Everything Acting PodcastEver heard of The Everything Acting Podcast?
Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Darbi Worley, host of the Everything Acting Podcast as part of Podcasting Week 2007 at Voices.com.
Find out more about this awesome podcast and how you can listen in.

Stephanie: I’m pleased to bring you this special interview with Darbi Worley, host of the Everything Acting Podcast. Thanks for coming by! How are you doing today?
Darbi: Well, I am fabulous, thank you very much, and how are you?

Stephanie: I’m great thanks. I’d like to start off by asking you about how you came to co-host the Everything Acting Podcast with Roz. Could you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to start Everything Acting?
Darbi: We started the podcast for a number of reasons, of which was kind of altruistic and one of which is very selfish. The first reason was because it just seems like everyone is always asking the actor for money. Everyone is trying to sell us something and we wanted to bring something to the community that was free.

he second reason was because there™s still casting directors here that I don™t know and there™s still people I want to meet and this gives me an excuse to call anybody I want in the industry and introduce myself. And to that end, it™s also great to be creating your own work. It™s great to have something going on all the time even if I don™t have auditions or a booking… I always have the podcast to work on.

hey say that work begets work and I would say that really has been the case with the podcast. I don™t know if it is because my attitude has changed in my auditions, or if it is helping me network, or how it™s working, but I am working more than I ever had since we started the podcast and so has Roz who is on Broadway right now understudying for Tanya Pinkins, so it has been great for us.

Stephanie: How would you describe the Everything Acting Podcast?
Darbi: Everything Acting is a weekly podcast and our mission statement is to inform, inspire and demystify the actors™ journey and we do that by interviewing working actors and various industry professionals.

Stephanie: How do you choose the people you interview on Everything Acting? Which guests have been your favorites so far?
Darbi: So far we™re barely new, not even a year old yet, so we™re still just kind of using out network. We really like to interview actors who are making their own work. We have a segment on the show called œMake Your Own Way and we really like to get people who are writing their own material and producing their own stuff.

And although we™ve interviewed a few quasi celebrities we feel like celebrities get interviewed all the time so we want to interview the rank in file working actor because that™s where most of us are going to end up. I really enjoyed interviewing Aaron Yoo ( Disturbia ) because he™s someone I™ve seen progress from being a downtown theater guy to starring in the #1 movie in America “ that was a fun interview. I also enjoyed interviewing Danny Burstein who I met at The Flea, a little tiny theater in downtown Manhattan. I also enjoy interviewing voiceover people because that™s my career focus.

Stephanie: Do you interview guests in person or do you use tools like Skype or ISDN? I personally haven’t tried either, but know that it is a definite plus to be able to connect that way with an interview subject or co-host. Have you had good experiences doing remote interviews?

Darbi: We kind of do both. We interview most of our guests in person and will either cart over a laptop and a microphone or there™s also this really cool thing, I think it™s called an H4. It™s a teeny little digital recorder that records WAV files so it records at the quality level of ProTools, and if you listen to the interview with Scott Wojcik, I used that device. It™s almost too good of a microphone because it really picks up a lot of background noise but it™s really tiny and handy and easy to carry around.

Now in terms of doing remote interviews, the best thing to do is to have each person recording into their own microphone and then have an ear piece in my ear under my headphones where I™m talking to them on a land line where I™m talking to them on the phone but we™re each recording our voices separately and one of us will send the MP3 to the other and then sync up the files. That™s the best recording quality that we™ve been able to accomplish on remote interview, but most of our guests don™t have that so I use a splitter in the phone line then goes in the preamp and records on the same track as my voice.

Stephanie: As podcaster and blogger, I know that receiving comments or encouragement from your audience means the world and also inspires you to keep up the good work. What kind of feedback do you get from your listeners? Is there anyone specific that you’d like to acknowledge?

Darbi: Oh we get great feedback from our listeners. It™s awesome to hear that we™re affecting peoples™ lives and hear things that the podcast has inspired them to do. We™ve heard from a couple of people I know are from Voices.com. Bob Elliott is a listener and Bob Souer has linked to us on his blog and Joe Rodriguez listens to the show. Those are some voiceover guys that I™ve heard from and I™d love to hear from more of the Voices.com community.

Stephanie: Is there anything exciting coming up that you would like to share with us?
Darbi: We do have some exciting things coming up on the show. We™re actually offering our first Everything Acting Podcast Award for the best newcomer and we™ve invited people to send in any kind of file timed at two minutes or less, whether a YouTube video, a video of you doing a monologue, it can be a voiceover reel, it can be a commercial demo and the only requirement is that you have been acting for two or less years and we™re going to evaluate that along with some agents and casting directors, vote and come up with the best female and best male newcomer.

Stephanie: So, how can people find your podcast?
Darbi: People can listen to the show on either on our website EverythingActingPodcast.com but the best thing to do is to go to iTunes and subscribe. There™s a link right on our website to do that at. If you do a search in the iTunes Music Store for acting, we come up as the #1 Featured podcast, so give us a click and subscribe.

Stephanie: Thanks for the tip. I hope you get some more listeners from this interview and wish you all the very best! Thanks for chatting with us today.
Darbi: Thanks so much for having me!

Stephanie: We were just speaking with Darbi Worley of the Everything Acting Podcast. You can learn more about the podcast by visiting EverythingActingPodcast.com.
Stay tuned for this interview in audio format on the VOX Talk Podcast next week (Episode 35).
Darbi WorleyAbout Darbi Worley
Darbi Worley is a working actress who disproves the myth that women can™t enter the business after thirty. She was a member of the The Bat Theater Company at The Flea where she appeared in the world premiere of Design Your Kitchen. While at The Flea, she also had the great honor of working alongside Sigourney Weaver and John Lithgow to develop A.R. Gurney™s, Mrs.

arnsworth. In three short years as a full-time actress, Darbi has taken the commercial world by a storm, appearing in on-camera and voice-over spots for McDonalds, Blistex, Lipitor, Cheese Nips, Dove Skincare, Papa Johns Pizza and many, many more. Film and TV credits include All My Children, Rescue Me, Breaking Vegas and a starring role in the feature film, The Krone Experiment. Prior to embarking upon her acting career, Darbi was a leading sales rep at CareerBuilder.com.

That experience, combined with her experience as an assistant at one of the busiest commercial casting companies in the city, makes her uniquely qualified to provide business coaching to emerging artists as they enter the world of commercial acting. Darbi lives with her boyfriend in the West Village and spends a lot of time working out.

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  1. Hi, Stephanie!
    Thanks for the great interview and the incredible info you have been providing on podcasting. I feel motivated again to start producing the 2 shows I have had on the drawing board. Now I just need to free up the time!
    I wanted to highlight the most profound part of the Darbi’s interview:
    it’s also great to be creating your own work. It’s great to have something going on all the time even if I don’t have auditions or a booking… I always have the podcast to work on. They say that work begets work
    So many people are waiting for jobs to be posted at your site or waiting for their agent to call.
    Why wait for someone else to cast you? CAST YOURSELF in projects that you love, and more of them will come your way!
    The entire Voices.com site, including this blog and the podcasts, are obviously labors of love. The more you do, the more you have to do and the more abundance that comes your way.
    Best wishes always for your continued success!
    Karen Commins


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