Caitlin Sanchez voice of Dora the Explorer
This September, voice actress Caitlin Sanchez, took on the role of Dora the Explorer.
Have you noticed any differences?

1 Month

It’s now been 1 month since a new “Dora” voice has been gracing broadcast television and DVDs. Season five of “Dora the Explorer” premiered on Monday, September 15, at 10:30 a.m. Kathleen Herles (click on her name to watch an interview on YouTube), the original voice of Dora, graduated from high school and subsequently outgrew her role. Talented newcomer Caitlin Sanchez, 12, was cast to replace Herles on the bilingual educational cartoon series to maintain a youthful continuum from Dora to Dora, in English and in Spanish.

While it’s obvious that child voice actors do grow up and sometimes their roles need to be re-cast (it’s happened on Arthur for the title role, too), how consistent are the voice overs and does it make a smidgen of difference?

Dueling Doras : Can You Tell The Difference?

For those of you who have watched the program or have young children who do, you may have picked up on subtle vocal and performance disparities that differentiate the two voice actresses. I personally have not yet had the chance to compare the two and listen to the voice match but am looking forward to an opportunity to do so.

That being said, there are other people who have heard the new Dora voice overs and chose to comment on an article referenced on Voice Over Times via the New York Times.

What Some Parents Are Saying

One parent, Ramon Ng, shares, “My daughter owns all of Dora’s videos, she has autism. Dora has been a big part of her life (since she was 2 years old). We got her the new Dora Saves the Snow Princess and she is not as excited about the new video, she definitely feels that there are some changes.” From another perspective, Elissa Sullivan, noted, “We did notice the new voices. Our child did not, but we did. I feel a little sad about it.”

What Do You Think? Does Dora Sound Different?

Leave a comment with your thoughts. Also if you know of a video online where we can compare the Dora voices, please include the link as I’ve yet to discover one 🙂
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  1. Definitely something I would’ve noticed and commented on, had I watched episodes spanning the change. My boys don’t watch Dora, but I think my older boy might’ve also picked up on that if he had been watching.

  2. I could understand a child being disappointed or confused, but a parent? They’ve got to know that people grow up. Ron Howard could not play Opi if they decided to make another Andy Griffith Movie!
    What an awesome opportunity for yet another up and coming VO artist!

  3. I have noticed. It seems obvious I’ve seen so many. But it seems like other voices have changed too. Do you know about that?

  4. Hi there,
    Thanks for commenting 🙂
    From what I read, this has been the first alteration to the original cast, so all the other voices have remained the same.

  5. I am really sad about the ORIGINAL Dora leaving. I also did notice that Dora’s voice changed. I asked my mom,” Hey. Did you notice that Dora’s voice changed?” I think the new voice of Dora is high and squeaky. I don’t really like it.

  6. I just caught the end of the new Dora Snow Princess video. I had to jump online and check if there was a change in the cast. Because i noticed a diffrence with in seconds of hearing the voice of Dora and Boots. Boots sounds way diffrent and Dora is also not there. Kids will notice the diffence. But hope fully the new generation of kids will still be attracted to the show.

  7. Celia cries because she liked the old Dora’s voice much better/ I like them both, and try to explain that it is actresses, but because Dora doesn’t really age, it is difficult to explain that the actresses do. She loves Dora and has been a faithful fan of the old Dora, and I am sure she will soon adjust to the new voice, but since we have many videos and dvd’s of the old voice it wont be too soon forgotten. I never would have thought it would affect her so much, but she literally cries when she hears the new voice.

  8. My kids haven’t heard the new voice yet, so I can’t say for sure. This is a real gamble for sure, especially if they did change up the voice so much. I think it’s a mistake. Just get a voice actor who can copy the original and be done with it.

  9. I definitely noticed the different voice. I’m not sure if they have a new person for Boots, but he sounds a little different too. My kids didn’t seem to notice the change though.

  10. We have just started seeing the new series in Australia this week. My family noticed the difference in all of the voices. My daughter, who is 4, doesn’t seem to mind. It is quite obvious that Caitlin (new Dora) is trying to mimic Kathleen Herles’ voiceover. The new voice of Boots is the most obvious change. My daughter isn’t quite sure about his new voice!

  11. I think it’s no big deal, my 3 yr old daughter still loves her Dora, and I don’t see why anybody should even have a problem with that.

  12. My daughter is 5 and still loves Dora, she is very mature in some ways but for some reason refuses to let go of Dora, which I am thankful. I certainly don’t want her growing up too fast. Anyway, she has not even noticed the difference in voices. I myself, noticed immediately. I think that she is so in love with the concept of Dora and the show that it is not important to her. The characters are the same and that is all that matters. Good luck to the new girl….

  13. I noticed the difference in the characters voices but I don’t find it distracting – I think they sound very similar and they did a really good job in the casting. I used to often think the voices sound different in the very early episodes. The only thing on Dora I found really bad was when Diego’s voice changed. I really liked the first Diego’s voice much more.
    My kids wouldn’t have a clue the voices have changed

  14. i hate it! I miss old dora. This is ripping apart my childhood. I am very upset. I am afraid i will never be the same.

