus Our voice equals success!
    …One Dream, One vision, Your choice,
    …Your ideas come to life with

  36. “, I Heard That”
    “, It’s Worth Talking About”
    “, Because You’re Worth Talking About”
    “, We’re Talking About You”
    “, We Have A Story To Tell. Yours”

  37. Stephanie & David,
    What perfect timing…as my subscription is due to expire this month! I’d love to be your winner with my slogan:
    We’ve got voices…you’ve got CHOICES

    Let the world listen.
    A word to the world.
    When we open our mouths, things happen.
    A word is worth a thousand pictures.
    A world of voices.
    We speak for you.
    One word, one place.
    Loud and clear.
    Speak your mind.
    We’re not just blah, blah, blah.

  39. “ – when you need to be heard – We need to talk – What’s your story? – We tell it, so you sell it! – Loving what we do! – The one stop, voice shop! – If you’ve heard it, we’ve said it!”

  40. Hi Stephanie,
    I’m not entering the contest, since I’m offering one of the prizes! But, here are some ideas…keeping in mind that you’re probably using it to target clients, rather than voice talent?… Voiceover Valet … Your Choice Voices… The Voiceover Marketplace… Your message…clearly… The Voiceover Superstore… Voice Casting Made Easy… striking a cord with your listener

  41. “, Now Hear This”
    “, We’re Not Just Speaking For Ourselves”
    “ We Listen Before We Speak”
    “, You Think It, We Say It”
    “, When You Have To Be Heard”
    “, We Mean What We Say”
    “, Where Words Are More Than Just Words”
    “, Word”

  42. Where vox rocks We rock the vox Perfect choice for your perfect voice Not just another pretty voice Talk is chique Let’s hear your cousin do THIS! Talk around the clock Vocal. Global. Hear ye!

  43. Where the voices come from – Get your Blah Blah on!
    Be heard –
    Breaking the Sound-Barrier –
    It all started with a voice –
    The future of communications –

  44. – The Grand Central Station of Voices – The Grand Central Station for Voice Actors – An Oasis of Voice Actors – The Crossroads of All Great Voice Talent – The End of the Rainbow, When You Need A Voice – The Kasbah of Voice Talent – A Voice Talent Bazaar – The Water Cooler Where All Voice Actors Gather – The Fort Knox of Voices – Look Here To Find That Voice In Your Head – A Never-Ending Variety of Voices to Choose From

  45. The #1 Choice for a Professional Voice. The #1 Choice for Professional Voices. Where Professional Voice Talents are just a click away. The right voice makes all the difference. Professional Voice Talents at your fingertips. The right voice is just a click away. Where the right voice is just a click away. Your choice for the right voice is just a click away.
    Let your message be heard. Use
    For the right voice, it’s gotta be
    For the right voice, the only choice is The only choice for the perfect voice.
    Hope you like these! Good luck to all.
    Tara LaDore

    where your message comes to life.
    voices for every
    voice casting as fast you can type…really.
    post it, cast it and get on with your life.
    We’re professionals…don’t try this at home
    all the talent you need, at lightning speed.

  47. – You got it, We Hear you – Warm fuzzies, ALL OVER – Letting the world be heard – Selling You – Viagra was never as good – Selling yourself and other things

  48. • When HOW you say it is just as important as What you say.
    • What matters is how you say it.
    •, when your business needs a voice.
    • Say it with
    • When you can’t seem to get the words out.
    • We help you say it with style.
    • When it’s not just words on a page.
    • We help give a voice to the world.

  49. Just a few that jumped into my head! 🙂 Where Oral is Sexy From Page to Profit Artistry Spoken The Oral Connection The Sound Connection The Best Practices The Ultimate Take Success Spoken Here Reaching into the Mind Character Engaged Always Talented for Words Spicey Delivery Delivered Text Contextualized Mic Check Engaging the Listener Listener Approved

  50. “ Use your instrument. Nature’s instrument. Strike a chord. A vocal cord.”

  51. – Because you deserve a professional tongue lashing.
    Stop The Botox!! has the lips you desire.
    Relax…you have Voices dot calm. – We don’t just hand you a line, we deliver.
    Voices? Choices! What’s hard about that?
    100% dialect-able… and zero calories. We feed your need.

  52. Oh my goodness – I do not envy your upcoming review of this flood of ideas! I’m abstaining – don’t want to add to the stress of this task. As Robert Jadah has been wont to say – Voice On!

