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Have you ever taken a moment to think about whether or not your signature voice (the voice that makes you the most money) and your personality are related?
Let’s take a look at these two elements and consider how they are connected.
When we’re through, comment to let me know if your signature voice and personality are alike!


Your personality is in essence who you are as a person, what you believe, hold dear, how you act and invariably, your mannerisms which combined result in the uniqueness of you.
These traits often manifest themselves in your voice as well as in your demeanor and actions.

Signature Voice

What is a signature voice?
The signature voice is representative of the kind of read you are most often hired to perform, in many cases, a polished version of your natural speaking voice.
Finding your signature voice is akin to finding your niche or trademark. Once you’ve identified which reads best line your coffers, taking into consideration the kind of voicing style, range and interpretation, you’ve found your signature voice.

Are Personalities and Signature Voices Related?

Think for a moment about your personality traits and then compare them with your signature voice.
Do you see any parallels? Any similarities?

Case In Point

Although I don’t perform voice overs professionally, I was a professional singer prior to my career at, and can draw parallels between my personality and the style I was hired to perform in most frequently when singing at events and ceremonies.

Generally, I’m a pretty outgoing person who enjoys the finer things in life, including chocolate as many of you are aware 😉 I love my family, reading, period films, devouring history, english studies and writing. I’m the sort of person who would never turn down an opportunity to watch The Antiques Road Show or take part in a good, lively debate. I’m also quite conservative, prudent, socially conscious and am deeply passionate about issues that I believe in and am exceptionally dedicated to what I do.

Signature Voice
I was classically trained as a soprano and was groomed to sing as a soloist and as a chorister. When I was in choirs, I was often floating from part to part, singing first soprano, second soprano and some alto parts, granted my voice was happier in the stratosphere so to speak.

Along with being a soloist, I developed a habit of “sticking out” as it were in choirs and had to tone it down and learn to “blend” (an interesting debate for another time). Sticking out isn’t necessarily a bad thing as many of you can relate, but can also turn out to be a beneficial and advantageous trait when you assume a leadership role or take center stage.

Vocally, I have operatic vibrato at my disposal and was a favorite soloist for weddings singing classical repertoire such as Schubert’s Ave Maria, Franck’s Panis Angelicus and Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. I love to sing hymns and psalms and was a cantor for a number of years, also a music director and private voice instructor specializing in music for children, all based upon a bel canto foundation.

The Verdict:

To sum up both personality and voice, I’m going to borrow three words from teachers I studied with that they used to describe my voice. Those words are “burnished bell” and “powerhouse”.Do they match up with my personality as much as they do my voice? I happen to think they align quite well.

I don’t mean to overload you with too much information, but this is the kind of backtracking, reminiscing and deep thinking you may need to do when making the full correlation between your personality and signature voice.

Does Your Personality Match Your Signature Voice?

If it does, let me know how! If not, do explain 🙂
Best wishes,
© Rohde


  1. Hi Stephanie –
    Interesting perspective. I would say that my “sunshiney, energizer bunny” personality does not always come through. More often than not, I need to dial back and be a bit more somber or businesslike, e.g. if I’m doing PSAs on smoking or playing a doctor.
    The two occasionally mesh with certain gigs and that is magical.
    Hope you are not getting snow today. Waaaay too early.
    Peace and blessings,

  2. Just getting started in the business, I appreciate how valuable information of this type can be. I’ve not thought about a “Signature voice” yet, but should probably do so. I would appreciate a premium subscription and I hope I win one.
    Arte Bausman

  3. That was very interesting – and so true!
    I too like chocolate and the antiques roadshow….and thrift stores!
    I’m going off now to decide which is my signature voice!

  4. I think my personality and voice almost match. My personality is very laid back, calm, collected, often encouraging.
    I know that my voice is deep and smooth (as opposed to abrasive), hopefully consistent. But the jury is out on whether it’s soothing, which I’d like it to be. I personally don’t like the sound of my voice, but it might be useful in voice over work if others find it appealing.
    Any advice on this?

  5. I was delighted to finally have time to read this as I have thought about my voices not matching “me” all that well before. When it comes to my own situation, I have three fairly distinct voices “signature voices”, two of wich I hate to think are like me and vice versa. One of them annoys the crap out of me because I have to go to a very ditzy place where I don’t care about anything for it to really sound right, the other is so over the top compared to how I truly am that I usually am on the cusp of laughter. My third voice is odd because it is the closest to my speaking voice and yet when those who know me hear it they don’t hardly recognize me, wich is a bit curious and entertaining on my side… however it has given me a great line whenever I get tongue tied in my day to day life. “I can’t talk unless there is copy and a check in front of me” or “i don’t have to speak real English right now, I’m not working.”
    I do see that there are similarities in any voice I do, I don’t think any voice over actor would be able to be convincing if they didn’t pull from someplace honest and real for them, however… it doesn’t mean I have to like that part of myself. (or that anyone else has to either).
    I would also like to add that I will deny that I have admitted to having any similar charachter traits to any voice I have ever made, mimicked, or recorded as soon as I am finished posting this, and if ever questioned about having said traits, I will likely be using my 5th ammendment rights at that time. lol.
    Be well everyone! 🙂


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