Computer External MicrophoneTechnology has allowed even the most unsuspecting of people to become a talk show host on their own program.

Podcasters don’t have to have a degree in journalism or broadcast to get their content out there, nor do they have to have golden announcer voices like at the established networks… all they need is a computer, high speed internet access and a decent phone line or microphone.

BlogTalkRadio, Talkshoe and Skypecasts are among the Web sites that have become popular for would-be radio jocks, and all it takes is a computer and a telephone.

“You can create a show within five minutes and be on the air within 15 minutes,” said Alan Levy, the CEO of BlogTalkRadio.

Using the BlogTalkRadio site, a host uses their telephone and computer to create live, call-in shows. Unlimited participants can join, and the service is free because it’s advertising-supported. After airing, the shows are archived and become available as podcasts for other listeners.

So far, nearly 46,000 shows have been created–with subjects ranging from entertainment to politics to sports and lifestyle. Actor Brad Pitt, politician John Kerry, baseball player David Wright, and author Jodi Picoult are among those who have been interviewed.

“Some shows are good, some aren’t so hot,” said Levy. “The cream rises to the top.”

Around 350 shows are on the air each day with a budding network of rising stars.

Like BlogTalkRadio, Skypecasts are another option for aspiring radio hosts. These programs can host up to 100 people from anywhere in the world.

Talkshoe, another site, requires users to download software for its “Talkcasts.” Those who want to listen are then directed to a “Live Now” page to see what shows are playing. They can also download recorded shows, or podcasts, from the site.

Unlike traditional radio, hosts can have listeners from anywhere tune in or participate, controlling the action from a dashboard in their user account.

“We have some extremely loyal users,” said Mark Juliano, a senior vice president and founder. “The kind of service we are providing is something people were paying thousands of dollars for not too long ago.”

Source: CNET

Image: Tomic


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