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Do you have a favorite studio to record at?

Let me know!

Status Quo

While the voice over business is definitely booming online and becoming more virtual everyday, opportunities will occasionally present themselves to record at a professional audio recording studio, that is, a professional studio outside of your home.

Remember When…

Some of you remember the days when all you did was record at someone else’s recording studio. Think back to the commutes, chatting with others in person, and being directed while in the booth.
A very small percentage of voice actors still do this regularly.
If you have been in the biz for at least five to ten years as a professional voice actor you know what I’m talking about!

How Will New Voice Actors Discover Studios?

The initial encounter many new voice actors will have with a studio is either through the making of their first voice over demo or by attending a class that an instructor is holding at their preferred studio.
Solid referrals from professional voice actors for studios would be ever so helpful to people starting out.

Spread the Love

I’d also like to learn more about our good friends in audio engineering and celebrate the great studios out there. Your recommendations will help to drive more business their way from people who need to use them.
To do this, I need your help. You are the experts and have been on the ground floor.

Which recording studios do you love and why?

List the name of the studio, the city and state / province.
Looking forward to hearing from you! Please comment below.
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  1. A great and talent friendly recording studio in downtown Toronto with ISDN and PHONE PATCH is none other than MCS Studios at 550 Queen St East. [416 361 1688] . It’s used for in town and out of town sessions , demos and casting. Bill Walker is the obliging manager and TJ and James are the happy engineers. Tell ’em Hiker Mike sent ya.

  2. Babble-On Recording Studios in Minneapolis is a top-notch operation. It’s the total picture when it comes to VO recording, right from the moment you walk through the door. Talent and producers alike are welcomed with warm greetings and class. Studio facilities are posh, hi-tech and well-appointed…. and Andre Bergeron and his team of engineers and staff are efficient, knowledgeable, and most of all fun. Check ’em out online at:
    or 612-375-0533

  3. VoiceTrax West in Studio City, CA is great! I love working with the guys there (especially Artt).
    Oink Ink in Venice is nice (really chill and comfy, full kitchen). GREAT booth and equipment, but the mic selection is a little lean (I think they just use AT4040’s).
    In Burbank, The Voicecaster has a really friendly actor setup with ISDN and a great staff on hand to help with sessions and auditions. Rates are really reasonable too.

  4. Hi,
    I am a new Voice artist and found that the London studio “Uptown studios” in Denmark St Central London (UK) was gr8.
    Very friendly, puts you at ease, and with a great professional sound and finish to the end product.
    Anthony Gulatis the engineer/producer also gives some great advice on home equipment, and how to use it as I am quite a novice at home recording, needing an idiots guide to it to be honest and still needing guidance. Anthony was very helpful.
    Another studio which is local to me is Pinewood Audio in Pontypool, run by Carl Simmons.
    I use this one mainly for my cabaret backing tracks and muso albums that I complete as Carl is well respected, and completes lots of BBC work.
    I haven’t yet used Carl for voiceover work, but will no doubt be giving him a try in the not too distant future.
    Cheers Everyone… would also be good to hear from other voice artist newbies to see how everyones getting on!

  5. Hi Stephanie:
    I had the great pleasure of working at Pomann Studios in NYC last May on a commercial for Shell Oil and they were terrific to work with. Plus they had a very cool penthouse studio on 46th street.
    In Charlotte, I went with Kara Edwards to meet John at The Ground Crew Recording Studio. Great set up and nice folks. Kara said because she’s so popular as a voice talent that she needed to start traveling with a posse and that I should wear lots of bling. (j/k)
    Also in Toronto, I’ve worked Clare Burt Studios; Joe is a great guy to work with there and its right on Younge (isn’t everything) in the center of it all.
    Those are just three quick ones with many more that I am sure to think of as the day goes on. Fortunately I cannot recall any bad studio experiences (and no I’m not being political).
    Best always,
    – Peter

  6. Great posting!
    Here are some of my faves in Los Angeles, CA:
    Cup of Tea (top-notch folks, and a lotta fun!)
    Marc Grau (great place, very pro)
    Oracle Post (impressive studio space)
    LA Studios (great booths and tech)
    Garage247 (nice pricing for vo’s and auditions)
    I can’t wait to find out more places – Thanks Stephanie!

