When Daniel Floyd, now a sophomore at Western Michigan University, was just a freshman he was already a budding entrepreneur. At just 17 years old he invented the first concepts for his SpeechMasterPro, a device that helps people improve their speech.

“My “a-ha” moment occurred when I was 17 years old while watching the movie The Great Debaters, produced by Oprah Winfrey,” says Floyd. “The scene when the debate team was practicing for a debate (speaking) with a radish in their mouth to help to promote clearer speech. That’s when my idea was born. After watching that scene I ran downstairs in search of a radish. I did not find a radish but I did find a wine cork!”

He became the first and only freshman to be asked to join the Western Michigan University’s “Starting Gate” business accelerator program which tests students’ business ideas and provides mentorship from faculty and members of the business community. “Western Michigan has been very supportive in providing resources. A special thank you to President John Dunn, Ms. Kay Palan, Robert Landeros, Ms. Lara Hobson and Mr. John Muller and many others…,” says Floyd. He worked specifically with PDT, a top product design firm in Chicago, IL, to design his invention which is made of FDA approved silicone that’s easily cleaned and sanitized.

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Floyd has an additional vested interest in his product. Having suffered with a speech impediment since childhood, he uses the product himself. “Practicing with the SpeechMasterPro gave my speech the extra clarity that I needed to be a clearer and confident speaker,” he says. “It was interesting, {after using the device} I noticed that people did not have difficulty understanding me. Their body language was different.”

Floyd continues to use the SpeechMasterPro every day for about 5 minutes. The device helps open the soft palate and forces the inner articulators to work harder. Beyond aiding those with speech impediments the device is ideal to exercise the mouth before a speaking engagement or performing voice-overs.

There has been a great deal of interest in his device from the voice-over community in particular. “The ability to create different voices is an amazing skill,” he says.” The one thing that all voice over artists seek is voice clarity and fluency. The SpeechMasterPro is a device to practice reading scripts with before recording into the microphone.” He likens it to training for a marathon with leg weights. “The SpeechMasterPro applies the same concept warming up your articulators before speaking into the microphone to record.”

Loni  Willis, a professional voice-over artist and instructor, tested it with her students in one of her workshops and uses the device herself. She says, “It’s a very effective way to warm up before any type of public speaking. Not only do I use the device prior to reading voice-overs, I also utilize it prior to going on the radio as an on-air personality. Works like a charm!”

The SpeechMasterPro aids in 5 key ways:

  • Improves enunciation skills
  • Slows down speaking pace
  • Strengthens facial and tongue muscle tone
  • Establish muscle memory
  • Builds confidence

What makes using the SpeechMasterPro different from the wine cork solution is that you’re not biting into it. Instead the teeth are placed on top of the device inside the designated tooth ring. It also has two features that prevent choking hazards making it ideal for use by children as well. It contains an air hole and a lanyard attached to the device that goes around the neck while in use. The SpeechMasterPro is capped and small so it can be taken anywhere, making it a good solution for those recording voice-overs on the go.

To learn more about the SpeechMasterPro, visit:  SpeechMasterPro.com


  1. Daniel Floyds has done a great job by developing speechmasterpro as it helps voice over artists to improve their skills and become professional and high skilled voice over artist.


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