Woman covering her eyes and smilingEver wondered what the faces behind the voices look like?

Some of them are familiar, iconic, and maybe even surprising!
Discover 17 visages responsible for creating the voices we all know so well, courtesy of the Epic Voice Actor collection at LIFE.com.

A Story in Pictures

Voice actors are usually recognized for their voices, and in rare instances, their faces become almost as iconic as the voices they create.
I was referred to LIFE.com and their feature on Epic Voice Actors, including pictures of the following people:

Click on the following link if you’re curious to see pictures of these Epic Voice Actors.
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  1. Wow…thanks for sharing, Steph! I knew about 75% of them…but so nice to do the “oh wow…so THATS what they look like” thing!
    I think the funniest moment was reading that Mickey & Minnie Mouse’s voices got married! Could you just IMAGINE (in character) their bedroom banter?!!

  2. What I wouldn’t give to see those actors in action!!! …especially those who voice several characters from one show! What fun it would be to watch them transform as they deliver the different characters!

  3. Nice to see that they aren’t all beautiful! Gad, so much is pushed these days on public persona, it is reassuring that voice people don’t have to be gorgeous to make the cut, it is all about the voice.