Woman smiling her store is open for businessDo you know people who think subscribing to online voice over marketplaces are a waste of their time and money?

What these people may not be aware of is that any way you measure it (hits, pageviews or unique visitors), Voices.com is the most active website within the industry where businesses search for, audition and voice talent like yourself.
Are you curious to learn more about how we attract business and why voice talent pay membership fees to access job opportunities?

In today’s article, my goal is to present a different perspective on what a membership subscription fee at Voices.com actually pays for and why it is in the best interest of any working voice over professional to participate and receive the full service.

Reality Check: The Cost of Customer Acquisition

How much would you pay for a prospective customer to visit your website?
Let’s pretend you’re marketing your voice on Google. When you advertise using Google AdWords, you need to first develop a list of search terms (known as keywords) you want to trigger your ads. Next you specify how much you are willing to pay on a per click basis when attracting prospective customers. Some terms are more competitive and cost more than others.

So, if you were to setup a Google AdWords account and created ads, grouped those ads and ran targeted campaigns where you needed to budget X amount per keyword, you could be spending anywhere between .20 to $1.00 per keyword. You could also be bidding .80 to show up on the first page, and to show up first on the list of advertisers, the bid to have your ad show up first might be $5.00 per click.

Remember, this is just how much you are paying for someone to see your ad and simply click through it to see what you have to offer. This all happens before you engage a prospect let alone convert them into a customer.

How We Attract Clients

All of the jobs that you see coming through Voices.com are acquired through our online and offline advertising efforts.
It all starts with our ongoing online marketing campaigns. You might have noticed the sponsored results typically on the right-hand side of Google.

Have you seen those before?
Remember the brief overview of Google AdWords earlier, bidding on keywords and the cost of doing so?
Voices.com bids on over 50,000 of the most popular keywords related to the industry, so you can be sure that Voices.com shows up on Google whenever a prospective client is looking for voice talent.

Your Voices.com Subscription at Work

When you audition for jobs at Voices.com, each of the clients you are auditioning for is a prospective customer for you.
As part of your marketing mix, you need to see your investment at Voices.com as an investment in advertising and the promotion of your voice.

Let’s say you did 50 auditions and you have set the worth of a prospect at $5.
5 x 50 = 250
Even if you just auditioned 50 times over the course of one month, your ROI would be $250 with regard to the value of promoting your voice and business.
Compare this with if you were to advertise on Google for keywords such as “Voice Over”, “Voice Talent”, or others. You’d be paying more for each prospect and more on a monthly basis than you’d be paying for a subscription to Voices.com. To give you some perspective, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on Google AdWords.
Imagine if you were to do the same thing day in and day out… when would you have time to do voice overs?

What Does Voices.com Do For You?

We help you do what you do best.
Instead of spending a vast amount of your time, energy and finances trying to attract customers to your website, all you need to do is pick the membership option that best suits your needs and wants and use it!

How Does Voices.com Work?

Once a client has landed on the Voices.com website, they post a job by outlining their project requirements (language, gender and age range). Following that, our software matches the client’s needs with all of the qualifying voice talent subscribed to our paid membership services.

When a job is approved that matches your profile, you’d receive an email message inviting you to view the job posting details, then audition online by submitting a sample recording of your voice and your quote for how much you would charge for the job. Next, the client is invited to login to their account, reviews all of the responses and awards the job to the talent of their choice, hopefully you!

The last step is that we ask the client to send payment by credit that we hold in a neutral bank account, and once you’ve uploaded your files and the client approves them, you will receive payment directly to your PayPal account or we’ll mail you a check.
Sounds pretty good when you consider how modest the investment for your business is to subscribe to Voices.com.

What If You Don’t Audition Frequently?

Even if you were to audition very selectively over the course of the year, your return on investment via higher rankings, greater visibility on the site and access to support from our team would more than exceed the initial investment.
The same can be true for voice over talent who speak languages other than English, for child and teenage voice talent, and those who provide specialty voice over services.

Business or Hobby?

If you see what you’re doing as a business, you know that subscribing to a voice over marketplace can be written off as a business expense… you also can appreciate just how much value you’re getting when compared to other advertising and promotional options.
If voice over is a hobby or something you do on the side, it is harder to justify parting with money to subscribe because the expense comes out of your own pocket, not the pocket of your business. You might perceive this as money you’ll never see again on a personal level instead of an investment to promote your career.

Thanks For Reading!

I look forward to hearing what your thoughts.
Best wishes,
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  1. Stephanie
    I;ve had Great Success with Voices.com!!
    And I’ve got 64 Feedbacks to Prove it
    (Check them Out)
    Plus many More Jobs
    I did Try the other Services
    Not even Close!! just a Shadow of what VOICES IS!
    You People Care!! and it Shows!!
    If you Audition a Lot ..You will Improve and
    Land Work!
    MOST of the BIGGEST voice over talent in the Country
    are Here!
    STILL NUMBER one on the Voices.com FAVORITES list
    for about 3 Weeks


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