  15. To adults and older children the voice change is very obvious. Most obvious is boots. To me he sound nothing link he did before. He evens looks a little different to me. Like they made him look younger or something. My kids don’t notice. When the new season started I looked at my daughter and said “Does Dora sound different to You”. She said “Dora’s the same momma”. I think children 6 and older would notice. I don’t see most of them not wanting to watch because of it.

  16. I really haven’t noticed the change in dora voice but my daughter loves dora and I think as long as dora look the same to her she really don’t care

  17. The new Boots sounds bored, the new backpack is not as lively. I don’t think that familiarity with the old voices is the problem, I think that the new voice actors for Boots and Backpack are just not as good. There is no conviction or excitement their performances. The new Dora is fine though, I don’t know that I would have noticed a difference with her.

  18. My 3 and 4 yr old can’t tell the difference.I sure can an honestly she is trying too hard to imitate the original dora voice..but it works for the viewers.that’s what count!

  19. Why does it matter that the voice changed? Isn’t the whole idea here is the fact that somebody took a step forward and accomplished many things with a kid’s show?
    1. Dora is now an idol to some children and there is no violence or crime fighting in it at all. The worst that happens is that “swiper no swiping,” relatively i would say that is amazing progress to show less aggression. Even if the old shows where edited there was implied violence, this show has done great things toward a less violent oriented future for my little girl.
    2. Dora is also a darker skin color than my daughter and she has grown to love her nonetheless and I love that, this show has also brought people a little closer together regardless of race. I believe we started this road a long time ago and we still have a long way to go, but little shows like this that are something kids can start out on is promising.
    3. How can any one forget the bilingual perspective of this? It is an opportunity I wish I had when I was a kid, but my daughter says “hola” every other day and just switches it up maybe even corrects me when I call something red she will tell me “No daddy that’s ‘Rojo,’ not red.”
    These are all great strides toward a better future. Adora is a symbol and symbols can be represented through different voices, and many times are. I find no problem that there are voice changes, and I know my daughter still wants me to buy every Dora made item on the planet.

  20. Hi Kathleen, I think your doing an awesome job, I have a 3 yr old daughter and watches Dora the explore everyday she knows all the episodes, so about your voice I wouldnt even worry about that, God bless you and keep doing a wonderful job.

  21. Voices don’t stay the same!! You parents out there that are disappointed need to see logic. The same little girl can’t do the voice forever…she’s going to grow up and then they are going to need to get someone new. It’s reality…join it.

  22. I am a big fan of Dora, but ever since Caitlyn started portraying the voice of Dora, I felt disturbed because of her high voice. I agree with Susan.

  23. I actually did notice the voice change. I haven’t watched dora in years I was browsing and remembering how much I loved the show. I noticed immediately that the voice was different thats why I decided to search to see if the voice changed. The new voice is a bit more nasal than the first, but it is understood that people grow up. You can notice the change but its not that bad.

  24. The funny thing about this is that i am watching Dora right now and I picked up on it so fast I had to research it and come to find out they did change her voice =]

  25. I noticed it and she sounds nasaly. Like she’s pinching her nose, or stuffed up. It grates on me. Hopefully I will get used to it.

  26. The new Dora voice is very nasal and somewhat irritating. My grand-daughter watches it all day long so I noticed the difference immediately. Perhaps a voice instructor could help the new Dora get rid of that agitating nasal sound.

  27. I’m haven’t noticed a single little thing different about Dora. I’ve seen her since I was a baby (I’m 10 now) and nothing’s ever looked different to me. So, all I can say is, I don’t know what people mean when they say Dora changed.

  28. for this kind fo long term program, the a real child’s voice is not recommended because as the child grows the voice will change, unlike an adult who will put the child’s voice on it, the voice will be maintaned.
    actually, for me, the problem is not the voice. the problem is, who is the talented person, an adult who can immitate or do or atleast closer to Dora’s voice.

  29. I just recently noticed a change in Dora’s voice because there is a 6 yr age gap between my daughters. I noticed it right away though. Her voice is VERY NASALY. Someone put it “like she’s pinching her nose”. I AGREE, BUT things change. I do think she could have some voice lessons or something though. That voice really gets on a nerve.

  30. I understand children grow up and voices change but, couldn’t they have found a child with a less anoying sounding voice! Doras new voice is so nasal and high pitched. It really is annoying….I prefer my children to watch Ni Hao Kai Lan She is cute and my children seem to like her more since the voice change in Dora. I would highly recommend the show finding a different voice before ratings drop. Dont get me wrong Caitlin is pretty and a very talented girl but she’s just not right for Dora’s character.

  31. I am a big fan of Dora. Dora’s new voice is so nasal. But it seems like other voices have changed too. Some of you are acting like it’s the end of the world.