  53. (client side)
    Give your idea a voice
    Filter out the noise. Find your voice.
    Where technology meets talent
    Yo! We got your voice right HERE!
    Your personal casting agency
    (talent side)
    more matches for your talent
    For people in the Business of voice-acting

  54. or some minor variations …
    Meet the sound of voiceovers working, all over the world
    The sound of voiceovers working, all over the world

  55. ” Hearing A Better World. ”
    ” Your World Through Sound. ”
    ” Find Your Voice. ”
    ” Find Your Voice, Just Say It. ”
    ” Ways to Hear The World. ”
    ” Hear A Better World. ”
    Thanks, C.I.

  56. ” The Sounds of Reason. ”
    ” Let There Be Voice. ”
    ” Voicing To The World. ”
    ” To Hear Is To Believe. ”

  57. 1)…learn it. Voice it. Believe it.
    This explains the three cardinal functions of;
    being a learning and social resource for the voice industry, a place where voice talent get jobs and where clients get top talent for there projects on time. So the tag positions in the mind of all its publics.
    2)…voicing is believing
    This explains the importance of providing voice services which is the primary function of Imagine having a documentary without voice, no one to tell you the name of that tiny animal you are curious about.
    3)…like no other
    There are so many other voice portals but, none gives the talent, Voice seeker and enthusiast as much and all that gives; blogs, podcasts, feedback comments etc
    4)…giving you voices
    Literally giving clients and voice talents voice. Solving there project needs, giving resources from knowlegable people in the industry and so on.
    5)…we listen. we’re voicing

  58. Voices.Com – The Future Of Communication
    Voices.Com – A Sound Investment
    Voices.Com – Communicating Your Needs To The World
    Voices.Com – Communicating With The World
    Voices.Com – The Next Wave In Communicating
    Voices.Com – An Audio Avalanche
    Voices.Com – All The Voices In Your Head
    Voices.Com – Your Words, Our Voice
    Voices.Com – We Speak Your Language
    Voices.Com – Put Our Voices To Work For You

  59. – Connecting Voice Seekers with Voice Talent
    – Your Connector Hub for voice talents and voice projects
    – Voice Central for talents and projects
    – Where Great Voices Meet Great Projects
    David Cook

  60. When you need voices, choose
    When you need a voice-over, is over all the rest
    Voice-over all the rest …
    For voice-overs, the choice is clear. Voices .com
    Voices for commercials, corporate, animation & more.
    Voices. Simple.
    – Ari Ross

  61. – The one-stop voice shop – we say it right – for one-stop voice shopping! – for the voice that says it all – A chorus of crazy talent

  62., Be Heard
    We say what you want,
    Hear what you’re thinking ,
    We’ll say it for you,

  63. ” Hearing a Better World. ”
    ” Your World Through Sounds. ”
    ” Ways To Hear The World. Voices. com. ”
    ” Say It To The World. ”

  64. From our lips to your soul
    Voice candy
    Say it like a pro
    The voice of success
    The perfect voice, today
    The perfect voice, always
    Harmony through voice

  65. – When it comes to voice, there’s just one choice! – The Godiva of voiceover – The sound you need. – Hear it. Love it. – The right choice for voice. – Putting sound behind your idea.

  66. –
    Your words taken to the next level!
    Hearing is believing!
    Now you’re talkin’!
    Getting the word out.
    Listen! We make it real.
    Making it real!
    Listen! They’re not just words any more.
    Where words really matter.
    From word to heard!
    Where words come to life.
    Bringing lines to life!
    We’re not just saying it.
    We speak your language.
    From spiel to real! (uhh … just kidding with this one)

  67. Why go anywhere else? When only the best will do. Where dreams come true. We bring the world to you. Bringing the world to you. Herd (Heard?) the world over. Ahead of the heard. (herd?) Leading the herd(heard?) The cream of the crop. Today’s dream… tomorrow’s reality. A cut above the rest. We hear you. Our voices. Your choices. Yes we can.
    Debbie Irwin

  68. How about this:
    Choices and Voices are Better at
    The site is all about helping people make the best choice on a voice for their particular project, educating voice talent, and creating a marketplace where everyone benefits, so that’s how I’ve put that one together.

