On the evening of January 7, 2009, Hillary Huber will be making history, announcing the names of individuals who have been chosen for the people, by the people.

While waiting in her trailer in the parking lot of the Shrine Auditorium mid rehearsal on January 6th, Hillary had a few moments to spare to answer some of Stephanie Ciccarelli from Voices.com’s questions about her involvement in The People’s Choice Awards.

Stephanie Ciccarelli:  Congratulations on getting the gig. How did you land it?

Hillary Huber: Thanks! I was pitched for it originally, and they listened to my demo. I then had a meeting/informal audition with the producers and somehow managed to convince them that I could swing it. They haven’t “found me out” yet as this is actually my 3rd year announcing this show.

SC: Is there anything you are doing in particular to prepare?

HH: The usual stuff, lots of water, no wild parties, ample sleep. And a healthy dose of caffeine. Live announcing is all about energy and I need all the help I can get in that department!

SC:  What kind of announcing style were you hired to deliver?

HH: They wanted something a little hipper than what they had previously. But still injected with a healthy dose of energy, personality and presence.

SC: Do you have a co-announcer or is it just you?

HH: Just me, alone in my little trailer w a monitor, headphones and a mic! Visitors welcome.

SC: What is the most exciting part of being the announcer of The People’s Choice Awards?

HH: One of the coolest things is the credential pass which allows me access anywhere in the theater including the red carpet. Its sort of fun to wander around behind the scenes.  Gonna see if I can talk my way into the “gift suite”.

SC:  Are you able to meet any of the winners or presenters?  If so, is there anyone you are looking forward to meeting in particular who may be there?

HH: I’m invited to the after party and if Ellen DeGeneres is hanging around I might just make a fool of myself and stalk her a bit…she makes me laugh.

SC:  What will you be wearing in the booth?  Although it is isolated, I imagine you still need to look the part 🙂

HH: During the show I want to be comfy so… PJ’s sound good…perhaps trimmed in maribou to glam things up a bit.  I think I’ll change before the party…

SC:  Is there anything specific that you’ll be bringing to the show with you to keep by your side as you announce?

HH: Snacks.

SC:  What kind of microphone will you be using?

HH: A Sennheiser. I’ve always wanted one… wonder if they’ll miss it…

SC:  Is there anything you’d like to share about your involvement with the awards show for this year?

HH: It’s a live show so there are no take two’s. That first year I was terrified that I was going to mess up someone’s name, or be on the wrong page in the script or get caught cat napping.  OR most horrifying of all, leave my mic on and get caught uttering some snarky comment on live TV. But I just stayed really focused and somehow made it through without a glitch. I’ve done a few other award shows since that first one (Daytime Emmys, Family TV Awards) and while the adrenaline still flows, I no longer chew my nails off!  Kidding.

Source: Hillary Huber interview via VOX Daily at Voices.com



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