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You’ve likely heard me say before that your profile at Voices.com is your online storefront. What if I were to say it’s that and could be much, much more? Find out what’s cooking at Voices.com.

Focus Group Update

A couple of weeks ago we posted an open invitation for people to be part of the focus group for the Voices.com redesign. The focus group was absolutely dynamite, and we’re very excited about the ideas and encouragement presented to us as we keep the wheels of progress moving full steam ahead for the voice over industry.

Since the initial round of review, a number of great suggestions have been implemented and today I’m going to share one of the new features that will accompany the re-branded, re-programmed Voices.com website this fall.

The Voices.com Store

This is an idea we chatted about with the community before, but we’ve taken it to a completely different level and are pleased to announce that very soon every registered voice talent user of Voices.com will be able to sell their own products and set their own prices for those products.

When we first discussed this concept, it was to be for Premium members only at set prices, but after some careful reconsideration and wisdom that the passage of time permits, the decision to open this revolutionary service up to all voice talent and give you the ability to set your own prices was made to serve as many people as possible and rejuvenate the entire marketplace for both buyers and sellers of voice over services.


Products are bundled voice-over services that make it easy for a client to simply hire you, and conveniently by-pass the audition process.
When you create a product, the experience will be similar to uploading a voice-over demo.

Each product will have:
– product title
– product description
– product category
– product language
– product price
– product demo (a sample audio file that exactly represents what the client can expect to receive after they make their deposit)

Here’s an example:
Title: Small Business Package
Description: Script writing, voice-over recording, editing, mixing and delivery as an MP3 or WAV file.
Category: Internet
Language: English
Price: USD$200/hour
Just as we review the job postings for spelling, accuracy and content, we’ll be reviewing all products before they are included in the store.
Now, you may be wondering, where will the products be sold?

Your Store

As a member of Voices.com, you’ll have a section of your profile dedicated to selling products through your store.
In your store, clients can browse all your available products and purchase the ones that will help them complete their audio production by clicking “Add to Cart”.
Should you choose not to have any products, the Store will simply not appear.

Voices.com Store

Naturally, we’ll showcase all the products in the Voices.com Store, a central starting point where clients can explore and listen to the professionals on the site.

Check Out

When the client is ready to complete their purchase, they can simply “Check Out”, an e-commerce process that’s familiar to anyone who has purchased online.
As part of the check-out process, the client will attach their script for you to record. The script along with notification of payment is sent to you, so you can start the recording.
Take a look at the cart!
Voices.com Store Cart Preview

SurePay Escrow

This innovation is further enhanced by having the client make the full deposit in advance, with the funds being held in Voices.com’s neutral escrow account. Only after you’ve uploaded the finished audio file(s), and the client has downloaded and accepted your work as complete will the funds be released to you. This service, known as SurePay protects both you and the client and should a dispute arise, we’re here to help.


As with other transactions on Voices.com, both you and your client will have the opportunity to provide a “Rating & Review”. The rating is a 1 to 5 start rating, and the review is the text portion that supports the 5-star rating.

Call for Focus Group Participants

This is a feature that clients have been asking for and we’d love to really come through on this one. We recognize that the Store will be successful if it’s easy to use, and if it’s easy for you to create Products. With that said, we need your help.
If you’re interested in seeing exactly how this will work, leave a comment and we’ll invite you to get a sneak peek at this new development.

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Best wishes,
Stephanie, David and The Voices.com Team


  1. What a great idea! There are so many possibilities! I would be happy to help provide input. Thanks again for being innovative in this new world of on-line voiceover business!
    Melanie Lilly

  2. Add me to the list. I’d be interested in seeing how this will work. Off the top of my head, I noticed in your example you quoted an hourly rate, and one of the screen examples shown had an hourly rate as well. That would take a little more dialog between the client and talent, I would imagine, than a job that’s just listed as a flat rate as far as the client just being able to buy the service and make a Sure Pay payment up front. So, that might be something that needs to be addressed.

  3. Melanie,
    You’ve got a keen eye. Yes, both of the screen shots displayed products with hourly rates, however you’ll have the flexibility to set prices by any format you’re already comfortable with.
    For example, you could have a Per Page product, then in the description, outline what font size constitutes a page. This would be ideal for audiobooks or other long form narration projects.
    Another product category would be Telephone System Recordings. Many small businesses have similar needs when customizing their phone system such as an auto-attendant, IVR, on-hold message and voicemail message. I’d imagine that many clients in need of this work would simply find the voice talent they’d like to work with and purchase the work as a package.
    Your radio and television commercial voice-overs could also be sold in a similar manner, however these are a little more tricky as you may want to consider defining the market size in the product description.
    As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can price your services and take advantage of this new area of Voices.com and I look forward to continuing the discussion with all of you.

  4. Great idea!
    My business model consists of several levels of service and pricing. One of the services I offer is a flat fee for writing, producing and voicing ads for small and medium markets. I’ve never offered that through Voices.com because because I wasn’t sure how to present it. This option is perfect!
    Also, like a lot of other voice talents I have on-going agreements with radio stations for voice-overs and I charge them a set monthly fee. I often use PayPal recurring subscriptions for this. Is there any way Voices.com/SurePay could be set up for recurring charges?
    All the best.
    David K Jones

  5. Hey David and Stephanie
    This is a great idea. Would love to help out if I can. It gives the talent so much more in terms of flexibility and versatility as a service provider.
    Well done

  6. David,
    Thanks for the interest so far. It’s very encouraging.
    Yes, there will be an option for setting up a product as “Recurring” which you’ll see in the document I’ll be sharing with you later today.
    Recurring payments are designed for monthly retainers or other monthly contracts that you’ll have set-up.
    Hope this helps.

  7. This is a GREAT idea you guys.. 🙂 That will give a lot of flexibility to all of us as to how to pitch packages.. I really like that.. Like David said regarding putting together packages.. you could also use this as a selling tool to give clients better rates on package deals instead of one shot type projects, and that would allow you to build clients that become long term. You could then run specials on your services during slower times of the year if need be, run specials when you so desire, group rates together on “5 pack” type packages and so much more..
    Great job you guys, if you need anything from me, all you ask, you’ve got my support.. 🙂

  8. Hi Stephanie and David,
    I think I’d love to take a look at this! It sounds like a great marketing tool and we’re always looking for stuff to utilize!
    Melanie had a good point about the hourly rate. I saw that as well and wondered if we would be limited to how we would price different types of projects but you answered that. As long as we’re able to be specific and set perameters I should work out nicely!
    Count me in on checking it out 🙂

  9. Hi Stephanie and David,
    I’m getting in on this a little late, but if there’s still an opportunity to participate in the focus group, I’m interested. In general, I’m really excited about this idea. However, my only concern with the Store Concept is that it’s different from what was initially proposed a few months back. In the previous scenario, there would be a list of talents offering the same package at a flat rate. The beauty of that was it would cut out the price low balling that has crept into the industry these last few years.


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