Last week, I rented the movie An Inconvenient Truth, a startling documentary produced and narrated by former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore.
Al Gore may not have won the presidency, but he has won the hearts and minds of countless people around the world with his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. Have you seen it?

The documentary has a simple message: humanity needs to change its fossil fuel consumption habits to turn back the Global Warming clock. When polar bears drown in the Arctic after swimming more than 60 miles to find ice to rest on, we have a problem. When majestic glaciers disappear from the peaks of mountains over several years, resulting in drought for people who have been sustained by waters that descend from the ice each year for thousands of years, we have a problem.
When hurricanes strike with the power and devastation of Katrina, we have a problem.

When the elements come in one colossal dump instead of regulated precipitation and there is not a flake of snow at Christmas in Canada, we have a problem. The human population has quadrupled in the last 100 years, magnified the power of our technologies a thousand times over and has lived in a blissful ignorance and apathy concerning the welfare of our Earth for far too long. The good news?

We have everything we need to solve this except political will. Please take some time to watch the videos featuring Al Gore below to hear for yourself. Part I of George Stoumboulopoulos’ Interview with Al Gore on CBC’s The Hour. Part II of the Interview with Al Gore on CBC’s The Hour

To quote Al Gore, “What changed in the US after Hurricane Katrina was a feeling that we had entered a period of consequences…”. I cannot stress how compelling this movie is and how dire its message. We only have 10 years to turn back the clock.
If you haven’t seen the movie yet, see it as soon as you can. It takes every one of us to make a difference.
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  1. Hi Thomas,
    They (the dinosaurs) likely didn’t cause the Ice Age. Their extinction and the Ice Age had everything to do with climate change and CO2 levels. There have been at least 5 Ice Ages that have been recorded and they are a cyclical phenomenon.
    Periods where a mile of ice is above the surface of the Earth are Ice Ages and are other periods, similiar to our Earth at present, are times of climatic stability as it were.
    Anyone else have something to add?

  2. A season filled with the most destructive hurricanes ever was predicted for this year due to “global warming.” There was little hurricane activity…that is an inconvenient truth on the other side of Al Gore’s theory.

  3. Living in France, all of public opinion agrees on the gravity and immediacy of global warming. Public transport is subsidised to reduce car use in Paris and more importantly there are no oil interested parties making the media and throwing up an oily smoke screen reminiscent of the oil fields of Iraq to confuse the public.
    I have a friend who works in oil. He says that fusion (not fission) nuclear reactors whose bi product is helium is the quickest cleanest solution in the short term.
    What do you think ?

  4. While global warming may occur cyclically due to natural causes on a living planet, there is no hard scientific data to prove it is being caused by humans–only “junk science.” Don’t fall for this alarmist hype. When I see Gore living in a grass hut and riding a bicycle I might actually be persuaded that he believes it himself.
    Good question, Thomas. The Ice Age was obviously not caused by humans or oil companies and yet it happened anyway.

  5. I keep hearing the “cyclical phenomenon” argument and the “it’s not caused by humans” argument, and I’m sorry to say, I don’t get it.
    Yes, Mother Nature is perfectly capable of frying and freezing the surface of the Earth, all by herself. Yes, she’s perfectly capable of wiping out the dominant species on the planet, all by herself. And yes, she’s done it time and time again.
    But how is that good news? If Al Gore and a whole lot of scientists are saying that the ice caps are going to melt, and the oceans are going to rise, and cities are going to drown, and the jet stream is going to stall, it strikes me as slightly ridiculous to reply, in essence, “These things happen; it’s not our fault.”
    (And by the way, what does any of this have to do with voiceovers?)

  6. “there is no hard scientific data to prove it is being caused by humans”
    There is decades of peer-reviewed work by thousands of scientists in hundreds of countries, and it is all in full agreement that global warming is occurring and humans have a major role in it. You can choose to ignore the evidence, but you can’t deny it’s existence and the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community.

  7. Stephanie,
    I think your concern for our planet is commendable.
    It would be good if you explored alternative opinions from the many reputable scientists who don’t share Al’s opinion about the causes of global warming or whether it is actually taking place, especially since Al Gore’s credibility is questionable. This is best illustrated by his assertion that “the debate is over” regarding global warming and it’s causes. That assertion is an out-right lie. Remember Piltdown Man? The debate was over on that until it was proven to evolutionary “scientists” that it was a clever hoax.
    I can remember in the 70’s, the so-called “consensus” of peer-reviewed work among scientists was that we were in the midst of global cooling. Just like Al Gore and his ilk, they warned that unless we had more Kyoto-like government constraint over our life choices and consumption habits we would all be doomed by a new ice age.
    The implicit expectation was that because they were scientists, we must believe them because they were all-wise and benevolent. History has shown that they are neither and that their main concern was the fulfillment of their meglomanical quest for money/recognition/political power.

  8. There is no such thing as global warming. Al Gore just happens to be one of the biggest fraud’s on the planet.
    The info in his film is dated and inaccurate.
    Instead of “global warming” fear mongering, why don’t you please discuss the worldwide chemtrail/HAARP program being conducted by the military. Controlling weather and poisoning the skies with aluminum oxide, Barrium oxide, etc.
    Global warming and climate change are just buzz words for so-called enviro-mentalists!


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