New, Faster. Easier. Better.

Fall ’08 Release

Every quarter, we make updates to the website, and this time, it’s a big one.
Over the summer (and really, over the past 18 months) we’ve been working on ways to make your experiences using faster, easier and better, in fact, we’re shooting for “fantastic”!
During the next 10 days or so we’ll be giving you a first-look at the all-new and how you can use it to your fullest advantage.
This is a very exciting moment for us as we draw nearer to the launch…

What’s New?

There’ll be plenty to explore including a new search engine, new directory layout, a new Top 100 list called “Most Listens”, a dedicated Community area and a reengineered SurePay service that is easier than ever.
Plus, we’ll be showing you the Store and how to create products that you can sell in the store.
Buckle up…
To start, we’re unveiling the completely redesigned home page. New Home Page Preview September 2008

Let’s run through this page from top to bottom.

First, each page of the website will have a thin top banner announcing the all-new
You’ll also have links to check out what’s new, and another link to “Send feedback”.
We want you to let us know what you like, what could still be better, or in the unlikely situation you find something that needs fixing, please let us know asap.

Logo and Navigation

The logo is now sporting a (R) as is now an officially registered trademark in the United States and Canada. Just as you’d expect, the logo will always link you to the home page.
Below the logo, we’ve simplified the navigation to plain text links which from our testing and feedback are much more clear and communicate the main areas of the website. These four links (Find Voices, Find Jobs, Community and My Account) will be consistent site-wide, whether you’re logged in or logged out, and even if you’re reading the blog, listening to a podcast or checking out your position in the Top 100.


On the far right hand side you’ll find some utilities such as the Advanced Search, Contact Us, Help and Login/Logout links. This search bar makes it easy for clients to search the entire database of professional voice over talents from any page on the website.


The home page’s splash is now more bold and directs clients to create their job posting in one simple step. We’re confident this will increase the number of job postings and audition opportunities for you.


Moving down the page, you’ll notice we’ve placed an enhanced search tool with three fields; keyword, gender and language. These three fields are by far the most used and make it easy for new visitors to get to the demos that best match their needs.
Next, you’ll find the “Movers & Shakers” section. First, demos are featured right on the home page. This means clients can hear your demos immediately. If they like what they hear, they can simply click-through to your profile by clicking on your name. We’ve also decided to add avatars to add more personality to the website. Headshots, logos or industry iconography is perfectly suitable.

We’ve got some important updates to this area so read carefully.
There are 4 Top 10 lists on the home page that the visitor can toggle between. They are:
๏ New Voices
๏ Most Listens
๏ Recently Hired
๏ Top Favorites.
Let’s go into each of these individually.

New Voices

This list is based upon your renewal date. If you renew monthly, you’ll appear once every 30 days.

Most Listens

The Most Listens list features voice talent who have been most listened to this month. The site will count the number of times each of your demos have been played and tally them up resulting in a final number of listens. While the home page list will reset at the beginning of every month, a Top 100 Most Listens page has options to view Most Listens This Week, This Month and All-Time.

Recently Hired

As an act of congratulations, we’d like to honor those voice talent who’ve landed a job at by showcasing them on the Recently Hired list. If you’ve completed a job that paid using the SurePay escrow service, you’ll see your name on the Recently Hired list.

Top Favorites

Clients will soon be able to add you to Favorites directly from your profile, the search results and each audition that you submit. In an effort to more equitably share the home page real estate, we’ll be showing the Top Favorites for this month on the home page. Again, if you’re in the Top 10 currently, you’ll still maintain your top positing in the Top Favorites All-Time.


In the Directory, we’ve simplified the categories and updated a few icons. Television Commercials and Television Promos and Station Identification have been merged into a single Television category. Similarly, Radio Commercials and Radio Imaging have been merged into a single Radio category. We’ve renamed some of the other categories, but the content remains the same.

About Us

For those who are new to, we’ve placed a brief About Us paragraph. Notably, there’s a “What Our Customers Say” section where each week, we’ll select a success story from the Buzz blog. So, get your success stories in now so you’ll be considered.


Finally, we’ve reached the bottom of the page. Here’s where you’ll find helpful links to other key areas of the website. We’ve also decided to proudly display the Better Business Bureau logo and Verisign Secure Server seal.

Special Thanks

A special thank you goes out to all those who helped David and the development team with the redesign.