  69. Hear it. Hire it. Imagine it. Hear it. Hire it. Where Spoken Words spell Success. The sweet sound of success. Success you can hear. It’s not just for voice mail anymore. {;-) Hear it. Believe it. Voices that satisfy, Where success is in the sound (in the voice) Bring out your voice. Find your voice. Giving your business a voice. Giving your business the voice it deserves. Isn’t it time you had a voice? Your Favorite Voices. Where voices connect.
    (There were some great entries. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

    we hear you loud and clear
    the difference is hear
    we are hear for you
    sounds like a winner
    speaks volumes
    hear today, still hear tomorrow
    hear that?
    did you hear that?
    heard not seen
    when we speak, you listen
    take a listen
    We’re talking to you
    your cyber choice
    the voice stops hear
    the voice stops here
    your online choice for voice
    never lose your voice again
    bookmark us, or else
    yep, we are just that good
    your virtual voicebox
    your virtual vocal cords
    the voice is clear
    when seeing just ain’t good enough
    when seeing just ain’t enough
    holler if you hear me
    holla if you hear me
    shout it out for the world to hear
    speak easy
    say it again
    start yappin’
    silence is NOT golden
    silence is golden–NOT!
    silence is NOT an option
    let’s make some noise
    let’s say, together
    speak to me
    lowering the boom
    let us read it for you–word for word
    word up!
    sounds like a winner
    now that’s music to my ears
    now that’s music to your ears
    your voice until the end of says
    I found it!

  71. – All the voices, all the time. – – It’s what you want to hear. – Connecting voices. – Voice the answer. – You’re heard. – Project. Talent. Done.

  72. Get them Listening Sound of Your Success Success is Heard the Difference begin Hear Choice in Voice Your Business Does the Talking Voice to Your Vision

    • Give ‘em something to talk about.
    • Get heard.
    • The world is listening.
    • Speaking of you.
    • You said it.
    • Hear. Now.
    • Well spoken.
    • Can we talk!
    • Speak easy.
    • Let’s talk about you.
    {This was fun. Thanks!}

  74. — The final word in your Voice Over needs. — The ultimate choice for all of your Voice needs. — You need them, we have them. — Problem Solved. — It’s all you need to know.

    Give ‘em something to talk about.
    Get heard.
    The world is listening.
    Speaking of you.
    You said it.
    Hear. Now.
    Well spoken.
    Can we talk!
    Speak easy.
    Let’s talk about you.

  76. Talk. Shop.
    We talk shop.
    We talk, you shop.
    Where talking shop is still alright.
    Talking shop is our business.
    You shop, we talk. It’s that easy.
    Talk different.
    Point. Click. Done.
    Making .WAVs.
    A virtual pantheon of voice.
    One more for safety.
    That’s what she said.
    That’s what we said.
    That’s what he said.
    You heard us.
    Call us up, we’ll talk…no big whoop.
    When the cat has your tongue, call us.
    Who said that?!
    The industry’s best, all in one place.
    Our best for your best.
    Because you need the very best.
    Never at a loss for words.
    Always on.
    We talk shop for a living.
    Professionally talking shop.

  77. Wow! This is amazing!
    Just making a brief interruption to answer a question.
    If your comment is not showing up yet, it is either because I haven’t gotten to it yet or because it may have been trapped in my spam filter.
    I will be checking the filter again in a little while 🙂

  78. Here are mine:
    Now You’re Talking
    Got Anything to Say?
    Got Something to Say?
    Where You’ll Sound Great
    We Say What You Mean
    We Speak Up for You
    We Speak For You
    We Back Up Your Words
    Let Your Words Have Their Say
    Where Your Words Are Talking
    Where Your Words Will Talk
    What Do You Have to Say?
    The Voice Behind Your Words
    Where Your Words Are Heard
    We’ll Make Them Listen to You

  79. Your voice. Worldwide.
    Hear it. Use it.
    We’re trained professionals…don’t try this at home.
    Doing what we do best.
    Talk worldwide.
    Write better copy.
    Enhance your business.
    The all-natural business enhancement.
    We got what you need.
    Use your finger. Get our voice.
    Point. Click. Choose. Done.
    When you’re tired of the same DJ on every spot.
    Your one stop shop for voice.
    The center of the talking world.
    The first and last place you’ll ever look.
    Pros in different area codes.
    Who said that?!
    Making your business better.

