newspaper headline extra extraHave you ever wondered what publicists do exactly?

When you’re freelancing, hiring a public relations firm or a publicist may not be the most feasible option for obtaining media attention so managing your public image falls into your own hands.
Get three tips for creating your own publicity in today’s Vox Daily.

Generating Publicity

Seeking out opportunities for publicity is an important part of any marketing campaign. Here are some ideas that public relations professionals use to get their clients media attention.
1. Pitch Story Ideas
Read trade magazines, blogs, local and national newspapers. Become familiar with writers who cover arts, entertainment, voice overs and small business. Reporters are interested especially in human interest angles because those are the most popular articles with the public. Think about what you like to read and pitch a story accordingly to the appropriate reporter.

2. Send Press Releases
A news or press release is more formal than pitching a story idea. It must be un-biased, in third person and absolutely not self-promotional in nature. Your topic should legitimately be newsworthy. Press releases should be about a product launch, website launch, company report, event or announcement that the public would find interesting.

3. Find Speaking Engagements
Join organizations where you might have opportunities to speak. This could be a local small business group, voiceover group, rotary club, etc. Offer to talk to the group about your line of work and how you started doing voiceovers.

Interacting With Reporters

Reporters are busy people. They have tight deadlines and are almost always short on time. They may not respond to every pitch but, as long as you’re not hounding them obsessively, keep trying. Reach out a couple times per month up to once per week depending on the circumstances around your story or news. Avoid sending the same pitch over and over, find different angles, follow up with the reporter and avoid contacting the reporter during crunch time (after 3PM).

Finding Speaking Engagements

When seeking out speaking engagements make sure you’ve already got a good idea of what you’d like to talk to the group about and outline your key talking points so that you’re well prepared to answer any questions the organizer may have about it.

Success Begets Success

Publicity has an incredible tendency of being self-propelling. Once you get covered in one article or you land one speaking engagement you’ll be amazed at how that snowballs into more opportunities.

What About You?

How have you managed your own successful publicity campaigns?
We’d love to hear about it! Please comment below.
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  1. Great ideas!
    Its all about getting your name and your links out there. Some things I’ve started are writing articles and posting videos. You want the world to know you are a professional who knows his stuff.
    Submit your articles to both industry and non-industry related sites.


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