What Do You Think?

Add your comments, questions or concerns about the new home page here. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
Stephanie and the Team

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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Classically trained in voice, piano, violin and musical theatre, as well as a respected mentor and industry speaker, Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario. Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, her podcast Sound Stories serves an audience that wants to achieve excellence in storytelling. Stephanie is found on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list three times (2013, 2015 and 2016), a ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs, and is the author of Voice Acting for Dummies®.


  1. What would be helpful is if the email alerts that went out when jobs are posted were a little more detailed. As a part time VO, I don’t spend my whole day on When a job comes through via email, a littler more detail would let me know if it is one I should click through on and audition for. Right now, I have to click through on most jobs, and it turns out a lot of jobs aren’t really up my alley. Don’t get me wrong, the emails are way beter than what Voice123 sends out, but still not quite as helpful as they could be.

  2. Thanks for all of your hard work on these enhancements. I know how much time and effort goes into these things! Thank you.
    Quick question: where you’re merging categories, if some of us have different demos up for say, TV commercials and TV imaging, when you merge, which demo will be on our profile? Or will we need to re-upload to the new categories?
    Thanks!! Caryn

  3. I think the new design looks great although frankly, I thought it was pretty fabulous before. Much better than those “other” guys if you know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean, know what I mean!
    Anyway, I’d love a shot at winning the book so please enter my name in the running or the sweepstakes or well . . . you know what I mean.

  4. Hi Stephanie and David,
    Looks like you’ve all been way busy! I will be interested in seeing how this all works. On first glance, it seems that to help promote myself most by appearing in the Top 10 lists, I should:
    1. Pay monthly instead of yearly
    2. Insist that all my clients use Sure Pay
    I’m not sure about the new TV and Radio categories. It seems to me that Commercials are a separate animal from Station ID and Imaging.
    I never really understood why there was a separation between Television and Radio Commercials in the first place. To my mind, both Television and Radio commercials should all come under the heading “Commercials”. “Station ID and Imaging” would be another category. But, maybe that’s just me.
    I’m glad there will be more info on auditions and clients will be asked more detailed questions about what they are looking for. That should help save everyone more time!
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Hi Stephanie and congratulations on your new roll out!
    I am excited to see the changes and am grateful to you and the organization for continuing to improve on yourselves.
    The only thing that stuck out as I read about what’s coming, is that talent will be recognized as recently hired only if the seeker uses the SurePay system.
    I have recently ben hired by someone I auditioned for via many months ago. He came back to me to do the job and asked if he could pay via PayPal. Wanting to be accommodating, I said yes (though I prefer to get a check, which raises the same issue). So how can this transaction be recorded in your files for my benefit?

  6. Hi Stephanie…
    I’m not sure how the email topic came up, but as long as it has, here are my thoughts. I often find that when I get an email job audition notice, I usually go to the site and look at the whole version. I think the one thing that is missing as far as I am concerned is, the email doesn’t tell you what what the actual job is. I agree more description is need on those.
    Ok… on to the site. I really like the home page re-design. I think it is easier to navigate and more functional. I can’t wait to actually see it when it is out.
    Tom Conklin

  7. Stephanie,
    I always look forward to updates and have learned a great deal about the VO business in the short time that I’ve been with
    Robert Pankau

  8. @Melanie,
    Yes, that’s correct. It’s highly recommended that your client use SurePay to send you payment. It’s more cost-effective for you, plus you get the added bonus of being on the home page.
    Regarding demos, if you have demos in each of those categories, you will NOT have to re-upload them. They’ll just go into the merged category.
    There is no action required on your part, other than perhaps double-checking the transition went smoothly.
    Every voice talent will have a dedicated area of their profile called “Feedback”. On this Feedback page, visitors can see the ratings and reviews from SurePay transactions, but also comments left by clients who have worked with you in the past. This way, you’ll get the endorsement which ever way you choose to accept payment.
    @Tom Conklin,
    When you say “the email doesn’t tell you what the actual job is” what are you referring to? We try out best to provide some indication through properly titled jobs as well as the category. Let us know what exactly you’re looking for.

  9. Stephanie & David,
    THANK YOU for paying such attention to those details! It really looks like you have done your homework. Can’t wait to interface with the new
    And please put me in for the new book by Randy & Peter. I’ve been a huge fan of Peter’s since I heard him on one of the podcasts at, and hope to train with him in NYC someday in the future! But in the meantime, I’d love to get the book!

