You know that Spring is in the air when there’s a new look and feel…
Whether it’s the sight of green grass after the snows, longer daylight hours or a birdsong whistling through the trees, you know there are brighter days ahead.
All of the waiting for change and renewal was worth it. Here’s just a taste of the renaissance about to burst at

In response to your feedback and requests for more profile themes, we’ve been working on just that!
There are 22 new themes in total. In April, expect to find these fun themes available for use in your account! Let’s take a look, shall we?



Just an Ordinary Day

This is the default theme, so if you haven’t selected one, this is what your website theme is. This theme incorporates slick simplicity that gives you freedom and confidence ensuring that your website is professional, elegant and trendy.

Aqua City

Big City Baby

Whether you live in the big city or within you beats the heart of a metropolitan, this theme in its cool shade of blue, complete with a cityscape silhouette, identifies you as being a cosmopolitan talent with the profile to match.

Aqua Mountains

Adventures in Voice Acting

Does your voice sound like fun, crisp, and loves adventure? Check out this alpine theme and soar above the rest. If you are a skier you’ll doubly appreciate this breath of fresh air and enjoy the mountain view and unparalleled prospects at

Aqua Waves

Surf’s Up

Riding the wave of voice over on the west coast? Glide your way through the rat race and surf till your heart’s content by choosing this oceanic theme. Perfect for Californians and those who live the life in laid back coastal regions around the globe.


The Emerald City

The Emerald City

The wizard doesn’t live here, but you can! If you like the big city feel but prefer greener pastures, this theme will suit you just fine. A living city, feel the energy that emanates from this emerald gem. Great for those of an eco-friendly disposition.

Green Ferns


Do you remember the animated film Fern Gully from the early 90s featuring Robin Williams? Return to the rain forest, Batty-free, and enjoy the tranquility of nature’s delights with this beautiful array of greenery. Go green.

Green Hills

God’s Country

Keep with the nature theme, launch into spring, and feel the earth move under your feet with the sound of music. Heaven knows it’s not easy being green! Here’s a theme that will inspire and uplift while differentiating your profile from those of other voice actors.

Green Tiles

Green Tiles

Notice how a little glitter can bring out the best in a hue? This neat green tile theme is simple, direct and doesn’t ask any favors. Bathe in the pristine sanctuary of this no-frills, no-nonsense option and get your voice over storefront working hard for you.


Orange Flower

Floral Passion

Slip into this sumptuous vision of absolute beauty. The sultry sun kisses the skyward reaching petals of the rose, lush and ripe with anticipation of the new day and the opportunities it brings. Got some spice in your voice? Try Floral Passion.

Orange Fruit

Peachy Keen

Farmers Market, Georgia Peach, Nature’s Candy, whatever you like! Pick one right off the tree to personify and infuse your profile with the robust vitality of orange. This theme will make your taste buds applaud and captivate visitors.

Polka Dots

Polka Party

Grab your partner and try this fun, spirited pattern on for size. The dots are jumbo, retro and oh so funky! The next time you want to make your web presence move to the beat of a different drum, consider the orange polka dots theme.

Orange Tiles

Orange Tiles

The sister theme to the Green Tiles, this theme is vibrant and sassy, with a touch of saffron. Reflect your talent and make use of the ‘acoustic’ qualities embedded in its sensible, durable ceramic finish. Try it out and see what happens.


Pink Flowers

Precious Pink

Be dazzled by the exquisite splendor of this delicate pink flower. This delicious flower stands out and will help you to stand out too. Gentle, warm and gorgeous, try this theme to bring out your sensitive, feminine side in a professional manner.

Pink Swoosh

Swoosh, there it is!

For the ladies out there who like chic, clean expressions of girl power, this flirty theme allows you to let your spunky side shine and hoists your voice to new levels of empowerment. Take this one for a spin and embrace sheer fun!

Pink Tiles

Pink Tiles

Soft, subtle rosey tones make for another delectable palate. If you liked the tile concept but were looking for something a little more on the feminine side, Pink Tiles fits the bill and is a brilliant choice. Dress up your profile with a quiet gracefulness.

Pink Tulips


Who could say no to tulips in springtime? These little beauties will set the tone and give a youthful glow to your website at Step aside, roses! Tulips are where it’s at. One click of the mouse could change everything.




If you like bubbles this will make your day and provide a squeaky clean garnish for your website! The mercury inspired metallic edge is a gender friendly design and is usable on both male and female voice talent profiles.



Overachiever? Want to get your point (and your voice) across in style? Attract the sort of clients you desire and the type of voice over work you excel in. Perfect for the teacher’s pet in you. If you like this one, you’ll love what’s going to happen this year!



Do you crave technology? Brand your website in the image of your computer. This neutral, sleek design has technical genius written all over it. If you’re serious about your gear and want to show it, pick this theme as your template of choice.



For all of you mathematical types, allow us to introduce “Gradient” for your viewing pleasure. Why have one shade of gray when you can have sloping pathways of color that celebrate the kinetic prowess of your art? To what degree are you interested 😉 ?

White Tiles

White Tiles

How’s this for a conclusion to our tile quartet? Swathe yourself in this neutral, tidy theme. This silvery template presents you with an argentine visage and creates a subtle boldness to promote your voice over services online.

Which One Will You Choose?

Do you like the new designs? Which one best represents you? Add your comments below.


  1. Awesome!
    Do you foresee any opportunities in the future to upload our own bkg design in your template? One that enhances our branding might be nice!
    Keep up the great work,!


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