Iron Man Video GameIron Man, the movie, did will at the box office – and has been said to have better effects and have been put together better than most of the action flicks out recently and right now. The reviews for the movie have been very positive as well.

As for the video game, the reviews are mixed. The game is put out by Sega, but it is available for most of the major systems.

Iron Man, the game, is based on the movie; however it is quite loosely based. It begins in the caves where Tony Stark is trapped and being held by the Ten Rings terrorists, and trying to escape with his metal suit. Next, the player is able to explore some of the other characters from the movie. There is, of course attacks, enemies and battles with villains – Super Villains, of course.

This is where things get sort of ho-hum. Every level has a very similar setup. The only thing that changes is the level, the increased time it takes to get through it, and that’s about it. The positive side is that Mr. Stark in the armor feels real and, of course, all the weapons that the armor has available gives the firepower to actually earn cash to buy extra firepower upgrades.

One other excellent addition to the game is that the voices are actually done by Robert Downey and Terence Howard. This is a plus which makes the feel even more like the movie. All in all Iron Man isn’t the greatest video you will ever buy or rent, but it does have some nice touches that make it worth trying out.


  1. Having difficulty moving past the Escape mission. What does one need to do if one has:

    1. destroyed all six of the Stark Weapons piles
    2. killed all the terrorists
    3. destroyed every possible crate which could be destroyed

    Please advise


    Frank Horton


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