Botcon voice talent on mics
It’s amazing how many different “worlds” voice actors can be part of when there is a successful franchise in place.
Have you ever gone to an Anime convention or any other convention where they celebrated characters you have voiced?
I’d love to hear all about it so leave a comment!

Conventions Open Up a Whole New World to Voice Actors

If you have voiced a character for an Anime series, been part of a celebrated series or are a fan of franchises such as Transformers, Star Trek, or Star Wars, chances are you have attended a convention and have unique memories of the experience.

Being involved with these cons opens up an entirely different world and following for voice actors. Not only are there fans and a community of people rallying around the show, there’s a whole culture, identity, and may even be a legacy and language associated with it!
One aspect of conventions for fans that is almost as exciting as being among their peers is listening to a voice actor panel talk about their roles. I have footage on the video blog introducing the English Naruto voice cast, and believe me, there are many, many more like it on the Internet. Such is the popularity of the voice talent panel.

A little while ago, I published an article about Anime cons and Jon Morss commented with his experience attending conventions. I’ve linked back to it for you in the previous sentence so be sure to check it out.

What Have Your Experiences Been at Conventions?

I’d love to know hear about your stories about going to conventions, whether as a fan or voice actor and special guest. How does going to such events adds value to your life and career?
Looking forward to your reply!
Best wishes,
Photo from Botcon courtesy Daniel Ross

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  1. I find attending conventions to be such a great educational and inspirational experience. There is a wealth of information on current trends and media available, and you can’t help but feed off the wonderful ‘buzz’ present, and all the enthusiasm.
    Then there is the chance to meet voice actors, some who are right up there as giants of the industry. However, the difference is between celebrities (most of them) and A-list voice actors, is that pretty much every voice actor I’ve met has been incredibly friendly, gracious and very generous with their time. They are really touched by the fact that fans are interested in their work and provide a lot of insight into the process of animation and their own history in voiceover.

  2. Being relatively new to the voice over side of things — and also not living on either coast — do any of you have great recommendations for conventions that are a “must” for your particular genre?
    I’m sure there are a plethora to pick from… but if anyone has a couple of conferences they NEVER miss, I’d really like to know so I can continue meeting people and learning the business!

  3. Hi Pat, the top one has gotta be the San Diego Comic Con (that’s the only one I can vouch for in the U.S).
    It’s the biggest convention of its type in the world (so I’m told) and is really a ripper of a good time. You won’t get in this time, as tickets are clean sold out! Check it out for next year, though – they usually have a brilliant line up (in guests and also the waiting lines) and I find it to be most valuable.


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