Man holding a heart-shaped rockHave you ever given any thought to how your business could give back?

While many people donate as part of their personal giving, many businesses set aside a certain percentage of their profits to donate to organizations they wish to support.
Sound like something you could do?
I’m pleased to present one of guest blogger and voice talent David Brower’s most recent postings with you in today’s VOX Daily on making “giving” part of your bottom line.

Why Not Add A “Giving” Line To Your Bottom Line?

By David Brower
Along with 120,000 of my closest friends I attended The Global Leadership Summit on August 5th and 6th. It was a ‘big screen’ event out of Chicago and transmitted all across North America. Once done they began translating it in to over 30 different languages to be broadcast around the world in a few months.

In its 15th year, it is the brainchild of Bill Hybels and his team from Willow Creek Church, and while it is unabashedly Christian many of its speakers are not. Each selected “faculty” member was invited to participate based on their experience, expertise, ability and willingness to share their success and their philosophies to not only help church leaders but business leaders from all walks of life. Including this standalone voiceover guy in Loveland, CO.

While there were many incredible speakers like Tony Dungy (the 1st African American coach to win a Super Bowl), to Jack Welch (who turned GE into a multi-billion dollar company), to Terri Kelly (who heads up W.L. Gore, as in Gore-Tex, a company known for its non-formal leadership structure) to one of my favorites and most interesting speakers: Blake Mykoskie of Toms Shoes.

If you are a fan of The Amazing Race television show, you may recognize his name or his face as he and his sister came within 4 minutes of winning the $1,000,000 grand prize just a few short years ago.
But celebrity aside, here’s a guy who decided to make a difference in the world by taking his For Profit business and making it a “Giving” company. A new bottom line, if you will, that includes “giving” as a part of his Profit & Loss statement.

Here’s what they do:
For every single new pair of TOMS SHOES that his company sells he gives a new pair ONE FOR ONE to a child in need.
In four years they’ve given away over 600,000 pairs of shoes. I hope you’ll take about 4 minutes out of your day to check out The Story Of Toms Shoes – OhhhhhMazing!

On April 5th 2011 it will be the 2nd annual “Day Without Shoes,” started by TOMS SHOES. A day where millions of people, from all walks of life, are expected to go barefoot all day in an effort to draw attention to the millions of kids around the world who have no shoes. I’ve got it on my calendar already… please add it to yours as well. Oh, and while you are at it… why not buy a pair of shoes so that you, yourself, can personally be instrumental in putting another pair of shoes on the feet of a needy child?

It’s my hope that the story of TOMS SHOES make you ask yourself how you could add a “giving” line to your Profit & Loss!
It sure does me….
Do you give as part of your voice over business?
I’d love to hear your comments!
With gratitude,
David Brower
© Gearhart


  1. During the first weeks of the earthquake in Haiti I was glued to the news coverage and feeling quite powerless.
    People were trapped in rubble- thisty and dying and there I was in my comfortable studio with plenty of water – a minor cough my only challenge.
    As each project that first week was delivered to clients I informed them that their payment was being forwarded to Partners in Health ( here in Massachusetts.
    Since then I’ve privately contacted specific organizations close to my heart and offered Pro Bono VO.
    Sometimes you just have to feed your soul.

  2. Hi David,
    I attended the Global Leadership Conference as well this year, and was motivated by the Tom’s Shoes story. I plan on leaving my shoes off in April, and want to raise awareness by planning ‘a shoes off day’ at the school my children attend! As far as my business, my plan is to share my profits, offer pro bono work, and work within what B. Hybels calls the ‘holy discontent’ that drives us to address the tragedies and injustices we cannot ignore.

  3. I have happily donated time and money to “Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic” (RFB&D). We record audio books (text books and literature) for individuals with visual and learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Individuals can access the recordings for free. There are currently over 61,000 titles in circulation and 220,000 members who can access those texts. You can find out more about the charity (and how to donate or volunteer) at at

  4. I discovered my passion for acting in March, 2006. I have been a blood donor for a very long time. About 2 months ago, I realized that in the 4 years I’ve been pursuing acting as a career, I have not
    heard anything about SAG or AFTRA or EQUITY holding a blood drive – so I created one.
    In less than 2 weeks, on Wednesday, August 25th, the NY Blood Center’s Bloodmobile will be parked in front of NY’s AFTRA headquarter’s 260 Madison Ave (between 39 & 39th Streets in Manhattan) from 11 AM to 5 PM for the First Annual AUGUST RUSH BLOOD DRIVE for PERFORMING ARTISTS.
    Anyone in the Performing Arts is eligible to donate by contacting me at: – putting “blood drive” in the subject box and telling me the time they’d like to come & donate.
    As an incentive many things have been donated and will be raffled off, including headshots by 2 photographers, seminars for actors, books, cd’s, dvd’s & for AFTRA Members – three 1 years memberships in the Stanley Green Media Training Center.
    Bill Rapp


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