Dave Courvoiser | Voices.com Blog - Where clients and voice actors can find valuable information on pre-production, technology, animation, video and audio production, home recording studios, business growth, voice acting and auditions, celebrity voice actors, voiceover industry news and more! How has the global marketplace helped your business to grow?
With such a wide framework of jobs to audition for and opportunities needing voice talent expanding by the minute, having an online presence and being where the business is is not just a good thing…it’s a necessity!
Are you doing all you can to help yourself succeed?
Hear from voice artist, Dave Courvoisier, as he shares his story of working in voice-over and how the online marketplace at Voices.com has impacted his career.

This Is Where It’s At

Being comfortable on camera is a big plus when you’re called out from behind the mic and into a video shoot. A friendly face and voice you may know from his work on television as a news anchorman at the CBS Affiliate in Las Vegas, NV, took us up on an opportunity to share some of this thoughts.

Dave Courvoisier relates, “When Voices.com asked for a little face-time, it was a no-brainer! Also, I wanted to support one of my favorite organizations in voice acting Voices.com, and since video ANYTHING is hot in Social Media right now, what’s not to like? It was an honor to be asked to offer my perspective on this great profession.”

About Dave Courvoisier

Dave Courvoisier is an Emmy-award winning newscaster, and has won numerous national honors and accolades for his work with foster children through his weekly stories on “Wednesday’s Child.” Dave Courvoisier has been active in the voice over community for many years, especially by reaching out through his informative blog.
Although Dave is a full-time TV news anchorman at the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, NV, he keeps a very active freelance voice acting business going. He’s listed on Voices.com, and records commercial spots, E-Learning, and Medical/Technical narrations.

Dave also is a true believer in the power of Social Media for marketing, promotions, and relationship-building. Dave has hosted and participated in numerous webinars and live presentations on the topic of leveraging Social Media for Voice Actors. Dave is a founding member of a new certifying body for voice actors called World Voices Organization, and is also a SAG-AFTRA member.

What Do You Think?

No doubt your opportunities have been expanding because of the global marketplace and new technologies.
What kind of work are you doing and how has your ability to do this from home impacted you and your family?
Looking forward to hearing from you! Comment now to join the conversation.
Best wishes,

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  1. I have a demo but don’t know if it is good enough. I would love to work in voice overs and have even joined explore talent, but no offers.

  2. Ditto what Dave said. AND he said it very well, too!
    I’ve been voicing radio commercials for 30 years in my radio career. In 2007, I jumped into the voice over community, and even since THEN, things have changed.
    Home studios are now the norm. The amount of work you get is equal to the amount of marketing & promoting you do.
    In addition to auditioning, recording spots & narrations, I’ve also just been tapped as the new PM Drive host of a soft-rock radio station. But the BEST thing, is that I do it all from the comfort of my own studio. No commute. No wasted gas money. No worries about winter weather. Ahhhh. I love my studio!

  3. I’m new to the VO industry, but would like to attend classes to perfect my craft. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

  4. Hi Darian,
    Thank you for commenting! You’re off to a great start by acknowledging that getting started in voice-overs begins with training. You can usually find voice-over coaches in your area by doing a Google search for one. Many also do remote training via email, telephone and Skype.
    You can also find a whole host of educational tools and resources here at Voices.com under our Help menu. I recommend checking out our Voice Over Experts Podcast for some practical advice from voice coaches we personally vouch for.
    All the best,


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