  80. I have two versions You Think it, We Say it, The World Listens! You Think it, We Say it, The World hears it!

  81. oops… that should’ve been … Hears what you want, here’s what you get….
    (but then I didn’t hear the right punctuation when I said it out loud…)

  82. “Because it’s a Jingle out there!”
    “Getting the job done-One voice over at a time!”
    “Let YOUR voice be heard”
    “Giving your project a VOICE –”
    “A great voice is worth a thousand pictures”

  83.… Voice of Distinction … Prevailing Voice In The Market… Blue-Chip Voices You Can Count On… We Voice Market Everywhere…Everyday.… A Rising Market For Voices

  84. – A Word’s Best Friend – The Word’s Best Friend – More Than Words Can Say – Just Say the Word – Look Who’s Talking – A Talent For Talking – The Colour of Words – The Sound of Success – What Words Are For

  85. OK let’s try this again…..Stephanie, if you could find the previous post that would be great as I didn’t save them! And here’s a couple of new ones too in addition.. Hear it. Hire it. Imagine it. Hear it. Hire it. Hear it. Believe it. Bring out your voice. Find your voice. Hear the Magic. Your Favorite Voices. The sweet sound of success. Where Voices Connect. Where businesses find their voice. Where all the Buzz is.
    If there’s a will, there’s a Voice.
    Smart people choose Wait till you hear what we have for you! A voice for every mood.
    Would you like a voice with that? 😉 Voices to Order. Voices that satisfy. Voices that fit the bill. Say Yes to Voice! What do you feel like hearing today? It’s not just for voice mail anymore. (closing humor.. 😉

  86. Your Vision Start to Finish Voice Over Studio Complete Voice Over Studio Voice Over Vision-Clicks Away With Your Audience Voice your Audience Can Relate To Production Made Easier

  87. “Voice” speaks your mind.
    “Voice” delivers your thoughts.
    “Voice” draws your ideas.
    “Voice” is your representative.

  88. OK…Here goes,’re listening to YOU heard…Make a difference languages…One voice voices together for one clear message.
    and finally… just a lot of talk!
    By now you’ve probably seen a hundred variations on each one of these.
    God Bless The Judges!!!!

  89. Because it beats having to write everything down.
    Because silence is for those who have nothing to say.
    Breaking the silence.
    It beats paying postage.
    Talking you to the next level.
    Where’s it’s okay to hear all of us.

  90. More Voices – More Choices Personally Endorsed By Bernie Madoff We Stop Listeners In Our Tracks Because Eventually…..You’re Going to Need Air Those Voices in Your Head – That’s Us! If Your Air-Time Isn’t ALIVE – It’s DEAD! Doctor (Kevorkian) Recommended – Use Only as Directed It’s Voices, Jingles, and Production Spelled Backwards! WE Let the Dogs Out We’re The Last Voice You’ll Ever Hear… Not Just for Breakfast Anymore May Contain Traces of Nuts Stops Listeners In Their Tracks Killing Dead-Air-Time Since 1997 We Put The “Yay” in Creative Because “We’re WAY Better Than the Competition” Just Sounded Like Bragging We Put the ME In Media We’ve Got An FCC License to Kill Employing More American Idol Contestants Than Any Other Company! You’re Attentions’ Not the Only Thing We’ll Grab… Give Us A Call – We’ll Give You a Jingle

    We give good voice
    Let our voices do the talking
    The #1 resource in the world for voices
    Leave your words to the professionals
    (let us) Breathe life into your words
    Discover your voice
    Say it right the first time
    You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!
    Your voice is just a click away
    Say something meaningful
    Now you’re talking

  92. “ – making your voice heard!”
    I scanned but did not read all of the entries so sorry if I duped someone on this! It doesn’t look like it though 🙂
    Kelli Casey
    Pick The RED One!!

  93. Good Vibes for success . . .
    Talk About Good Vibes . . .
    Good Vibes Start Here . . .
    Talk About Sound Decisions . . .

  94. The Sounds of the World at Your Fingertips. . .
    Sound Choices For Success . . .
    Power in the Voices of the World . . .
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  105. Hi,
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    1) Got Voice?
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    Thanks, can’t wait to see the winner. Great prize pack too!

  106. Here are my thoughts:
    Voices: Value-Added, Vocally.
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  107. Here is my tag line:
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    I really enjoy your blog and the impression you and your company evoke. ( Not to mention the clever writing!! ) Cheers to you guys for cultivating such a creative and positive environment, as well as a great reputation to match!!
    Thanks so much for your innovative ways… they are inspiring!!
    Your Soon to Be New Member,
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  114. they’ll say anything where voices bid to do your …bidding voicing you, only better where they aren’t in your head they are not in your head anymore
    not just professional voices,
    -my apologies if there are any repeats here… I only read a couple of the other entrants/comments. Wishing my best to all, and to in their image re-vamp.

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  117. Here’s mine:…simply Earresistable (sp?)
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  119. where hearing is believing. where ideas become reality. enuff said. or enough said. need I say more? The last word. You heard that! chaching!!! the message to the masses!


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