  32. Despite the fact being a teen about to enter college in a couple years, I still like Dora every now and again if it’s on and I’m in the mood to watch it. I just turned it on not too long ago, and did notice her voice was at a MUCH higher tone, was squeaky, and was nasally. In all honesty, I hate the voice, and will most likely never watch the show again, but I’m just glad they found a girl who is attempting to copy the old Dora’s voice for the kids. I wish the new voice actors good luck, and that they may find bigger voice acting roles in the future.

  33. There’s a slight difference in tone, but that’s really about it. Also, not only did they recast Dora, but the entire cast. But that was some years ago, I think. My sisters don’t know the difference. All that they care is if there’s some girl on the TV who says she’s Dora.

  34. I noticed the voice change because i find this new Dora’s voice more squeaky and high…little bit gratting….the old Dora was much better.

  35. la nueva dora no emociona a mi hija como la dora original la voz de la nueva dora es muy chillosa y ruidosa no tiene la misma gracia que triste pero bueno que se le va a hacer

  36. Thank you.. to whoever made the comment that Dora sounded like she was pinching her nose. I told my wife the exact same thing as soon as we first heard the new voice. At least I am not the only one hearing it. I don’t care what the characters sound like as long as they can keep the kids happy:)

  37. i find the change very obvious and nasaly. i can almost not stand to watch it w my daughter, who is a big fan, anymore. even the comercial for the talkin kitchen set is like “fingernails to a blackboard” for me… =(

  38. Don’t want to criticise too much because shes only young, but it sounds like she has a blocked nose. I find it very annoying. It’s like trying to watch the news when the presenter has a lisp (I wonder what ever happened to that presenter anyways? she didn’t last long).

  39. My little girl loves Dora.She watches them all the time, but with this new dora it is very annoying.I think it is horrible.They need to look into getting someone else.Ratings are going to go down and people are going to stop watching if they don’t.Get someone who sounds better.This girl sounds like she is talking through her nose.If they don’t change it we will probably stop watching the new ones it is just to irritating.

  40. I noticed the voice change when I watched an older DRV episode with my daughter- and I agree.. the new Dora voice is a lot higher pitched. But my 2 yr old daughter is a fan nevertheless so I’ll take it (and the new Backpack voice) regardless 🙂

  41. My three year old and I didn’t like the new voice. I just
    Wish they just had Dora grow up as well and just mix in old shows with the younger one.

  42. The new Dora definately has a very nasal voice. I have a hard time listening to it but my kids don’t really care. They are not Dora crazy and wouldn’t be bothered if we never watched it. Which may be the case because I can’t take it.

  43. The new Dora voice is AWFUL. It’s so nasal. I can hardly bear to be in the room with my four year old while he’s watching Dora on TV.

  44. I don’t really get why people can’t just deal with it already and accept. So what if the voice changed the concepts are still the same and people just need act like mature adults and viewers and accept reality. Good luck Fatima!

  45. So my 19 month old daughter cant tell a difference in doras voice but i cant hardly watch with her anymore. Dora is so nasally its horrible.

  46. People need to get over it. The original girl probably… I don’t know… GREW UP. They were going to have to replace her anyways. It’s not that serious.

  47. He I’m 15 years old going on 16 this summer, anyways i was watching Dora a first time in a long, time, i didn’t notices a difference in the voice of Dora, but i did notice a HUGE, and I mean HUGE difference in the voice of backpack. and before any one says that “oh, you just haven’t watched it in a long time, what do you know?” I still remember the voices exactly how they were from season 1. and i don’t really like dora the exp

  48. I’ve noticed it for quite some time and I find it quite irritating. She sounds congested. Is it the end of the world, no! I don’t think anyone here thinks it’s that serious. I personally think the producers of the show could have done a better job at selecting the new voice for Dora. I know it’s possible to do so because Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Porky The Pig and numerous other voices that I grew up watching still sound the same.

  49. This is such an old thread, but I have been googling it this morning because my son is nearly 2 and we have just finished season 5 on Netflix.
    We have nothing against the actress herself but we have to admit we don’t like her as the new Dora. I find her voice to be incredibly high pitched and nasal. I have to google most of her Spanish words since she doesn’t enunciate and seems to slur the syllables together. Boots is BY FAR the most noticeable and terrible change. His voice makes me cringe and we have gone from Dora being our favourite family show to a show that makes me angry to sit through. I don’t disagree that kids grow up and need to be replaced. I just think it’s another example of animated waistlines getting smaller. Apparently cartoon voices now need to be so high pitched it gives adults headaches.
    That’s my two cents!!
    Ps: my 23 month old son still loves her. He has noticed no change that he has been able to communicate to me anyway!

  50. Also don’t like the dramatic change to the intro, could just be that the voices were all changed but the whole experience seems less lively. My daughter is only 8 months old so no she hasn’t noticed anything (or if she has she hasnt made me aware) but the song was her favorite part n I feel they could’ve left it alone.


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