  10. Stephanie,
    All of these changes sound wonderful, but I’d still most love to see one that’s been suggested several times:
    On the MY LEADS page, instead of the “Language” column, PLEASE give us an “Application/Intended Use” column (so we can see at a glance whether it’s for an Audio Book, Internet, Radio or TV, etc., without having to waste time repeatedly opening each lead)!

  11. @ Ed,
    Yes, we’ll be replacing the language column with the category column. You’ll also only be seeing jobs that match the language that you’ve picked in your profile, so it’s redundant to display this information in the jobs view.
    @ Joe,
    Yes, you’ll be able to search all the jobs by keyword, as well as filter by clicking the column titles. This will let you sort by ascending and descending order the deadline and price.
    Hope you find this helpful.

  12. David & Stephanie,
    Thank you for letting us in on the updates. One thing I’ve been clamoring for is my hope that there’s a new search feature that condenses information for our previously answered leads so we can look and find postings by number, and date, instead of scrolling through each reply, page by page, waiting for the page to load and clicking on the reply to see if that was “the one” we’re trying to find.If it’s not, then the scrolling and loading continues.
    Thank you again for everything you guys do.
    Thanks for listening!

  13. Hi Stephanie & David,
    I’m very impressed by what a “hands-on” organization is, and how involved you both are on a daily basis. I will be joining a premium membership soon when I get my home studio set up. Looking forward to working with the newly designed site.

  14. Steph,
    Thanks for the heads up on the new look for The enhancements are great! Anyway, mark me down for a shot at the book “Voice For Hire”. I’d love to add it to my VO library.

  15. Hi guys,
    It looks like it’s going to be a great new version of an already great site! I personally prefer to pay once a year so that part is a shame for the ‘new’ column, but I will manage. It’s about getting your name out there no matter what!
    I must say I’m with Melanie on the separation of commercials. In my mind, commercials are for radio and TV and Imaging/sweepers/promos are a different beast. Besides, trying to remember which ones were for radio and which ones were for television can be tough for those of us who sleep at night :). I actually did have to make some adjustments to some of my demos for the new site/partners due to this very fact. This could be my old ‘standard’ radio coming into play as well.
    Is there any way for us to see the Feedback so that we can improve upon anything that we may need to work on?? This would be a good tool for our personal customer service.
    I, too, will get an email and then for whatever reason not use sure pay and miss the credit there too.
    How about the leads that come thru an email via our site…is there a way to keep them connected? I have had several direct inquiries over the last week and it states it’s thru Voices, yet when I try to keep it within the site to push Sure Pay it’s not in my leads or any other header. I go back to recommending sure pay and the site and hope that the prospective client sees it as advantagious for them as well!
    Again, thanks for all the great work you guys do which in turns helps us to achieve our goals!
    Kelli Casey
    “Pick The RED One!!”

  16. Congrats David and Steph on your hard work, can’t wait to give it a try. Regarding quoting for a VO job, it has always seemed that labelling a job $100-250 makes it really hard to quote. Why such a large gap? If I quote $225 an the next guy quotes $100, I’m going to be over twice as expensive to hire!
    Is there any way your quoting margins can be tweaked?
    Many thanks!
    Darren x

  17. Hi David,
    In reference to your question about my question (confused yet?)– What I mean is that the email tells us the name of the company and if it is a radio or TV job etc… but it doesn’t tell us what the actual job is… example: voice for a ‘car salesman training video’ or ‘radio promo for an urban radio station’.
    I actually did think of something else along the same lines that’s even more important to me anyway… In the LEADS section of the site: when we are looking at the list of leads it tells us company, language, gender, budget and deadline — but here to a quick description of the job would be great!
    Thanks for keeping us involved David!
    Tom Conklin

  18. Hey folks… I just realize now that the emails actually do have a job description right at the very top, unless you just started doing that — oops, my bad! My thoughts on the LEADS area still stand though… Thanks!
    Tom Conklin

