DIG London, Digital Interactive Gaming Conference
London, Ontario is known officially as The Forest City, but in recent years, its reputation has expanded to include digital interactive media and gaming!
This year marked the second Digital Interactive Gaming Conference in our city and I had the opportunity to attend a few events on Tuesday that were absolutely fabulous and telling. Hanging out some of the crème de la crème on the Canadian video game development scene from all across the country.
Find out more about the Canadian gaming industry and how the voice over community is reaching out to game developers.

London’s Digital Interactive Gaming Conference

Over 700 people made their way through the doors of the Digital Interactive Gaming Conference in London, ON Canada earlier this week, consisting of students, industry professionals, media personalities, and video game royalty.

During the evening portion of Tuesday’s schedule, a lovely dinner was enjoyed along with a brief speech from London mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best and a keynote address from Victor Lucas, co-host of The Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run.
If you follow me on Twitter I was twittering throughout dinner as you may have observed. For those of you interested in hearing what others had to say about DIG on Twitter, check out all of the tweets with the hash tag #dig09.

Game Developers Love a Good Time

Following the dinner there was a special VIP party where more networking occurred. This party gave me an opportunity to meet with game developers in a position to hire voice over talent and to learn more about what they were looking for when casting, hiring, and working with video game voice talent.

Voices.com, for many game developers, is the answer to their voice casting dreams! They love how easy it is to post their requirements and quickly get customized responses from voice over talent who are both interested and capable.
I spoke with companies that included startups, developers for online games on social networks such as Facebook, and larger game development houses who have contracts with big time video game publishers.

Everyone agreed that there is amazing potential for voice over in games and also saw room for more engagement and collaboration between our two communities.
Perhaps next year, we’ll be able to be part of the fun! It would be an absolute honour to be the first to bring audio and voice acting into the limelight at DIG London… there is so much to talk about and to share!
For your interest, I’ve included an informational paragraph below about the Digital Interactive Gaming Conference. Enjoy 🙂

About DIG London

DIG London is an annual conference and is the information hub for the digital interactive gaming industry in Ontario.
This annual conference connects London Ontario’s digital gaming cluster with industry and talent across North America. London is home to world-renowned game development studios, outsourcing studios, and educational institutions. DIG London promotes and supports the continued growth of this dynamic industry.
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