Harlan Hogan with his Porta-Booth ProThere’s nothing quite like finding out what makes things work, and when that something is a piece of studio equipment that could make your voice over recordings sound better when on the road or away from home, it’s an absolute must!

Get a behind the scenes look at the newly released Harlan Hogan Porta-Booth Pro in today’s VOX Daily.

New Harlan Hogan Porta-Booth Pro

graham-hogan-porta-booth-pro.jpgAfter a year and a half of work, 200 hours of design and testing the new Harlan Hogan pro-level booths are on the market.

From what I’ve heard, the size, sound and workmanship is fantastic and Harlan, along with others, are very pleased with the results.
People I spoke with at VOICE 2010 absolutely loved the Harlan Hogan Porta-Booth Pro and it is my pleasure to give you more information about them.

Assembling the Porta-Booth

harlan-hogan-porta-booth-pro-assembly-2.jpgIt doesn’t take long to assemble and can be easily transported for recording on the road.

One of the coolest things about this booth is the 2-minute set up.
As depicted here, all you need to do is spread out the materials, zip the bottom and then zip up the top.
Unlike the previous Porta-Booth which was blue, this one is black and even cooler!

Hours of conversations were had with voice over pros to see how the Porta-Booth could be improved.
After listening to their ideas, the Porta-Booth Pro was designed to accommodate larger and longer microphones and lengthy scripts.

In the time it took you to read what I’ve posted here, you could have already set up one of these booths!
Whenever something comes on the market that could be of value to voice talent, I like to post a bit about it and give you an opportunity to write in with your thoughts or experiences using the product.
Now’s your opportunity to do so!

Do You Have a Harlan Hogan Porta-Booth Pro?

If so, how have you found it to work for you and what can you tell us about your experience?
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
P.S. You can learn more about the Porta-Booth Pro here:
Images courtesy Harlan Hogan

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  1. Harlan has created a great product! I was fortunate to be one of the early adaptors for the Porta-Booth Pro. When I use my iPad to read copy using WIFI or the 3G network by propping it inside the booth, I save time, am completely mobile and avoid wasting paper. Needless to say, when I use it in conjunction with my VO 1-A Harlan Hogan mic, all is well in my VO world! Thanks for spreading the good news about this wonderfully helpful invention, Stephanie!

  2. In reply to the article about the Porta-Booth, I just want to say that I am so glad that Harlan created it! I have been using this item almost daily and am very pleased with it. Since I rent and my landlord did not want me to use any of the closets or hang anything on the walls to make my home studio, this is a good option for me. It’s a cozy little booth. Tempting for felines, however! So, when I am not using it, I cover it with the box that it came in to keep the cats out of it. I may change that and use a sheet around it instead. The box is clumsy and annoying to use (almost knocked the mic over once).
    Darla Middlebrook
    Voice Over Actress

  3. Can’t afford one yet- have the VO:1 but with shipping and tax to UK will cost a fortune. Made a makeshift one which will have to do until I can get one here!

  4. I am so happy that I own Harlan’s Porta-Booth Pro!! I had to use it for a Video Game Audition and my voice was crystal clear!:-) I don’t have adequate space in my parents house. There are too many echoy and noising areas so I put the Porta-booth Pro in my Sisters room and walla noise free!! Get Harlans Microphone the VO:1A it works seamlessly with the Porta booth. I’m still learning my “craft” but once I’m consistently auditioning for jobs the Porta-Booth Pro is my way to go! Just a tip if you don’t have a fully enclosed booth yet get Harlan’s Porta-Booth Pro, it will save you the extra headache trying to eliminate mouth and room noise. It saved me and it’ll save you! Great article Voices.com team love it!:-)

  5. I love it. I bought the porta booth, his mic and USP adapter, and his headphone. Rich and smooth sounding, I was able to find my sweet spot.
    And Harlan was ready able via email with all my trouble shooting questions. Now I am just waiting for his pop screen to be orderable on his website.
    thx Harlan
    PS> I now call my home studio Harlan Hogan certified.

  6. Like Harlan, I too, have spent my time wrapped in a comforter in 90 degree heat , and I LOVE the concept of the Porta-Booth-Pro! It’s next on my list of essentials for on-the-go VO!

  7. Bought from the 2nd shipment. I instantly heard the difference and I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t dare record at home without it.

  8. I recently purchased Harlan Hogan’s Porta-Booth Pro. It not only works great,it looks great too. It solved my reflective sound problems.
    I also love the lamp and copy clip features.

  9. I loved the idea behind the Harlan Porta-Booth and really wanted to get one, but when I started in Voice Over’s it was suggested to me that they are great for travel, but if using on a regular basis or reading a large script they can be hard as they are not very comfortable speaking into regularly and you have to hold the script outside of the booth. So, I created a larger size porta booth that stands on top of a table and is big enough to clip a script inside of the booth and a lamp tilted into the booth so I can read my script. It works out really well and creates a great sound. I wouldn’t have thought of it if I hadn’t read about the Harlan first.

  10. I’ve been using one for a couple yrs with my portable studio. The convenience factor of not having to make shift a studio when I’m away from home is great! My only complaint is the dizziness you feel after looking sideways at your laptop screen after a while. Great for shorter jobs, not so ideal for longer ones… but the quality is great when recording into it in a car, hotel room, etc. it does make a huge difference!

  11. So I really appreciate Harlan building the porta booth pro and I think it’s great. I don’t mean to be critical, but why would I spend $349 on it if I can build one pretty easily for a small fraction of the cost:
    -Collapsible cubes: $20 (http://www.amazon.com/Whitmor-Collapsible-Cubes-Blue-2814-22-29/dp/B000LRDQN0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1279589154&sr=8-1-catcorr)
    -2 sets of sound proof wedgies: $10 (http://www.zzounds.com/item–AUR2WD01CG)
    What am I missing??

  12. I found instructions on how to build my own Harlan Hogan Port A Booth on his website…I tried it and WOW…for around $25…it works…not just works, it works GREAT!
    He helped me and my career, gave me the opportunity to purchase this product or too make it myself…how cool is that!


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