  7. Hi Stephanie,
    A serious shout out to DexterMedia in Allston, Massachusetts and their CEO Brian DePaul Carey. URL is http://www.dextermedia.com
    Brian has an impressive list of clients including PBS, ABC, BostonCasting, several documentaries, commercials, extensive medical distance learning experience production and more.
    The equipment is high end as are Brian’s technical and people skills. I have had the pleasure of recording several projects at DexterMedia and recommend them with enthusiasm.
    Dave Cook

  8. Stephanie ~ I would like to recommend Purelight Production of Pflugerville, Texas. (That’s next to Austin and is the home of Dell Computers).
    This great studio is owned and operated by Steven Becker who has 20 plus years as a music producer and audio engineering. steve@purelight.net
    Hope this may help.
    Thomas Dunn

  9. Dear Stephanie et al.,
    I have a special nominee studio:
    How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice , Practice, Practice
    I had the privilege to record several fun jobs at the studios located on the 2cd floor behind the Carnegie hall stage. One of the jobs was to dub the voice of the great blues singer Koko Taylor in Spanish for a special retrospective exhibit at the Chicago Museum Art Museum. She’s a larger than life character and in the intimate gray studio I imagined myself in a smoke-filled blues club. Fortunately, I didn’t have to sing the part but it was such fun!
    The Carnegie hall studio is rather small and modest . It is still outfitted with an analog reel to reel system, but also has more 21st century equipment. But what a thrill to be standing in that place inhabited by the ghosts of the greatest musicians in the world ( including my uncle, the great Liszt interpreter Jorge Bolet). It was almost as nerve raking as being on-stage. (In one of my alternate personas I am an opera singer – mezzo — and with the Opera Orchestra of New York, have had the great privilege of sharing the stage with the likes of Renata Scotto, Renee Fleming, Carlo Bergonzi, and Lauren Flannagan).
    Which is more thrilling, on stage or behind the mike? Each has its own challenges and rewards. In a special place like Carnegie Hall just feeling the tingle of channelling all the greats is the best gift of all.

  10. Hi Everyone,
    Thank you for referring such great studios 🙂
    Adela, thank you for sharing your story and for pointing out that some of the best studios are performance halls 🙂
    Keep’em coming folks! Let’s get a studio mentioned for every major city on this blog.

  11. Stephanie,
    This is a great list- it also helps those of us who travel occasionally to have recommendations for great studios from the talent that use them!
    In Charlotte, NC:
    Groundcrew Studios is top notch (and Peter O’Connell only slightly embarrassed me when I took him on the tour- heh!). John Causby, Josh Sacco, Katherine Goforth, etc, etc- are all very cool and very talented! Check out the whole staff at http://www.groundcrewstudios.com.
    Concentrix Music and Sound Design is where I record Raggs (currently airing on PBS). Super nice people (they even host jewelry parties for the ladies – oh yeah!) and a great studio. Fred and Becky Story are awesome! http://www.consentrixmusic.com.

  12. Hey guys,
    Stumbled upon this board and wanted to give my 2 cents.
    Hands down one of my favorite studios/companies to work with is Studio Center. Their home base is in Virginia Beach, but they have studios in New York, Las Vegas, Memphis, and in Los Angeles. ISDN boxes everywhere! (Great rates too!)
    Their website… http://www.studiocenter.com

  13. Hi….
    I am an upcoming artist from Rwanda,Africa.
    I am very happy to see yor good studio and plz I want such equipments because I want to build a studio that will help the young talents to be seen …So,I wanna know the price in US Dollarof that Studio and how ican buy such Studio beeing in Rwanda.

  14. If you’re on the beautiful central coast of California near San Luis Obispo and the new Napa South wine country, visit Westside Studios for professional voice-over recording, direction and post-production needs. It’s a small but very efficient studio for that ‘downtown’ sound, ideal for voice-over recording and singers or instrumentalists using pre-recorded music. Westside Studios is also a private voice acting teaching facility with a major market industry pro who directs and produces voice demos. Call or text to 818 399-4949


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