Woman holding a white candle, purple backgroundVoice acting affords many opportunities to record for projects that are meaningful to you.

Even if you aren’t booking a large quantity of work of this kind from other people, isn’t it wonderful to know that you can still record it on your own and use your gifts as a voice artist to extend yourself beyond what others might have in store?
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Carry Your Candle

A song on the radio inspired this post. I’ve heard it sung many times before, and as I sat up late last night, I got to thinking that its message may resonate with people in a position to shine light or raise awareness through communications.

The song is called “Go Light Your World,” written and sung by Kathy Troccoli. Chris Rice also sings Troccoli’s song quite beautifully. Rice’s version is the one I’ve been hearing on the radio. The chorus goes like this:

“Carry your candle, run to the darkness,
Seek out the helpless, confused and torn.
Hold out your candle for all to see it,
Take your candle and go light your world.”
We all have zeal for causes that are important to us whether they be related to social justice, curing a disease, or for some, answering the call to be a light in the darkness.

Run To The Darkness

Even if you aren’t booking this kind of work regularly, you can create your own opportunities to reach those you’d like to send word to. Some examples I can think of are public service announcements recorded freely by voice talent for Hurricane Katrina, the devastating earthquake and health issues in Haiti and many other tragedies that have befallen the world, including natural disasters and those that are man made.

Seek Out The Helpless

Is there an organization, group of people or even a country that you feel especially drawn toward? The most vulnerable in society need someone to advocate and give them a voice that can be heard above the crowd. Traditionally these are the unborn, children, people who have disabilities and the elderly.

You might feel drawn toward particular issues. I remember when the late Diana, Princess of Wales, campaigned for the banning of landmines and her tour of Angola in January 1997. Princess Diana was also deeply concerned with and cared for people who had AIDS, focusing her strength on this cause for over a decade. Although she was someone of means and well known, she was better known still in the end for being a woman of heart. While you may not be royalty, you can still make an impact, raise awareness and extend influence through your message.

Hold Out Your Candle For All To See

Just as it is important to have a message, it is also important to stay on message and be clear about what the goal of the message is. Being a voice for those who have no voice could be exactly what you are here to do.

Go Light Your World!

Are you recording voice overs that mean more to you than just a paycheck?
Be sure to let me know!
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  1. There’s nothing better than having the ability to give back to a cause that’s meaningful to you.
    Recently, I had the privilege of doing the voiceover for a TV commercial for the University of Florida Alumni Association (UFAA). The UFAA not only unites alumni and friends of the University, but also provides scholarships to students. I was one such student who was awarded a scholarship many moons ago. The thought that a group of strangers would give me money to help me go to college was overwhelming to me.
    By far, lending my voice to that commercial is one of the biggest privileges I’ve been offered.

  2. Certain projects – certainly. It’s worth asking are they associated with an IRS approved charity. A big dollar quote is then acceptable as a “reduction in taxable income” gift in the U.S.A., lowering taxes upon paid projects and increasing profit per unit of time performing. A handful of dollars given is charity, a story told that can develop awareness and future change positively is a generosity, philanthropy, positive radicalism in its best interpretation.

  3. A non-commercial community FM radio here in Devon UK, Soundart, is open to all. One recent creation was Unsane Rhapsody – local voices, life stories, singing, playing, improvisation. Most participants had never before broadcast. Several happened to be in recovery from crises, and drew new-found confidence from their creative success. The station, and the programme (which has just won a Media Trust award) wouldn’t exist if people didn’t want to give their time and expertise both sides of the mike.

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    Nice posting! One way I like to contribute is by volunteering for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. It’s a fantastic organization that puts books in audio format so people with reading challenges can study. As a volunteer, you start by checking the recordings and eventually you record the material too. It’s a really great way to lend your voice!

  5. Thanks for lighting up my dark “Inbox” every morning! This is exactly the reason I have been pursuing VO. Not for money, or acclaim, but to shine a light in a dark and fallen world. I keep praying that God will somehow direct me to the work that needs my voice to proclaim their “light”. I don’t need the money, so I’m sure that there are people that need a free VO. . . .I just want to be used!
    Cid LeDuc

  6. I love history and volunteering in my community … I’ve been selected as a cast member in an historical walking audio tour for our city and am so excited to voice a new project for our Old Town tourism!

  7. I found much enjoyment in voicing PSAs and Video productions foran affiliate of Habitat for Humanity (South Shore Habitat for Humanity).

  8. I am drawn to the Larry King Heart Foundation. They came thru for us when, with no insurance, my husband’s heart failure worsened and I almost lost him. The Foundation means so much to me, as my dear husband is not only alive, but is healthier & happier than ever before.

  9. Just saw this post! I couldn’t agree more with the philosophy in these words!!!
    I have been blessed in my career to be part of projects that add a little “light’ to the darkness…some were pro bono others not….all made my heart and soul richer for having done them. Knowing that I was using Creator’s gift of ‘my voice’ for global good. A true Blessing! Thank you for sharing this post with us!

  10. Before ever receiving payment for voice work – I volunteered at Voiceprint. A fabulous organization that airs on radio and tv – articles of interests with local newspapers read and interesting magazine articles for the visually impaired. I hope one day to go back there when time permits.

  11. Very nice post. Just wanted to clarify that ‘Go Light your World’ was composed and written by Chris Rice, though Kathy Troccoli probably sang the most popular version of it back in 1995. It is a very meaningful and lovely song no matter who performs it. Thanks for sharing!


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