Corey BurtonIf Lon Chaney was the man of a thousand faces, then Corey Burton is the man of a thousand voices. A much admired voice-over actor, he is also a self-professed “socially awkward, scatterbrained geek,” — one whose IMDB listing reads like a compendium of audio-visual pop culture.

Burton has stepped into roles such as Star Wars’ Count Dooku, a Transformer here and there, and even Brainiac. He’s the go-to guy for Disney. You may know him as the ghost host of the Haunted Mansion ride, or the familiar narrator in the Goofy short How To Hook Up Your Home Theater.

Burton is professional, knowledgeable, and he is… nice? Yes. Burton is highly approachable and makes it clear through his own writing at that his concern and passion extend to the entire industry. I was thrilled to have the chance to hear what he would have to say to the aspiring artists, voice-over actors, and geeks of the world. Burton’s insights extend to how he got his start in the industry, what it’s like to work under George Lucas’s “prime directive,” and why he’s uncomfortable with the idea of prank phone calls.

To read the full interview at Animation World Magazine, click the source link below:

Source: Animation World Magazine


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