Social media icons on a phone screen | Blog - Where clients and voice actors can find valuable information on pre-production, technology, animation, video and audio production, home recording studios, business growth, voice acting and auditions, celebrity voice actors, voiceover industry news and more! So you’ve got a visual presence online. You’re on all of the social networking sites.
You regularly update your status and news feeds but you’re finding that something is oddly … missing.
How is it that you can have a photo, an about me paragraph, and hundreds of virtual friends but still feel like your efforts are missing the boat somehow?
It’s likely the human element. Although seemingly everywhere you look, it is often the missing piece of the puzzle in social networking. Join VOX Daily to learn more.

Adding Audio Links to Your Status Updates

One thing probably nobody has told you about social media marketing and social networking is that you can’t just have a visual presence online and expect to have an overwhelming return on your efforts. For social media to be a successful marketing strategy it’ll take more than some strategically placed keywords and regular updates.
Yes, you’re using social networks for marketing yourself but, remember, it’s supposed to be social too. Try to engage with others and interact. Give people a taste of your personality, of who you really are. Avoid sounding ‘salesy’ if you promote your services in a more direct way on social media. Try adding updates to your stream that may elicit an emotional response using humour or a message of sincere thanks.

Your Voice is Your Product

As voice-over artists, a great way that you can tap into the human element of social marketing is by finding ways to periodically add your actual voice to your updates. This kind of update could be in the form of a link to a video, podcast or demo that features your voice in a different way than your typical voice-over ‘reel.’

For those who curate articles, why not use a recording to introduce your selections for that week. Using an audio recording as part of your approach to deliver a genuine message will spur things on and open the door to an even greater sense of community.
Personally, I love seeing marketing techniques like Ed Mace’s explainer video which creatively promotes his services as a voice-over artist. It’s funny, clever, and shows some personality. If I were a client looking for a voice-over this would be a persuasive call to action for me.

Your voice is a very important aspect of who you are, and the most important aspect of your business. So when you’re in the trenches of online marketing and staking your ground in the vast landscape of social networking, adding it more often to your updates will set you apart from the masses and help you get the type of connections that matter.
The one’s that turn into jobs!
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  1. I’ve often wanted to post an audio file on Facebook, but to no avail–they don’t allow it, at least not that I have been able to figure out! Other than uploading an audio file from video, does anyone know how to post a plan ol’ MP3?

  2. Lin, I must say that you have highlighted a unique strategy to enhance SMM using audio links especially with the help of voice-over artists. Thanks for sharing!


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