Whimsical childDo you have a child that would love to be in a voiceover production? Are you casting a voice-over project with child roles?
When it comes to casting a child’s voice for a cartoon, or any voice-over project, nothing sounds quite as authentic as hiring a real child to voice the character.

Children relate to other children best so characters voiced by real kids will resonate more with the intended audience. A child’s innocent, whimsical nature adds authenticity to the roles they play.

So who better to provide the voices for some of the most loved animated characters but child voice talents. Movies such as Bolt, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, The Incredibles and A Toy Story all have starred the voices of some of the most beloved child actors. The child voices in these films bring a realism to the characters that just could not have been obtained by adults mimicking a child’s voice. In today’s VOX Daily we take a look at some of our favorite movie characters played by child voice actors.

13 Characters Performed by Real Children

Finding Nemo: Nemo

Alexander Gould gave voice to Nemo, the young clownfish who was always trying to break free from his overbearing father, landing himself in some hot water.

A Bug’s Life: Dot

Hayden Panettiere was the voice of Dot, the Ant Queen’s daughter and the little sister of Flik’s love interest.

The Lion King: Young Simba

Jonathan Taylor Thomas voices Young Simba who is trying to grow up too fast and learns valuable life lessons throughout the movie with the wise guidance of Mufasa and Rafiki.

Coraline: Coraline

Dakota Fanning is Coraline in this dark sci-fi fantasy. She is left to entertain herself as her parents are too busy to notice her. She wishes for a new life and finds it, with new parents and everything that she could desire, but Coraline’s new world scares her and threatens to keep her.

Monsters, Inc.: Boo

Mary Gibbs voices Boo, the cute little girl Sulley and Mike learn to love and try so hard to save.

The Tale of Despereaux: Princess Pea

Emma Watson does the voice for Princess Pea, Despereaux’s lonely human friend, who unknowingly gets him in trouble and banished to the dungeons by the Mouse Council.

Toy Story: Andy

John Morris voices Andy, the young boy who loves to play in his room with his toys, and especially his favorite doll Woody. When Andy is not around his toys come to life and have a life of their own.

Bolt: Penny

Miley Cyrus voiced Penny, the girl actress who is Bolt’s costar on their hit of the same name.

The Incredibles: Dash

Spencer Fox voiced Dash Parr, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl’s son. Young Dash got to become a superhero in his own right by helping save the day from the evil Buddy Pine.

Where the Wild Things Are: Max

Max Records played the voice for Max, the young boy who feels misunderstood and wants to have fun all the time. He runs away to the place where the wild things are.

The Ant Bully: Lucas Nickle

Zach Tyler voiced Lucas Nickle, the ten-year-old boy who has just moved to a new neighborhood and is a target for the local bully.

Meet the Robinsons: Lewis

Jordan Fry plays Lewis, an orphan boy and brilliant inventor who gets whisked away for an adventure in a time machine.

Monster House: DJ

Mitchel Musso gives the main character, DJ, his voice. DJ is always spying on his neighbor, Nebbercracker, who lives across the street. He thinks something is a bit unusual about the man and his house. When his parents go away for a trip and leave him with a babysitter DJ decides to explore Nebbercracker’s house-trouble ensues.

What are your favorite characters voiced by real children?

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  1. Have to give major props to Nicky Jones, who voiced the title character in “Chowder,” and Jeremy Shada, who voices Finn in “Adventure Time.” Incredibly talented, incredibly fun child voice actors.

  2. I really like the voice of Agnes in Despicable Me. They managed to put so much character into her small part and I think alot of people can relate to seeing or having a child that has similar quirks or manerisms.Very well realised and executed.


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