Innovation is no stranger to the mind of voice over artist Harlan Hogan.

With a voice over career spanning over 30 years Hogan has learned a thing or two about what voice over performers really need. He is the creator of the Porta Booth Pro and partnered with Marshall Electronics to create the MXL VO: 1-A Signature Series microphone, the first mic designed by a voice actor for voice actors.

Most voice over artists record from their home studios. Knowing that getting some peace and quite around the home can often be a challenge while recording, Hogan create his newest product innovation – a VO Recording Sign.

Hogan said “I have a very expensive retro recording sign in my office but truthfully it’s useless unless my wife just happens to walk in my office when I’m recording. With the Voice Over Recording sign hanging upstairs in HER office she knows I’m recording.” Hogan joked, “When I go into the booth I click the wireless switch and she knows it’s a bad time to start vacuuming or tossing the ball around with the doggies or practicing her flamenco dancing!”

Aside from simply being fun and giving voice actors some “bragging rights” the sign doesn’t need  permanent wiring so it can be put anywhere in the household to let the family know that a little quiet would be appreciated!

About Harlan Hogan

Based in Chicago, acclaimed “voiceover superstar” Harlan Hogan sends his voice world wide from his state of the art home studio, via ISDN, Source Connect, CD/DVD and the Internet. Hogan’s career spans over thirty years, and he is known for delivering the slogans for such high profile ad campaigns as Raids’ “Kills bugs fast, Kills bugs dead” and Head & Shoulders’ “That little itch should be telling you something” to the iconic, “It’s the cereal even Mikey Likes.”

Hogan is a script writer for numerous educational and corporate productions and has authored two books and a DVD on the subject of voice acting. His distinguished career has put him in high demand for interviews and commentary on the voice over industry. His experience in the industry has helped him create many products made specifically for voice actors and can be found at Voice Over Essentials.



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