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Ever heard of

Earlier this Fall, I signed up for a membership at and was granted the first of many opportunities to get an audiobook. The first audiobook is free, so I chose wisely (don’t you love picking out things with gift certificates?), and needless to say, this audio book is a winner and has kept me, someone who more often than not falls asleep listening to audiobooks, captivated.

What’s the audio book called?

Innocent Traitor: A Novel of Lady Jane Grey, a young woman famously known as the 9 days queen of England following the death of Henry VIII’s son Edward VI. The author is Alison Weir and the voice cast includes a number of fantastic female voice talent, Stina Nielsen, Davina Porter, Bianca Amato, and a number of male voice talent.

How did I pick it?

I visited a page on the website that listed their top narrators and found the name of a lovely British lady, Davina Porter. After clicking on to see what her credits were, I found an audio book that was very agreeable to my tastes to consider.
The publisher’s summary is a helpful tool when picking an audio book that you are unfamiliar with.
This is the summary that caught my eye:

New York Times best-selling author Alison Weir has earned her reputation as the preeminent historian of British royalty. Now with Innocent Traitor, Weir utilizes her vast knowledge and captivating narrative style to craft her first historical novel, choosing Lady Jane Grey, the most sympathetic heroine of Tudor England, as her enthralling subject. The child of a scheming father and ruthless mother, Jane is born during a time when ambition dictates action. Cousin to Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I, she is merely a pawn in a political and religious game in which one false step means a certain demise. But Lady Jane has remarkable qualities that help her to withstand the constant pressures of the royal machinery far better than most expect. Weir’s striking novel sweeps readers back through the centuries to witness firsthand one of the most poignant tales from a time of constant scheming and power brokering.

After listening to a sample of her voice reading a passage from the audio book, I was sold… but I still needed to compare. Using the search functionality on the site, I proceeded to look up other books of interest along the same lines. I’m a sucker for Tudor England, and my search queries, miraculously enough, happened to bring up the same audio book that I had been interested in after listening to the sample audio.

Why I liked it

This audio book had great momentum and also featured more than one narrator. With many distinct voices including Lady Jane Grey, Frances Brandon, Mary Tudor, the Duke of Northumberland, and one other, an earl. There were a variety of voice ages and perspectives that were able to bring intrigue and enjoyment. I’m a fan of history and anything British, particularly “period” pieces. The length of 18 hours and 14 minutes was also attractive.

“Innocent Traitor” was a beautiful story performed by skilled and desirable voice actors.
Particularly engaging was the voice actress who portrayed Lady Jane Grey. For someone who has listened to hundreds of voice over demos, she was exquisite with regard to her interpretation, demeanor, vocal tonality and transitions in voice ages from that of a child to a teenager to a newly established queen. The ensemble cast of “Innocent Traitor” was complementary, captivating and deserving of highest admiration.

What’s Your Favorite Audio Book?

Share your favorites here so that we can all discover some new gems.
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  1. OK, I have to do this LOL. Teacher, my favorite audio book was “Road Stories of the Highway Comics” by Bryan Cox.
    Yes gang, I wrote it, produced it and voiced it. The book took my over 3 years to write and put together. It’s a collection of stories from a few famous and not so famous road comics that really give you an inside look at what it’s really like to be a comedian on the road. Road Stories also gives you tips on how to write comedy and what steps can be taken to become a Stand-Up and live the dream.
    Punchline Magazine out of NYC is one of the biggest mags in the comedy industry here’s what they said about Road Stories
    I’ve been very lucky to also have this book be made available at, iTunes, and my little site
    Sorry I’m showing a little bias when it comes to my favorite audio book….
    Bryan Cox

  2. Anything by Frank Muller
    He recorded dozens of books. My favorite is Cormac McCarthy’s “All the Pretty Horses.” “The Silence of the Lambs” is chilling. He recorded “Moby Dick”… “Hamlet”… reading all the parts, plus the stage directions. Then the motorcycle accident that ended his recording career.
    What a tragedy.
    Fred Keeler
    Voice Actor

  3. One of my recent favorites was called:
    “Consider the Elephant”.
    It was a telling of the life and times of John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated President Lincoln, as we all know. This was “his” story, and led up to the deed, but we had an insight into his life, that was not only compelling, but very interesting. Made you see things from another point of view. Great “read” – big book, though. 🙂
    I can recommend free audio/podcast novels, if you enjoy:
    Action/Drama in the vein of “24”….
    “7th Son” by JC HUTCHINS.
    Start with book ONE. You will be hooked.
    Crime Noir…
    “Jack Wakes Up”
    “JAck Wakes Up2;This is Life”.
    Both by Seth Harwood.
    Horror/Adventure in the vein of Stephen King/Dean Koontz…
    Scott Sigler’s Podcast Novels:
    Hope you enjoy!

  4. In the course of listening to nearly 500 audiobooks over the last four years while driving a truck, I’ve formed a LOT of strong opinions.
    Men – George Guidall, Richard Ferrone, Scott Brick, Ron McLarty, Jonathan Marosz (you can tell that I like crime stories), and others. Guidall is the best, taking over that title from Frank Muller. His most unusual book was probably “Grendel”. I don’t much care for the narrator who is currently touted as the “busiest”.
    Women – Barbara Caruso, Barbara Rosenblatt, Hilary Huber (from whom I took a narrating seminar).
    Opinions – The writer plays a big part, naturally. I don’t care for Janet Evanovich, and I don’t like C.J. Critt’s style doing Evanovich. But I like C.J. otherwise. I haven’t heard Jonathan Marosz in two years, because I got tired of Harlan Coban’s writing.
    My personal Grand Champion – Gary Sinise (yes, that Gary Sinise) narrating Steinbeck’s “Of Mice And Men”. Simply the single most powerful and moving audiobook performance I’ve heard.
    Find it if you can.

  5. The Gospel According to Larry
    My librarian suggested it and I found it thought provoking and interesting. I’m so keen on audiobooks now I’m searching for another one! I’m psyched now.. I may be a slow reader but with audiobooks I have found a way to become well “read”.
    Happy Listening!


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