Voice-over conferences are a fantastic way to mix and mingle with industry professionals from casting directors to agents, producers to voice actors and more. At their core conferences are an opportunity for learning, networking, and garnering new industry contacts. With the new world of virtual auditions meeting peers and industry affiliates face to face may prove to be a refreshing change for many.

On the heels of  the inaugural VoiceWorld Toronto, presented by Voices.com, there are many other industry conferences to attend this year. Some popular choices to look forward to in 2013 are:

Edge Studio – David Goldberg Road-Trip Multiple Cities, May, June, July, 2013

For those with an interest in voice-over or those who need more direction, these two day workshops offer a practical way to determine if  voice-over is the right career.

APA Conference and Audie Awards, New York, May 29-30, 2013

Presented by the Audio Publishers Association, this two day conference features a closing awards ceremony that honours Audiobook producers, narrators, writers and more.

THAT’S VOICEOVER! Los Angeles, August 17, 2013

Presented by some of the industries top voice actors and buyers this is a  behind-the-scenes career event for new and experienced voice talent or to those working in one of the supporting careers (producers, writers, directors, agents) that make up the broader industry.

FAFFCON San Antonio Texas, October 4-5, 2013

FaffCon is an unconference, driven by peer-to-peer professional development for working voice over talent.

Anime Conventions Master List of Anime Conventions

This is a huge list of Anime conventions and conferences throughout the US, Canada and the UK.



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