Scared couple spilling popcornHas a Voice Over recording ever surprised or frightened you when you least expected it?

It is quite possible to be caught off guard by a voice over, regardless of how nice it may sound or how safe the venue.
Hear my story and then share yours!

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A few weeks ago while grocery shopping, I was pushing my cart up and down the aisles, picking out some potato chips, minding my own business.
Let it be documented that I was alone at the time.
As I left the aisle, I must have walked passed a sensor that triggered a voice over recording. The female voice over asked me if I was getting enough fiber in my diet, and given the circumstances, it literally made me jump!

The voice over itself was well done and wasn’t scary, however, the timing of when it played as I hastily moved on was just enough to make me uncomfortable and do a double take.
Have you ever had an uncomfortable or irregular encounter with a voice over?
Looking forward to hearing your stories!
Best wishes,
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  1. Yes! Well, it was September 2003 and I left the radio on, went to sleep, and I woke up to something that sounded like a warning of sorts. It was a promo for a Halloween field maze thing or whatever, not even a haunted house. The voice was pretty convincing but the writing made it realistic (at first) and I thought I was living in the ‘War of the Worlds’ all of the sudden. Or maybe it was ‘Dawn of the Dead’. Either way, I felt stupid after I realized it was fake and even worse when I heard it the second time with a clear head and realized then it wasn’t really that good at all, lol.

  2. Yes Stephanie,
    I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago in a gas station… in the dark. I actually live in a low-crime area but all the same it was about 9pm and I really didn’t feel happy about filling the petrol tank at night. Gas stations are not the kind of places I feel comfortable in at after dark and when I’m alone, but I was running on fumes so I had no choice if I wanted to get home. As I pressed the button to make my choice of petrol…..a man started talking to me… from out of nowhere…. and I nearly jumped out of my skin with fright. I quickly looked behind me to see if there was a man standing right by me and then I realised it was just a voice. It was a very still evening without a breath of wind and I could have sworn this man’s voice was right next to me and not coming out of the speaker above the credit card machine. He was asking if I wanted to put some kind of super-additive into my tank along with the petrol to protect my engine. Like the voiceover you heard, it was very well done and the man’s voice was one of those that makes you go weak at the knees. In normal circumstances you would want to listen longer but all I wanted to do was shout at him for startling me like that. I think it would have been less of a shock if the voiceover was precluded by a short musical introduction. Then I would instantly know where the voice was coming from. I think maybe during the day I may not have had the same reaction but my nerves were a little on edge because of the venue and the late hour in the dark. What a wimp!! I did laugh about it to myself on the way home…. LOL!

  3. My first encounter with a surprise VO was back in late 70’s when the Coca Cola company decided upon using “speaking” vending machines.
    I was hooking school that day for a seminar at Harvard University. While I didn’t drop the bottle, I did beat a hasty retreat onto the subway!

  4. Well — I hope to “scare” some would-be intruders as the voice of a security camera. Actually, most of the copy for the clips I recorded are more helpful than scary, but anything unexpected can startle you, certainly.
    I WAS very unnerved when my home security system was triggered by my then 3 year old son — for the first time — in “panic” mode, the kind you can’t disarm. I didn’t realize that in addition to the alarm that rang and buzzed, it also spoke to tell us the police would be arriving shortly. And he was right.

  5. I still get jolted by the automatic audio that jumps out of the computer when you click on certain websites. Usually these are not only unexpected, but very loud.
    But if we’re also including scary “SFX” in this little survey, then automatically flushing toilets certainly win the prize in my book! Yikes!
    Celia Lynn

  6. Oh my goodness, yes! I don’t frequent big-box stores but every time I do, I get spooked. I turned out of an aisle looking left and right and a video began. Unfortunately, when I’m scared like that I audibly let everyone know something’s wrong.
    Needless to say, I don’t look around but just move quickly into another aisle.

  7. This actually happened to me not that long ago in the grocery store. Matter of fact, I was on the cereal isle and I remembered reading labels when all the sudden this voice appeared out of nowhere. I definitely was startled and kind of annoyed at the same time.

  8. So the other day, I’m walking down the girly toy aisle at Target, when all of the sudden I hear a creepy crawly noise! Like jump out of your skin scary. I’m looking all around, making sure to secure my kiddos from dangerous people and situations. Well, I FINALLY see what the problem is…a cute as can be little baby doll whose head is spinning around 360 degrees. Okay, so maybe the head was only slightly moving from left to right, but it SEEMED to be spinning! I think the batteries must’ve been running out because this little dolly sounded like a male villain on steroids. Needless to say, we did not buy the creepy doll. Nor did my daughter sleep with her baby that night. Probably scarred her for life! okay, and me too!
    Holly Franklin
    great BIG little voice


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