Entertainer's SecretAre you a voice actor, radio or television broadcaster, singer, teacher, public speaker, telephone sales rep or someone who uses their voice for more than just day-to-day “talking”?

Ever find that you get a dry throat or hoarse voice and need a quick fix to solve the problem?
We’re excited to be conducting a survey of people who use their voices professionally in London, Ontario Canada, partnering with Kathy Thompson of Pure Voice Power, an authorized Canadian Representative of Entertainer’s Secret, a throat relief spray that might just be the ticket to drive your hoarseness away with a quick blast of moisturized goodness.
If you want to take part in this survey, please leave a comment on this article and I’ll get in touch with you off the blog with additional information.

Last year I was introduced to the Entertainer’s Secret product at a conference our team attended. I was intrigued by the product but chose to hold off on using it until this year during the cold season to see how it would work.

Suffice to say it worked very well.
In light of that discovery, I wanted to connect with the Entertainer’s Secret folks and see if they would sponsor a survey of their product to be conducted here in London, ON Canada at Voices.com. Not only is this a great opportunity to share a wonderful product and gain valuable information for the voice acting community, it also gives us a chance to see more of you in person which is an opportunity I always look forward to.

So, here’s the breakdown:

I have a shipment of 48 bottles. 6 of those bottles will be tested by the staff at Voices.com and the remaining 42 are for anyone who meets the criteria above who wants to participate.
One bottle per participant. As part of the survey, I’ll show you how to use the product and record your first impressions of Entertainer’s Secret in person. Following that, you’ll be receiving a brief follow up survey in your email asking you questions about your overall experience approximately a week after you’ve received the sample.

If you are interested and are in London or can drive to London, please leave a comment here for me on the blog.
Leaving a comment makes it easier for me to connect with you and will also be a good measuring stick for monitoring the availability of the samples for those interested in receiving one. Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you!
Best wishes,

UPDATE: If you would prefer to email me to request a sample, email stephanie@voices.com – I will keep this posted updated with the number of remaining samples.
I also wish to thank Gordon Schmitz at KLI CORP in Carmel, IN for connecting with me a couple months ago and for his assistance coordinating our Canadian survey of Entertainer’s Secret.

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  1. Hi Jeffrey,
    Thank you for commenting. Part of the study is being conducted in person which is why I’ve limited it to people who live in London or are within driving distance and willing to drive in to London to participate.
    Maybe we’ll be able to do a US study in the future. Let’s see how this one goes first 🙂

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I am a consummate fan of this product. It really helps me when my voice gets tired, hoarse after a lengthy workout or a touch of a cold, and it’s really pulled me through occasions. I now keep it “standing by” in my recording booth.


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