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Have you ever wondered how to get on the Recently Hired list at
Well, three of the most frequently hired male voice talent on are willing to share their expertise and knowledge with you at an exclusive Edge Studio event – and you don’t have to be in New York to attend!

Join David Kaplan, and Brand Ziffer for a 4 part webinar series as they demystify how to effectively utilize online casting services.
Suitable for voice actors of all experience levels, from those just getting started or those with existing subscriptions who want to up their ratio of auditions to awarded projects.

Why share their secrets to success?

These experts are well aware that success in the online marketplace requires more than just a solid set of performance skills. Understanding the intrinsic way marketplaces work, how each one is different, how auditions are distributed and how to record and present your auditions for maximum impact are all equally important in order to achieve a high level of success.

These experts believe the industry is changing to a model where someone in Louisiana can be just as successful as someone in LA, where a talent in Nebraska can compete with the heavy hitters in New York. Online casting is at the forefront of this change, and with our combined track record of consistent success, they decided to join forces to spread the secrets to excelling in this dynamic new world of voice-over.

What will you learn?

Webinar #1 – Getting Started
– Overview of online casting sites
– Setting realistic expectations
– What do these websites look like from the perspective of the client?
– The basics of building your profile

Webinar #2 – Landing Your First Jobs
– Technology
– The basics of setting up a home studio
– Picking the right equipment and software
– A home studio case study
– Performance
– Auditions that win on online casting sites
– Script interpretation
– Review of several real projects, including auditions that won the job…as well as learning from auditions that didn’t win!
– Business of online casting sites
– What jobs to audition for, and what ones to let pass
– The basics of optimizing your profile

Webinar #3 – Turning Up The Heat
– Technology
– Recording and editing auditions using time saving tips and tricks
– Improving the audio quality of your auditions using processing
– Performance
– Avoiding script interpretation mistakes
– Business of online casting sites
– Determining how much to bid on a project
– Cover letters and proposals
– Profile optimization – advanced tips

Webinar #4 – Bringing It All Together
– Exploring real profiles and critical review of real auditions
– Live review and critique of volunteer online profiles
– Live reviews of audition submissions – recording quality, interpretation, cover letter, pricing
– Open and candid Q&A with the experts

When is it happening?

Monday, March 24
Wednesday, March 26
Wednesday, April 2
Monday, April 7
All classes are from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm ET
For pricing or to reserve your spot in this exclusive webinar, contact Edge Studio at 1-888-321-EDGE (3343).

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David graduated with honours from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology. David’s background in audio production continues to inform’s innovation in the areas of mobile recording and digital media products that contribute to Canada’s economic and cultural future. As Chief Executive Officer, David is responsible for setting the vision, executing the growth strategy and managing the company on a day-to-day basis. He often writes about these experiences in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes.


  1. As I can never get to physical workshops in American, this webinar sounded like a great idea… until I looked at the details, and realised it’s yet another Americans-only gig. Do you not realise that 7-9pm is the middle of the night for voiceover artists the other side of the Atlantic? When is somebody going to remember that there’s an English-speaking world outside America?


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