When Your Own Voice SucksWhen reviewing the 300+ slogan submissions last night, we came across many that made us laugh out loud, a number of which we thought would be fun to share with you.

Take a gander at these entries and let us know what you think!
Isn’t the voice over community a hotbed of creativity? Some of these would make for excellent t-shirts 🙂

Funny Slogans Submitted to Voices.com

In no particular order, here are the 20 funniest slogans for Voices.com we received!
“Voices.com: We’re Just Sayin'”
Scott Fortney
“Voices.com: When your own voice sucks”
Bob Marini
“Voices.com: Dictators Wanted!”
Kevin Darbro
“Voices.com: Um yeah, we get paid to do this.”
Dina Monaco-Boland

“Voices.com: We’ll talk your ear off”
Tim Webb
“Voices.com: Someone has to say it”
Colin Campbell
“Voices.com: Ear Candy”
Mark Samarias
“Voices.com: Let us be your sweet talkers”
Lydia Scholten

“Voices.com: We need to talk”
Shawn Maroney
“Voices.com: Just pros no cons”
Juan Carlos Hernandez
“Voices.com: Get your blah blah on”
Mark Sommer
“Voices.com: Is this thing turned on?”
M. Triskana West

“Voices.com: Bookmark us, or else”
Gregory Whitfield
“Voices.com: Start yappin'”
Gregory Whitfield
“Voices.com: We’ll bend your ear”
James Lorenz
“Voices.com: When you’re tired of the same DJ on every spot”
Brad Venable
“Voices.com: Because it’s a jingle out there!”
Jud Niven
“Voices.com: Enough Said”
Mercedes Rose

Do You Have a Favorite?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
P.S. Stay tuned for more posts throughout the day, including articles announcing finalists and the winning entry for the Voices.com Slogan Contest.


  1. Going for my own here. Nepotism at it’s finest…
    “Voices.com: Enough Said”
    Mercedes Rose
    But, if I have to pick someone ELSE’s, I go with Dina’s. ‘Cause I say that all the time.
    “Voices.com: Um yeah, we get paid to do this.”
    Dina Monaco-Boland


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