Who would have ever thought that an animated feature film would beat out a James Bond flick at the box office… for several consecutive weeks?

Happy Feet Voice ActorsYou may have noticed that a dancing penguin has doe see doed around Casino Royale, not even letting the new James Bond (Daniel Craig) savor one week of box office victory. Happy Feet was the top movie at the box office for a third straight weekend earning an estimated $17 million. The animated singing penguin movie has now earned $121 million and continues to thrive while Casino Royale has been the runner-up for the third week in a row, raking in $115 million over the duration.

Happy Feet, an animated film starring the voice talents of Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Brittany Murphy, and Hugo Weaving is a tale about Emperor Penguins in the Antarctic who meet their mates through song.
However, one penguin, Mumble (Wood), is born without a singing voice and has to tap dance his way through life instead of singing for his supper.

Now, what makes Happy Feet so special?
First off, the cast is full of Hollywood voice talent. Their names alone have stirred a buzz and encouraged people to come to the cinema. Secondly, the concept of a penguin who cannot sing but can tap dance is hilarious in itself. Overcoming obstacles in life, even as a penguin, is also enticing. Thirdly, the visuals were beautifully executed. A stunning masterpiece for the eyes and ears.

Have you seen Happy Feet?
Leave your review and fave characters from the film in your comment.
P.S. Something to note: the late Steve Irwin (Australian Crocodile Hunter) also played a role in making this film tap dance to success. He voiced the character Kev. I believe that the film is also a tribute to him and his love of all creatures, great and small.

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  1. Well, the tagline of WARNING: May Cause Toe-Tapping was absolutely true!
    I had been waiting and wanting to see this movie for a very long time, several months in fact, usually if I am not careful that can set me up for a big disappointment at the theatre, but this movie in fact didn’t disappoint me at all. I got to go see “Happy Feet” at an early premiere through the local radio station on a evening with my hubby and our two kids. The whole ride home we were all quoting favorite lines, cute scenes and commenting about how cool it was that they were accurate about the life in nature.
    (even if they do feature singing / dancing / speaking penguins)
    I was impressed and amazed by the imagery on the wide shots in this movie as well as in the landscape shots. There were scenes where I was looking hard just because I couldn’t tell if they were sneaking live footage into the movie or not, they were stunning.
    About the plot in this movie, there were a few story lines and themes going on, as well as a couple messages/lessons that one can walk away from the movie with, but like with most things in life depending on your age or openess you will get what you get.
    So although you will definitely be laughing out loud, there may also be a moment or two where you will find yourself quieted. (I am only adding this point because I have read a few other reviews elsewhere that claims that this movie has a weak plot, it just has a few plots, the movie accommodates for a larger audience in that way I think.)
    The cast of this movie was amazing, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Brittany Murphy, personally I had no idea that Steve Irwin or Fat Joe had in this movie until I looked to see who the actual cast, shortly before leaving for the theatre. I think they all did really well and gave really great performances and when I say “they all” I really can’t leave out Savion Glover who provided the “happy feet” for the film. The choreography and soundtrack for this flick was a lot of fun. It would in no way surprise me if this movie wins multiple awards this year for best animated film etc.
    So to recap: This is a good family movie, great imagery that would be lost a little if you don’t see it on the big screen first, pretty good soundtrack, great choreography, cute writing, good performances all-round.
    I would definitely pay to see this one again and already have encouraging a slew of people to go see this one. (some of them without kids of their own)

  2. I was toe tapping all day long after I went to see the movie! I also think penguins are great and penguins are my favourite animal!


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