  19. @Kelli,
    Let’s talk about the merger of the categories. I believe if I share the context, you’ll see how we’ve come to this decision.
    Fact is, television station promos is the least used category on the entire website. Yes, that’s right. It’s the category with the fewest job postings. Radio station imaging is not far behind.
    Why would this be? Most TV promos are done at the network level and with voice talent on contract and retainers. These jobs tend to come up only when contracts expire.
    Radio station promos is a large field, however it’s nowhere near as popular as the Business, Internet, Telephone, Educational, Cartoons or Videogames categories.
    Now above all of those are the commercial categories, which is why merging a less popular category with the most popular category is a logical move.
    Furthermore, we’re also trying to make as friendly as possible by eliminating a lot of the jargon used on the home page. Station imaging or promos were confusing terms to some and resulted in visitors leaving the site before they even got started.
    Let’s be clear. This isn’t to say TV promos and radio station imaging aren’t used, they simply weren’t the most popular.
    Alright, so how do you handle demos if they are currently in those categories?
    My recommendation is to simply rename the titles of the demos. For example, you could call yours “Kelli Casey Radio Station Imaging” or “TV Promos by Melanie Haynes”.
    Do understand our intention is to drive as much business your way, and having a clear, simple and easy-to-understand website is one our key differentiators.
    Thank for your understanding.

  20. @Tom,
    Thanks for the clarification. I understand now that you’re looking for a brief description of the job, ideally pulled from the script & details area.
    A few thoughts on this. First, the emails are sent out automatically once the job posting is approved by a team member at As you can imagine, the emails are templated, so there isn’t an option to type in a summary.
    Having said that it’s a great idea, so in future updates to the website, I can see us adding in an area for a special note by staff, or a simply pulling the first 2 lines from the job postings description as a preview.
    Would either of these options work for you?

  21. Great updates. Thanks for all the hard work and good thought you’ve put into this. Just a few small items.
    1) Add my vote for somewhat more detail in the original, e-mail notice. This links directly to:
    2) It’s necessary to log in too often. The server (not sure which) gets slow at times, and it becomes a 2 or 3 minute process to wait for the home page to load, wait for name and password to appear, log in, go to the Leads page, and then call up the specific lead. How about at least leaving us logged in for, say, 24 hours? Now, it seems less than 30 minutes.
    3) Accessible client feedback would be great, and perhaps each talent’s page might include a link to his or her feedback, if desired. A simple pref could control that.
    Love it, gang. Keep it up.
    Best regards,
    Bob Goldberg

  22. @Robert,
    Thanks for your positive feedback.
    Yes, we’ll add in more detail to the email notification. We understand it’s an important tool for you to evaluate the opportunity and decide for yourself if you’re suitable for the job.
    We’ve upgraded several elements of the site including the version of MySQL, PHP and have added more RAM to the primary application server.
    Login issues (where the server times out after 20 minutes) are also being looked at. I believe we simply need to adjust the time frame of the login cookie to 24 hours as you have recommended.
    Client feedback will also be viewable. Your feedback will be displayed on your profile, but not editable. If there is a dispute regarding your feedback, naturally we’d be happy to handle that for you.
    Thanks again for all the comments. We appreciate your support and encouragement.

  23. Hi David,
    Thanks for the info! I am all for driving business and making it as easy for them as possible!! That’s a good idea about working my labeling around the genres, which I’ve also done some of in the past. Watching all the stuff that comes thru the site, you guys have a good grasp of the pulse of how the voice over industry is being driven. It is a good idea to combine the radio genre together and then the tv genre together especially for those searching.
    Looking forward to the launch!!

  24. I agree with those who want more info on the email alerts. One other thing I’d like added is a check off box that shows whether a custom demo is needed or not. Especially on the low paying jobs (majority of the leads) that’s often the determining factor for me deciding whether I have the time or not. If it can’t be added on the email notice, then how about at least on the Lead Summary page, so we don’t have to click on each one to see what’s needed.
    Also, why is it that you’re encouraging us to pay monthly — since that’s the way to get on that NEW listing. I would have thought you’d have preferred us to pay (as I have) annually.
    With these added changes and the ones you’ve already mentioned, the site will be much more user friendly.

  25. Hi David,
    I actually didn’t realize that there is a basic description at the top of the emails so that is fine with me. What I did want to ask though is if is possible down the road to maybe – From my previous post:
    I actually did think of something else along the same lines that’s even more important to me anyway… In the LEADS section of the site: when we are looking at the list of leads it tells us company, language, gender, budget and deadline — but here to a quick description of the job would be great!

