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This week, we’ve been “getting back to our roots” as it were with the launching of the Platinum membership.
I’d like to tell you a bit about how dreaming big and working hard has helped us to succeed in our business, and sometimes that means going back to the beginning and some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

First off, I want to say that although I wasn’t able to post yesterday, I was thinking about you guys 🙂
Now, to the subject at hand.

Platinum Membership

It has now been fewer than two days since we introduced the Platinum membership and less than a week since innovations were announced relating to the Summer ’08 Update of the site. Since the concept of the Platinum membership emerged a short time ago, it has been the source of a number of interesting conversations.

Great Response

I’d like to thank all of the people who supported us during the early hours of the service announcement and especially to thank those who showed interest and have chosen to invest in the Platinum membership. There has also been some very encouraging commentary in the voice over blogosphere from respected professionals for which we are grateful.

Back to Our Roots

This week has been a refreshing change for David and I. It has also been a time of service, construction, and great attention to detail. For those of you who remember the days of (the original site from 2002 before we changed our name to in 2006), you may recall that we custom built all of the profiles, uploaded all of your audio for you, auditions were submitted by email, special pages were created for each client to view responses and literally everything was done by David or I prior to hiring our first team members, Wesley and Carol in spring of 2004.

Back in those days, I could tell you every name of every voice talent who was registered with our site (which I can still do now to a degree), what their specialties were, what cities they were from and every job they had booked from clients who used our web service.
By the time we finally had our systems automated for registrations and profiles, we had been writing HTML code for 45 days straight, creating dozens of profiles and literally doing everything by hand.

What a labour of love that was!
The Platinum membership has given us the opportunity to return to our roots as we build each profile piece by piece and word by word. Again, we’re sitting side by side, just like in the beginning, and are applying our best efforts as we work hard for our customers on a very personal level to achieve great results. The entire team at is involved to some degree with this new level of service which is a blessing in itself that we are grateful for.

Platinum Membership FAQs

We’ve received some related questions that I would like to answer here for you:

1. I’m a Premium member. How will the Platinum membership affect my membership?

The Platinum membership differs from the Premium membership in name only with regard to the services received on the site. To clarify, Platinum members are not going to get better jobs at, they will not get the jobs first, nor are they ranking higher than Premium members. Premium members and Platinum members receive the same features and benefits at It’s the additional services provided outside of the site that differentiate these memberships.

2. Why is the Platinum membership available?

We have received feedback from many professional voice talent over the past couple of years asking for a service such as this. After much thought and consideration we decided to present a more robust level of service to fill that need.

3. What Differentiates the Platinum membership from the Premium membership?

Platinum is based upon the Premium membership with the addition of 4 very specific and highly valuable offerings that are exclusive to the new Platinum level of service.
Those 4 offerings are:
1. Listings on any or all of the 10 partner websites
2. Participation in the Advertising Network
3. Public Relations service (2 press releases per year for members)
4. Exclusive monthly reports providing insider information, marketing strategies and industry trends

Full Circle

We’d like to thank everyone for sharing their feedback and suggestions over the years and we’re privileged to celebrate your successes along the way as we continue to serve you.
Best wishes,
Stephanie, David, Wesley, Carol, Laurynda, Erica and Lin


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