Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorHave you ever found yourself voicing the role of your dreams?

Mark Silverman shares his story about how growing up Disney prepared him to became the voice of Disney’s attraction “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror”.
Have you found yourself in a similar position?

Impressions and The Twilight Zone

When I was a kid I developed a nice talent for sounding like other people. I did impressions of all my teachers.
All I did as a kid was go to Disneyland and watch Twilight Zone on television. I started doing an impression of Rod Serling.
When I became an adult, I heard Disney was looking for a Rod Serling voice for an upcoming attraction for Disneyworld based on The Twilight Zone.

The Disney Audition

I went in to audition and they really liked me. I was asked back and I auditioned again and finally Disney chose me.
The ride is called The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and it is now in three Disney parks! My voice is heard by thousands of people every day.
Mark Silverman
It’s great to hear about stories that “come full circle”. Good on you, Mark!

Have you fulfilled a dream voice over job? If not yet, what’s your dream voice acting role?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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  1. It all depends on what we mean by “dream” voice over roles. I have had a few. My first was for Buick, pre-Tiger Woods. I had auditioned 4 times. And it was between myself and pretty well known voice guy. The agent kept calling me back to re-read at the studio. They kept changing a word here or there and the copy wasn’t that long. Basically three end tags with no more than 2 lines of copy. Needless to say – I beat out the big guy and the spots ran on network television for a year. Hello Residual Checks… good bye being broke! To this day, I can honestly say it was like winning the lottery. I haven’t won it since.

  2. Wow, Ed, that was a great one! Dream job? Hey, any one that is long term and pays well, right?
    Actually, probably the best one I had was a guaranteed 2 year contract for Stage Stores (Stage, Palais Royal, Bealls) a few years back. Big lump sum payments semi annually. Pretty cool, and almost unheard of in the Houston market to have an actual contract like that. I’d been the “voice of” a number of other retail clients over the years, but even so, I never really knew from one job to the next if and when they’d be using me again. It just turned out that I worked for each of them consistently for about 3 years each.
    So, knowing you have a definite gig for a year or two is heaven to us “jobbers”. And a real plus is that you can still do other work along with the contract, too! Oh, and by the way, after that 2 year contract…. ever since, the writer/producer has been voicing them herself for no extra pay! The way of the world….

  3. My dream voice over spot would be to become the “voice” of a specific product and promotion. And to land a gig like the Simpsons crew… wow… half a million an episode!

  4. For me, a dream v.o. job is any where you really get to be creative. Character work is great for that sort of thing. Eddie above mentioned The Simpsons. That kind of work is fantastic for the lucky and talented few who get it, because you’re creating something that’s not only lasting, but that gives people so much entertainment and enjoyment.

  5. I see what you mean Lou. I mean you would have to have a very great voice to get a voice of a Simpson: you can’t expect your normal voice to get you in unless you have a weird voice!
    You would have to consider how much money you would get, I mean they’re not gonna pay you $10000 bucks for it, it might be good money but you might only get a guest character so you need to get something that you will stay on forever like acting career at least you will get more offers more and more can you see what I mean!!!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations on your voice over dreams.
    For my dream I just want to make it to the big time someday. Maybe actually work in a studio and do cartoons for a living. I love making kids smile and laugh while acting like a kid my self, and with voice acting I can do that.
    I just made it to this site and got all my stuff set up yesterday!!! While entering 3 auditions. I am sure that I need work still and criticism is welcomed but I also hope that i make the auditions to.


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