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Ready to release your inner beast?  Step Into the Wild with The Greater Vancouver Zoo in British Columbia, Canada. They are holding a voice-over contest seeking seven voices to personify select residents at the zoo for an upcoming TV commercial.

Contestants are vying to star as the voice of  Hazina the Hippo,  Hagrid the Owl, Boomer the Lion, Shadow the Grizzly, The Spurred Tortoise, a Parrot or  a Capybara (a semi-aquatic rodent from South America). Selected lines for each animal are provided at the entry page and can be accessed via the Zoo’s Facebook page.

General Manager, Jody Henderson, says, “Even though animals and humans are very different in many ways they are also very similar and many humans can relate better if compared to humans and also we needed a change for our TV commercial. So {we were} looking for something fun and different for our commercial, and to make people connect more with the animals.”

The contest begins Monday June 10, 2013 and is open to all residents of British Columbia who are 19 years or older. To participate contestants need to record a video of themselves saying the lines for their chosen animal, upload the video to YouTube and then copy/paste the URL into the contest entry form at the Zoo’s website.  The contest closes at midnight on Friday, June 14, 2013.

Which animal would you star as? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: 06/13/2013 – the contest is now open to all ages.


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