  26. @Celia,
    Thanks for your comments. As a general rule of thumb, if the script is provided, the client wants to hear a custom demo. We’ve covered this topic in detail and even conducted a survey and written a report which you can read here [PDF]:
    We’re not suggesting that people switch to monthly billing, but rather explaining who is on the list and how it works. We provide monthly and annual payment options so you can decide which works best for you.
    Yes! The site will be significantly easier to use. Glad you’re looking forward to it.

  27. Dear Vox Daily,
    I’ve been a subscriber for quite a while now. I find your e-mails very refreshing, and I LOVE the new look featured in this last e-mail. Colorful, inviting yet very professional.
    Thank you for all you do. The inspiration and information you provide is invaluable. And yes, you can quote me on that.

  28. Hi David and Stephanie,
    The changes sound great, thanks for your hard work!
    You wrote: Yes, we’ll be replacing the language column with the category column.
    But please, please, please, do not remove the language column, just add a column for the category, for us foreign voices it is vital. It is actually the only information I look at.
    It may not be important for the English speaking people, but anyone who works in several languages needs it.
    I am begging you, please, please, please!
    The site takes a long time to load, if I have to click on every lead that I receive that is in the wrong language, this will make it nearly impossible for me to view suitable leads without wasting a very long time.
    I never look at the English leads and I still receive them by dozens. I need to be able to identify the French leads easily.
    Please, do not break what’s working.

  29. Hi David and Stephanie,
    I like all the changes. You guys already to a great job, and this new site promises to be even better. Congrats!
    I have two ideas. First, it seems that no matter what browser I use to access the website, the site will not allow me to return to the previous page by simply using the “back” button on my browser. It goes to a blank page and requires a refresh each time. Could this be an issue on your design end?
    Also, it would be helpful if in the “Answered Leads” section there was a feature which told us if/when the voice seeker had listened to our audition. Though I like your site/service overall better than one of your competitors, this is one feature they have that I like.
    Carl Wayne

  30. Hi Claire,
    I appreciate your question and concern about language filters.
    With regard to Jobs, the new site will only show you job postings that match you profile, so as a native French voice you’ll see French job postings without needing to sort or filter through them. If you’ve selected any other languages, you’ll also see job postings for those, respectively. Rest assured, you’ll only see jobs you are qualified to apply for that reflect the information you’ve included on your Profile.

  31. Hi Stephanie & David,
    Glad to see these changes being incorporated – especially about making Surepay easier!
    Regarding foreign language work – since I do a fair amount of voiceover work in French, it would be great if you could re-instate the “Foreign Language & Translation” category under the Directory where talents are listed – you removed this a long time ago and I feel it has hurt the exposure of the Foreign Language talents. (I’m sure I speak for many here)
    Regarding the jobs that show up in our lead box based on the languages we select… there is a slight problem with this. One of the things I specialize in is foreign accents (i.e. English spoken with a foreign accent – and I do many!) and in the past I’ve noticed jobs with say Russian accent being posted as “Russian” for the language – probably should’ve been posted as English but wasn’t. I clicked on it quite by accident only to see that they wanted ENGLISH spoken with a Russian ACCENT. I don’t want to miss out on these jobs as they constitute another good chunk of my work. Is there a way to create a separate field or category for “accents” along with the traditional list of languages so we don’t miss out on these?
    I agree with the person who said it would be REALLY helpful to know whether a seeker has listened to our audition. I’m not interested in being rated although knowing why I wasn’t selected would be helpful feedback (budget? voice not right for project? etc..)
    The budget ranges I agree are a bit nebulous at times. Would it be possible to have the seeker be more specific as to their budget range so that I know whether I should take the time to audition or not? If the budget is below my minimum rates, I don’t want to waste the seeker’s time.
    And last but not least! How about a category for Voice Acting & Dialogues? For those of us that do a ton of “real people” dialogue work (for corporate training courses), re-enactments, animation, video games and radio? A company looking for “voice actors” for business presentations are likely to find mostly narration and e-learning demos and even commercial demos may not be sufficient to showcase this specialty adequately. It’s a niche that is under-represented yet widely used in many different applications.
    Just some ideas that would be very, very cool if you could implement them! 😉
    Keep up the great work!

  32. Thumbs up for all of your hard work guys. You just keep pushing the envelope to get more and more. I, for one, like the idea of the New Voices concept.
    It’s like getting a little lift, or boost, to your profile every 30 days. A big help and Most appreciated!
    bless and stay well…


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