Grieving members of the voice over community are being invited to send an email to the family of Don LaFontaine expressing their condolences to be printed and presented to the LaFontaines.

It’s been one week since voice over legend, family man and friend Don LaFontaine passed away, creating a deep void comprised of sorrow and words left unsaid to this man, who through his good deeds and humanity, touched an entire industry.

A private funeral service was held on Friday in Los Angeles, attended by family and close friends.

Beau Weaver, voice talent and a personal friend of Don LaFontaine’s, has with others recognized that there is a need for the voice over community and the public to express their condolences to the LaFontaine family at this time of grief to aid in the healing process for one and all.

Tomorrow (Tuesday September 9, 2008) there will be a memorial service for Don LaFontaine and Weaver expects that hundreds will be turned away if they haven’t already sent their RSVP.

For the many who cannot make either event, or who are out of town, or out of the country, an email address to receive thoughts, prayers, and remembrances for Don’s family has been setup to receive condolences.  Audio, photos and even video may be attached.

All will be printed, and presented to Don’s wife Nita and daughters, Christine, Skye and Elyse.

The email address is:

Source: Beau Weaver via Julie Williams


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